Biolife Plasma Services"customer service"

D Nov 10, 2018

I've gone to the biolife facility in burleson tx roughly 20 times, and half of the times was a giant pain and not worth the struggle. And for every single one of those mentioned times, it was on the second donation (you know, the one they actually pay you for.) this time was the final straw, some goofy kid was manning the prelim tests and squeezed my finger so hard he caused my cuticle to break and bleed (a very tiny ammount) which got on his glove. I was sent to a nurse thinking it was no big deal. Apparently it was as it is considered an "open wound" and I was deferred for the day. I was mad enough already, but then I noticed I was locked out for sunday as well, which is the cut off for the actual payout for the week. The nurse was rude, as she and the rest almost always are, and no one there was even the least bit helpful. They gave me a number to "shire" after nicely letting me know that it wasn't going to do cheap for me and that i'll probably be referred to them anyway. She was happy to set up an appointment with an assistant manager in a week. Funny because there's always 4-5 people walking around that look like actual managers. All in all, i've never been happy with the service and won't be returning.

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