I saw an advertisement for adorable puppies on my home page Bing for $499.00, which was half off the origional price of $1, 999.00. I contacted the seller, and inquired about the puppy I was interested in. I spoke to a Matt who advised puppy was available. He told me that I would need to send the money through Zelle from my bank and it would go to a Lauren Joshua's business account. The purchase included free shipping and delivery from American Air Carriers. I received an email from the air carrier the next morning, advising the puppy would be shipped and delivered that day. Then an hour later I received another email from the carrier that because of hazardous weather, the puppy would need to be shipped in a climate controlled crate at a cost of $1800.00 to be reimbursed when puppy was delivered. When I contacted, the website was suspended, as well as the air carrier. I'm out $499.99 because of a scam. I purchased in good faith through the add on Bing.

Oct 07, 2019

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