Birch Communications Complaints & Reviews

Birch Communications / birch communications continues to bill for two months of telephone service after porting completed to century link

Jun 20, 2019

July 31, 2017 Birch Communication signed for the receipt of Termination of Service request for our Company Telephone service. The porting over of all of our Business lines to Century Link was completed on 8/24/2017. Birch Communication continued to Invoice our Company for two additional months of...

Birch Communications / substandard product and unreasonable disconnect procedures and billings

Mar 18, 2019

Our company signed a 3-year service contract with Birch Communications in February 2016, being promised that we would get dedicated IP internet service at 6MB download speed minimum and 10% discount throughout the entire service period. We got the 10% discount but the internet speed rarely...

Birch Communications / Internet and Phone Services

Aug 04, 2016

We had been with CBeyond for about 2 years and were negotiating a new 3 year contract about 2.5 years ago. I knew how ridiculous the early termination fees were so negotiated an option to cancel our new contract after 2 years with no penalty if we weren't happy. I signed the contract...

Birch Communications / Phone Lines

Jun 20, 2016

I got a call today from "Naurice" stating that since AT&T has had many complaints, they were allowing Birch to lease accounts. The man made it sound like it wasn't something that was optional and it was just going to happen and my bill would lower significantly. He was speaking so quickly...

Birch Communications Inc. / Landline service

Mar 28, 2016

Our land line service has been inoperable since March 24. First off, the support phone number on their website is disconnected, so you have to jump through hoops to find the correct number. On first call I was told that I would have to pay $150 for a technician. BS. Friday call by my...

Birch Communications / Being billed for 2 additional months after service termination request

Feb 23, 2016

When arranging to move from my previous residence, I disconnected all services on a set date. Everything went smoothly except for dealing with Birch. They said it may take up to 2 months for the service to be turned off and I would be liable to pay for that time period. After several phone...

Birch Communications / Harassing Calls

Dec 30, 2015

I inadvertently picked up an incoming call from 305-893-5184. Caller wanted to talk to the person in charge of Century Link account. When he ID'd himself as Birch Communications, I said I was not interested and asked to be on the Do Not Call list. After hanging up, he has called repeatedly (I'm not answering).

Birch Commuicatons / this company ignored my request several times and it was the worst services

Dec 19, 2015

I called to Birch Commuicatons and asked them to lower my monthly bills. The rep said that they would charge me once and they would lower the bill next time. They never lowered the price and the next bills were the same as previous ones. I called them again and asked several times, but...

Birch Communications / Unethical and rude behavior

Nov 17, 2015

This past summer my AT &T contract was up so since we already had internet service with Birch I decided to transfer all our communication services with birch. I was lied to and told it would easy and effortless on my part but what really happened was that I was without internet for a month...

Birch Communications / Telephone Service Refund and Customer Service Representative

Oct 30, 2015

I discontinued my service with Birch Communications, Inc. (140 Gateway Dr, Ste A, Macon, GA 31210) on Oct 17, 2015 ( Acct ID # 841465). Since I had part of the month with them, I waited for my last bill to come in. When it did, it showed I had a credit of $ 21.74. Since I no longer had...

Birch Communications / Deceptive practices & Hidden fees

Jun 05, 2015

Birch Communications is the worst telecommunications company in the world, even tops Verizon for the absolutely outrageous fees and dishonest dealing. They don't bother to tell you that it takes them ( no other telecommunications company takes as long) between 30 -45 days to port over...

Birch Communications / Horrible Service

Oct 03, 2014

We have used CBeyond for some years, with few issues. Now Birch has purchased them and it tanked, fast. Three weeks with intermittent phone and Internet and the phones are still not working right. When you call, they say things are down for several days while the merge. We run a busine...

Birch Communication / Fraudulent and deceptive sales

Aug 28, 2013

Birch Communication called my home pretending to be my current phone service provider At&t! During this phone call the lady told me she was able to offer me a locked in price on my monthly bill that was lower than what I was currently paying. She had all of my personal information and knew...

Birch Communications / Sneaky Fees

Jul 09, 2013

Birch took over my long distance (only) phone service account from Covista, who I had been with for about 7 years, in April. I suddenly received a bill from Birch without any explanation (poor communications for a "communications company"). When I called to ask why I was told about that...

Birch Communications / Do not do business with them! (Negligence, Deciet, Lies, incompetent)

Oct 13, 2012

I have been without phone service for 9 days to a business. My service went out on 10/4/12 and has been out ever since. The tech support has been the worst i've ever seen. For the last 3 days tech support was no show and no call. Every day when we call they tell us tech support will...

Birch Phone Company / It is extortion

Sep 07, 2012

I am using Birch Phone Company services for some time. All the bills were paid in time and today I discovered that my phone is switched off. I thought it is a mistake and I called them to solve this problem. But they told they can’t help me. I think they want money for turning off. It is extortion.

Birch Communications / Deceitful agreements

Jul 21, 2011

Birch called trying to get me to switch phone companies in 2008. THey promised me my total fees would be$50/month. They recorded my responses to their agreement for their records. I agreed to use Birch for 24 months. No mention of any extension of a yearly contract. In fact instead of...

Birch Telecom / Refused to help me

May 18, 2011

I can not sum up in 100 words how horrible this company has been to me. They have driven me to the brink of a complete meltdown. I have spoken to at least 10 people from this company and I have yet to receive a straight answer. I don't receive call backs when promised, I get employee...

Birch Telecom / Do not go with them

Feb 07, 2011

Do not go with Birch. No customer care . No customer appreciation. once you sign or think about signing they put you on contract and give you run around and try to collect money. DOn't pay let it go to collection agency then deal with collection agency it is easier and you can get...

Birch Communication / High Fees, Nonsense Practices, Dollar you to death

Feb 04, 2011

Had AT&T Business Landline. Switched to Birch. Only stayed three (3) months and went back to At&T! Asked to move phone across the street to another building but ended up paying for two separate lines instead of one. Received fees because I did not CALL in 30 days (after faxing) the...

Birch Telecom / Misrepresents Contract...Stuck....

Feb 04, 2011

Birch Communications... RUN! Don't even call them asking questions. I did, and somehow ended up with them saying I had agreed to their contract, and if I don't want the service it will cost me $1200! Even though I didn't, and it wasn't even installed! So after much back...

Birch Communications / Deceptive sales practice


I called inquiring about internet service. Next thing I know, they've delivered internet box and sent tech to wire it! When I called saying I didn't say I WANTED it, as I had asked they fax a copy of my current phone contract to me first, they argued and said I had answered YES...

Birch Telecom / Awful service


Birch communications had phone out on and off for 6 weeks!!! It is impossible to get the repairs done in a timely fashion, even after it was documented that the problem was with their internal equipment, computers, not with the actual lines to or inside my house. It was impossible to make...

Birch Telecom / Stay away


If you thing their slamming practices were bad check this out: In the spring Birch Communications lost over 1000 business customers who promptly switched over to Closecall America. Since then Birch Communications has been looking to purchase Closecall America and has recently done so with...

Birch Telecom / Sales


The complaint is not really with Birch Telecom, but with me. I was perfectly happy with ATT, but Birch seemed to have a better program that could save me money. I should have paid more attention to my termination clause with ATT. That has cost me money and it will take sometime to recoup...

Birch Telecom / Thieves


I dont understand how a phone company can switch your phone services without your knowledge and start charging you. Once i got their bill i called my phone company and they said that what they had done was illegal and that i needed to call them to cancel their services and report them to...

Birch Telecom / Employees lying to customers


Our office signed up with Birch 5 years ago and I had no complaints about the service. However, I was never told that they offereed DSL and so when we needed more than dial up internet, I called Birch and ask what my renewal date was. Was told that it was up for renewal on 2/16/2010. Thi...

Birch Telecom / I cancelled thier service. They sent me a bill for $1000.00


I was never told about a cancelation fee . They sent be a bill for $1000.00 because I cancelled thier service. I have called and informed them that and they refuse to change anything. They keep telling me that I agreed by a third party and I do not remember any such call. I have spoken to...

Birch Telecom / Has no business being in business


Having been with Birch for more than a year I paid my bill two days late. I received a threatening cut off service letter for the late bill. I thought this was stupid and totally against any kind of descent customer service. I received an offer from ATT that had better rates and I...

Birch Telecom / Fraudulent sales practices

I bought Birch service because the salesman promised em that I could disconnect if I didn't like it. It turns out that the taxes were not included in the sales price as promised, so I fired 'em and went back to AT&T. They are trying to collect a $400 disconnection fee -- I gue...