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Bizrate Complaints & Reviews

Bizrate / Horrible

Tanks8322 on Dec 16, 2016
Me and my friend ordered from this site www.bizrate.com and we both did not receive anything and lost our money. After all that we went online and checked the reviews and were shocked. This website Bizrate is a 100% scam! Do not order anything from them because you will lose your money and...


L. Hayashi on May 20, 2013
Given a phone #877-340-6783. That they say 'has been disconnected temporarily' or 'all circuits are busy, please try again later' But of course, no one is EVER available. Cannot cancel the 'continuous service' and we are charging you MORE MONEY now. BAD BAD BAD...

Bizrate / Joke service

Anz on Jul 26, 2011
I tried to order online from Apex a motorcycle battery. BizRate popped a window up at the very beginning with a survey asking how I felt about Apex. How would I know? I had never dealt (and never will again) with Apex. I couldn't get past the survey to order until I filled out their...

Bizrate / automatic renewal of mag subscriptions

Fria on Jul 23, 2011
After contacting my bank for info regarding 3 overpriced, unwanted, never requested magazine subscritions (the bank will follow up as needed), I contacted the magazine publishers subscriptions departments, then the company that actually processed them, and THEN finally learned that BizRate...

Bizrate / Bad service

mllm on Jun 3, 2011
I ordered a chair from you and it arrived with a broken part. What ensued was e-mails sometimes answered after a few days, sometimes not. After more than a month the situation seems resolved. Most of my correspondence was with Andre Bernard, some w. chat. I don't know if Andre i...

Bizrate / Misrepresentation

The best way to tell these guys are lying is to read anything they put on their website. If one of their providers says in stock ready to ship its a lie. If one says, free shipping, its a lie. If one says easy returns, its a lie. I have twice used this company's website to buy...

Bizrate / missrepresentation

I made a purchase from Absolute Bird Control, Inc on 6 Apr 2010; at the end of my purchase was this : " Please take a moment to rate your shopping experience at Absolute Bird Control and you'll receive a Special Thank You valued at $100, just $2 for processing . I thought something...

Shopzilla/Bizrate / Small Business Rejection

Shopzilla recently informed our company (which adverstised on their site) that our products were not a good fit with the Shozilla Merchant program. Keep in mind that Amazon, which lists categorically similar items, are allowed to continue advertising with no problem. How fair is it that...

BizRate.com , a Shopzilla, Inc. Company / Internet survey scam

I was ripped off by a company called TeaCuppa who refused to refund a broken porcelain cup they sent me, so I wanted to write a bad review on Bizrate which is hyperlinked on their website. I was unable to so I contacted Bizrate/Shopzilla. Shopzilla/Bizrate informed me they were redoing...

Bizrate / Overcharged for magazines

I was suppose to get 4 free magazines( for filling out a survey for shopping at Inksmile.com) for S&H of 2.00 each, but my credit card was charged 43.oo, 57.00, 22.00, & 26.00. Juanita Fuller (DONSN2000@aol.com)

Bizrate / False Representation

Bizrate baited me by saying I would get $100.00 if I filled out their survey. After I filled out this survey, I was switched to an offer to subscribe to four magazines "for free." But they weren't free. They were $2.00 each. And THEY WERE AUTOMATICALLY RENEWING, (at much higher...

Bizrate / falxe magazine order

The company TWX 36 WWJK operating on behalf(according to them)BizRate-Took it upon themselves to order 4 magazines for me. Go into my bankaccount. Takeout funds to cover same. Then tell me it would 72 hours to refund these funds. I told a supervisor Ashley Brown to cancel 2 magazines that...

Bizrate / Bite and switch scam!

I (and i am not alone, google it) finished a purchase at UGGAustralia.com and when i completed my transaction a popup came up (very professional looking, not a bad advertisement) claiming it was doing a survey for ugg's website. it stated that if i completed the online survey i would...

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Avoid Scams When Donating to Haiti Earthquake Relief
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