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Dear Bing

We have been scammed by a company called scam warners. They post negative information about you and then try to extort thousands of dollars to remove it. We have turned them into The South African national police ( see scam report scam warners ) you will see all the people and details of who these evil people are.

when i put into the bing search bar dr darryl webb which is my name

It shows at the top of the search saying more search and it simply says dr darryl webb scam report . WHY is this allowed It also say the same thing at the bottom of the 1st page

WHy would bing allow this to be there. There are only two things there so it stands out like a sore thumb.

a few pages later you will see the posting they did of me on thier site. Please go to scam report to see how much hurt they are causing people,

I want this dr darryl webb scam report removed immediately also also half way down it shows images of Dr Darryl Webb the very first picture Scam warners has used this picture of me on there website and on the picture it says at the bottom of the picture the link to the post they did of me.

This is a copy writed picture. I am an actor as you can see that at

All my pictures are copy writed because I am an actor. I am asking to also remove this picture from Bing and also remove scam warners from Bing. They are a criminal enterprise.

my cell phone is [protected] and my email address is [protected]

Please do something about this. You cannot allow copy write material to be posted with out my permssion. Scam warners were never given permission. We have turned them into the FBI Internet fraud. The State Attorney Generals office of Florida. Also US Dept of Commerse

Below is the picture of me that scam warners posted on there post of me which is illegal and subject to litigation


your snapshot of the day

why do you feel the need to pander to 2% of the population who are controversial, and immoral trash? the homosexual community are violent, fascist and immoral and should not be normalized. please stop showing rainbow flags etc in an effort to kiss their ass. have you ead their stated agendas about trying to be mainstreamed? have you seen the damage they do to lives and societies? why help them?

bing 'political' biases in the search

When searching:

Men can
the most listed selections deal with Men can be pregnant or Men can have periods

When searching:
Women Can
the most listed selection deal with Women can fly or Women can do anything

Do you really think we are STUPID out here. STOP your political correctness biases with these purposefully searched things that NO ONE is searching for. Unbelievable.


Date: 6/8/19

Microsoft / bing corporation

Attn: mr. satyan nadella - ceo:

Please remove and block these criminals:

The following bing search listing is unauthorized and is a fraud scam:

Dr donald e battle theologian - actualizer 2019 2020
3. jesus is alive … by dr. donald e. battle. 9. christian theologians list dr. making the decision to pursue dr donald e battle theologian executive director. dr. donald e. battle's biblical christian theology is the study of the true god. it is the consolidation of christology and theology that concentrates primarily upon the texts of the...

Dr. donald e. battle
Christian theologian

bing search headlines

Biased News Headlines without a credible source have continued to be published on Bing. After having the displeasure of reading multiple garbage articles put out by the Leftist media outlets such as the NewYorkTimes, ect I am starting to question who is running Bing behind the scenes. I don't like reading articles with [censored] lies and no credible source! Mass Boycotting through Petitioning or direct revision from Microsoft? Let's do something different than Google, like not suppressing conservative media or giving headlines to articles covered ONLY by Leftist media outlets or we are going to have a HUGE problem due to people getting brainwashed.

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The is a fraud listing uber my name, the site has virus fraud scam that locks your computer and thhey require to pay thme to unlock. Please delete the following listings:

1) Dr Donald E Battle Theologian acquit 2019

2) Choosing the best dr donald e battle theologian All about deepening the connection with informations Funny Donald Trump Funny and Memes Memes of 2016 on SIZZLE donald trump people 1998 Donald Trump "Republicans are Dumb" why did this video 25 Best Memes About African Kid Donald Trump.

Thank you,
Dr. Donald E. Battle - Theologian

bing search engine

Every time I search Shaw Univerity, Strayer University appears at the top of the list. I think this is a unethical practice and strategy to deter any interest in Shaw University, a Historically Black University. On the other hand, I can search for Strayer University and nothing about Shaw appears. I'm requesting that this be corrected immediately.

Evenmore, when I search for St. Augustine Univerity, a Historically Black University in Raleigh NC, what appears at the top of the list? The University of St. Augustine in Florida.

This is obviously a conspiracy against these two Black institutions.

search engine

when i search my name on bing it comes up with a horrible funny profile someone set up on disqus about me and underneath it says people are better off without me in their lives. my name is sethie gretchen courtney. i have deleted the 'funny profile' from disqus, but it is still appearing in my bing search results when i search my name, even though the link no longer exists

bing website error

As the Executive Director of West Bay Collaborative, I attempted to reach out to you because when anyone searches for the West Bay Collaborative on the Bing search, your search shows our program as "site permanently closed" over the map you have there.

This only occurs for those individuals using BING! Is there something you can do to correct this error?
Thank you
Maryann Struble
Executive Director

search engine bing

All of December 2018
Bing takes over google as the default web engine and does not change whatever i try to do. Please help. Its getting beyond irritating. I have a right to make a choice.
My name: Ravi Deshpande
My address: 45, Cecil Avenue, Castle hill, 2154, NSW
My cel Phone: +[protected]
My Laptop: Mcbkpro, sometime 2012
And hope this problem gets resolved by the time we are in the next year.
Ravi Deshpande

  • Wr
    Wrecks Lee Jan 13, 2019

    Just quit chrome and get the Duckduckgo app more secure.

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search engine

I had Google as my search engine. I like Google. My search engine has changed to Bing. I do not want Bing. I an unable to change back to Google. I do not want Bing, did not want Bing, will not want Bing, do not like Bing, I want Google back
I do not want Bing search engine, I never wanted Bing search engine, I did not go to settings to change to Bing, I cannot change back to Google, I want Google back, I like Google, change me back to Google, have tried to change back to Google, but options are not available, how am I being stopped from changing back to something I did not change in the first place, I did not change my search engine, why has it changed, who changed it, how, why, how and why can I not change back, where is my trusted much loved google, give me my google back, bog off bing.

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    Wrecks Lee Jan 13, 2019

    Just quit chrome and get the Duckduckgo app more secure

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leadbitter glass

My name is Craig Turner and I own a registered company called Bristol Stained Glass Ltd . It has been brought to my attention that Francis leadbitter of leadbitter glass is using Bristol stained glass as a web heading on bing, I have been in contact with the firm and they have complied with the removal of my name from their web site but yet to do anything about the web heading . As you can imagine this is causing confusion with my firm

leadbitter glass
leadbitter glass no product stole my money

This transaction was on Wed Nov 21 2018 not sure what you want for client # but i do have a phone # which tx me back and forth a few times [protected] After i got and sent a few tx to this # yesterday the guy said he was going to look up my order and 30min went buy so i called the # it was disconnected. I was looking to buy THC oil online and this place all of a sudden popped up i have done many searches before and nothing popped up on google or bing. Also i did a search on google and this company did not appear. The company name is and if your on the site if you hit a link to buy cannabis buds it takes you to a completely different site where they show there address and now disconnected phone # the ad is 2240 lillie ave summerland Ca. 93067. I did a street view on it and it an old junk store it looks like and that shop also sell CBD. I tx and online chatted with them a few times and they where all screwed up. The guy on chat told me on Thursday that i would get my order on Friday from California to NYS. I though the package was coming USPS and the phone tx told me they don't use the post office they use UPS. He told me on Friday that i would get my package Monday. So i asked for the tracking # and he said i would get it when it shipped. So i said i don't think I'll get it on Monday. Also you only have to option to pay for the product.WU and i think money gram. You can't get your money back with either of these options. So i lost $260.00 + $5.00 to WU. If i could have used a credit card i could do a charge back but instead i just handed them cash. The payee was Corona Joe San Bernardino Ca. This not a real company but the CBN is a real company i think. So there site is still up and running. But i know the phone # was disconnected yesterday. I have some online chats in my email and i got a bit of tx on my phone also have WU receipt and email confirming my payment and there pickup and an order #3976

  • Updated by Edcal · Nov 28, 2018

    I did file a complaint with the California AG office online yesterday also put a review on google warning to stay away

sign-on screen

Today's sign-on screen has no place for me to comment, unlike your usual sign-on screens. If I could have commented, I would have asked for it to be removed because I don't just not like it; I hate it. It is a complete turning upside down of the whole meaning of "Hallowe'en, " which means eve of the Holy Day, the Holy Day being November 1: All saints Day. I have chosen to use Bing to search in the past because of the beautiful pictures. This one is the very definition of ugly.

unequal political coverage / fairness

Bing any Google profess to be unbiased. If that's anywhere true then why aren't any of their headlines mentioning the sex abuse scandals alleged to have been committed by Corey Booker and Keith Ellison. Corey said a few weeks ago that the person accusing him 'should be believed '. And the Ellison incident is very recent. With 911 calls, eye witnesses etc. Why so light of coverage? They're intentionally misleading Americans for their own desired political outcomes. Indoctrination by monopolies. Its a crime and should be stopped.

porn gif placed in wrong search

I was looking for "how to make hold display with small clothes peg for cake" with many photos related to it come to a porn gif. I click on it to get the address to send to Bing search but I can't get it. what I have is:
29317.gif in gallery Squirt Gifs - 5 (Picture 43) uploaded ..
Pages including
Making her cum Porn Photo - EPORNER
www.eporner.com325 x 244 · 8197 kB · animatedgif
Teen Squirt Gifs 5 | Low Quality Porn Pic, teen, squirting ...
www.girlscv.com325 x 244 · 7920 kB · animatedgif
Making her cum - Porno Pics
pornopics.co325 x 262 · 8244 kB · animatedgif
Can you please review the qualification for this section. Kids can see it.
I'm not happy with Bing Search any more.

porn gif placed in wrong search
porn gif placed in wrong search

[Resolved] no product

A few days ago I downloaded one of the optical illusion picture that features raindrops on a brown background...a while later I saw the picture from another angle an saw an older senior man placing his face on the lower torso of a teen 👦. I was shocked and disgusted.( the senior man's face is on the right side looking at the picture and the boy has his head raising on the left side).

no product
no product

Bing User
  • Updated by Valeria Custis · Sep 07, 2018

    I really hope with all of the enjoyable screensaver pictures that can be downloaded from Bing .com that they understand the severity and shock of this

  • Updated by Valeria Custis · Sep 07, 2018

    Hope that better pics are seen

  • Resolution Statement


unauthorized post about myself

There is an unauthorized post about myself on your Bing website that I need you to take down straight away.

The Links are as follows:
I sent an email to SCRIBD to take down a post of me they have done so but it still appears on your bing search site:

I need you to take this down from your Bing site straight away as I am having lots of feedback and trouble securing employment due to this unauthorized post.
Links as per below.

Shaney Starkie v Barambah | Recall (Memory) | Conversation

Shaney Starkie v Barambah - Download as Word Doc (.doc / .docx), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online.

***Please provide me with feedback of when you have done this to my email


Thanks Shaney Starkie

search through bing search engine

I was searching for how to repair TA-360A switch. In that I clicked a link which stuck my Microsoft Edge browser. I am using windows10. The URL made my browser stuck is ""
Can you do something about it and let me know. I am trying to help you to improve your service by removing such URL from those businesses.

  • Updated by Harish Patel · Jan 16, 2018

    The following URL made my Edge browser stuck.
    Can you do something to improve your service? I am trying to help you for improving your service.

bing and the women in the air force

I was looking for a photo of the women in the USAF to put on my Twitter page and what did I find when I typed in WOMEN IN THE USAF, girls screwing each other, naked GI's with their breast hanging out, etc. Not once while I was serving the country during Viet Nam did I run into one female GI that was doing anything of the sort or with their breast hanging out. There were no men in the Men in the USAF that were undressed or doing anything obscene. That is not what the women in the service are about, and I resent the hell out of such photos of women fighting for their country! Bing can go to hell, I won't be using it again.
SSGT Susan Kunze-Mooney

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