Beautymax Hair Products Complaints & Reviews

Beautymax Hair Products / hair bundles

Sep 11, 2019

Our first sample and our first bigger order were OK. Our third buy of 70 bundles of hair are just a disaster. They are smelling and shedding. Tried to return, but they don't want to take back. Washed the hair about 5 times. Still smelling. They ruining our business. What I read back here...

Beautymax Hair Products / hair

Aug 24, 2019

Got my hair from Beautymax Hair, they smell unbelievable bad! Never had such stinking hair. Got in contact with Ms.Sunny, she said to wash it, it is normal it smells "a little". Washed it several times. The smell does not go away. Contacted again to return, NO RETURNS can be taken!...

Beautymax Hair Products Co.,ltd / smelling hair, losing curls after washing

Aug 17, 2019

We bought 3 times smaller orders from Beautymax Hair, when we made a larger order we only got smelling hair. We complaint, but they didn't want to take the hair back and refund. With the complaint, they started telling we received the hair not on actual prices (she forgot to use the newer...

Beautymaxhair / Bad hair


I recently purchased via aliexpress what was suppose to be virgin remy hair from this vendor, after receiving the hair everything seemed fine until I washed it. The hair became knotty matted and tangled and took 45 min to comb out! After sending over 7 emails with no reply I decided to...