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I keep on getting e-mails from the above listed person stating that I have a bad aura around me and if I don't purchase the item that she is informing me to purchase, my chances for love, health, and money will vanish. All she ever does is wants me to purchase what she has to change my status of living. This is one of the e-mails that I have received from the above psychic. APRIL 17TH, 2011 COULD CHANGE YOUR DESTINY FOREVER AND FINALLY BRING YOU WEALTH AND HAPPINESS! I was examining the astrological energies on April 17th, 2011 and how they will affect us, and literally, like a bolt from the blue, I received a vision so vivid, it was like dreaming with my eyes wide open.

The signs of incredible success were unmistakable, but I also saw negative energies, and I'm worried that they might keep you from taking advantage of the incredibly lucky forces in your favor. So let me get right to your reading, so I can explain everything to you.

I see the four Mystical Milestones of
the ancient "Passageway of Power" in your destiny...

In this reading, I will explain what I saw and what it could mean for you...

A person is walking down a long stone corridor. A beam of light comes from a distant window...just enough to softly illuminate magnificent tapestries lining the walls. Up ahead, a dark figure, a Guide, slowly and gently motions the individual to come forward.

I want you to envision yourself as this person...

As you progress further along the passageway, a large oak door appears to one side. Etched in stone on the wall just beside the door are odd-looking symbols from a long-lost alphabet.

You try to push the bronze latch on the handle, but it is locked. Your Guide extends an open hand to you. In it is a glowing, Golden Key, shining brightly in the dark, and as you will see, this Key has special, magical powers...

What is extraordinary about this vision?

You see, the stone floor, tapestries, bronze detail and especially the strange signs on the wall were my tip that the person was roaming the inner pathways of the sacred Runic Passageway of Power. Because I recognized that the symbols were in fact Runes.

The Nordic Dynasties of the medieval period built a prosperous, thriving civilization, rich with lore, including the magical Runes, symbols derived from the Romans and used extensively by the Nordic Peoples to attract good fortune and ward off bad luck.

The Runes etched into the stone wall included:
Nordic warriors used the runes to ensure victory in battle. Along with the Runes, astrology also played an important role in Nordic history and legend. In the year 1030 A.D., the Patron Saint of Norway, King Olaf, charged into battle just as the Sun went into a total eclipse, and ultimately Norway's independence was won.

Just as the great Nordic Kings looked to the stars and the Runes for the key to their ultimate destiny, the forces favoring you on April 17th, 2011 will bring you the greatest power and benefits from the Four Mystical Milestones of the ancient "Passageway of Power"...Money, Love, Health, and Joy.

A whole new world of wealth and power
is opening up for you

And because I want you to be able to take full advantage of every opportunity that will come to you, I want to give you this free gift:


This specially energized key will concentrate and focus the positive energy that is now building around you. (Caution: You may feel a tingle when wearing it.)

If you look closely at it, you will see the deeply inscribed Runes.

As soon as you receive this key, I want you to wear it or keep it close to you 24 hours a day.

Open the door to a new world
of riches, happiness, health and success!

You may not know this, but when the Great Kings of the medieval Nordic Dynasty passed on, they were buried with all their riches, property, even medicine and food -- everything they would need to begin a new life with their health, youthful energy and most precious possessions restored to them. And their dearest loved ones would ultimately join them in this new, higher state of existence: A Paradise of Riches, Love, and Renewed Health.

I can't believe what a perfect sign this is! For, like the greatest Kings of the Nordic Dynasties, you too are about to begin a whole new life. And as you discover the wealth of powers you possess with you, your entire world will become new to you, and you will want for nothing! Even your loved ones will benefit from the transformation you are about to have.

Don't you see? This is exactly what I am trying to tell you! You can live like a king! And I'm going to show you exactly how you can make this reality come true in your life!

Together, we can break through the veil
concealing the true causes of your problems!

In your journey through the Passageway of Power, your rediscovery of all your property represents the past, present and future of your life -- the gains, losses, your successes and the failures, your strengths and weaknesses...and the possibility of a future filled with riches, love and unimaginable happiness!

Even those items that have been lost forever are still invaluable...because each one represents an experience that offers you a precious nugget of wisdom. It's human nature to be afraid to look at our losses, but to do so is to turn your back on the possibilities of gaining treasures beyond your wildest dreams!

This is what I was talking about at the very beginning of this letter -- the power of negative energy to surround you and cut you off from your best opportunities to succeed and find the money, love and dazzling health!

You see, negativity and failure affect everyone. But the most successful people take their setbacks in stride. They don't ignore them...instead they learn from them and focus as much of their time, effort and talents on their greatest strengths.

And you can do the same! I'll show you how to turn negatives into positives and positives into a constantly multiplying windfall of prosperity!

Starting April 17th, 2011 you will have an extraordinary opportunity to absolutely neutralize the negative energies around you and take control of your own destiny.

And now, you can bring the transformative powers of the Passageway of Power into your life in a real, concrete and lasting way. I'm going to give you everything you need in:


This incredible document will tell you exactly what you need to know to free the extraordinary life-giving force within you!

Yes, it's true! You do have a powerful force within you. Just look at it this way, ...even with everything you've been through, with all the problems you've faced...all the times you were ready to just give up, you've always found a way to keep going, haven't you? You have overcome many stubborn obstacles in your life.

It is this glimmer of belief in your own, inner Personal Power that has given you the determination to make it through the tough times!

For over 2 months now I have been working on your forecast, I have developed the methods and material that have enabled me to provide you with this insightful and empowering reading of your birth chart. So, I know it will give you everything you need to achieve lasting success.

I will also give you useful advice on a variety of aspects of your personality so you can immunize yourself against the negative energies that trigger your fears and self-doubt. With this guide, you'll see for yourself that you will never have to feel frustrated and helpless again.

This precious Guide alerts you to all your greatest talents, skills, and abilities, many of which you don't even know you have...and some which you have only begun to tap into.

With "The Golden Key to Your Personal Power, " you will discover how to take your power back from negative distractions and emphasize your very best qualities.

This is your true key to success, and you'll realize that you really are no different from other people who've got it made.

With my second FREE gift for you,
your Lucky Days, Hours and Numbers, you can be
at the right place, at the right time to win!

How many times have you played games of chance, the lottery or Bingo, only to go home in disappointment? It's a bitter pill to swallow, especially when a win of only $5000 or $6000 could be just the boost you need to catch up and turn your life around.

Not many people know that there are specific days and hours that are especially favorable for you to play games of chance. In your "Planetary Hours and Lucky Numbers, " my second FREE gift for you, I'll tell you exactly when those most advantageous days and times are, so you can play at the times that will be luckiest for you!

Certain specific numbers are also highly beneficial for you, and you should DEFINITELY PLAY them to have Lady Luck on your side.

You'll absolutely want to have these numbers at your disposal before April 17th, 2011 so you can enjoy the biggest payoff possible during this Lucky period in your life!

By following the revelations I will give you, you will know your luckiest hours, days, and your Most Advantageous Numbers not only for games of chance, but also for Work, Money and Love!

Take control of your life, people, and situations!

With "The Golden Key to Your Personal Power, " all you have to do is follow firm and definite ideas that will empower you to seize control over your own fate. As you get to know yourself better, you will master your own destiny, and ultimately come to influence and take the lead over other people and situations.

You will be on your way to getting the satisfaction and rewards you were destined to enjoy.

By unlocking the door to your innermost Personal Power, a whole new world will open itself to you, a world positioned under your Lucky Milestones of Love, Money, Vibrant Health and Happiness in Everything!

Similar guides are offered elsewhere on the Web for $29.95, but none are as detailed, insightful, and personally crafted to address your most immediate needs.

And most important, because you are my dear friend, you can have this amazing guide for only $14.95. I want nothing to keep you from fulfilling all the promise and potential that Destiny says is yours!

Plus you'll always have the protection of my
Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee

I am happy to assume all the risk in my offer of help! I know that this guide will bring on the breakthrough you need to fill your life with true happiness and success, but if for any reason you feel that "The Golden Key to Your Personal Power" has not helped you become the captivating, influential person you wish to be, just write to me within 60 days from the date of purchase, and you will receive an immediate refund...with no explanation necessary.

And, don't forget, to really
your own Golden Key as my FREE gift to you!

As soon as I receive your answer, I will send your FREE Golden Key, along with your copy of "The Golden Key to Your Personal Power." Plus, I will also send you your second FREE gift, your "Planetary Hours and Lucky Numbers, " to help bring you the maximum luck in work, money, love and games of chance.

Get the edge you need to break through into a new era of wealth, happiness and riches -- don't wait!

Remember, you can unveil the hidden power of your mind! You'll get the edge you need to benefit most from my guidance and finally break through the wall of Bad Energy that has been around you.

ABOVE ALL, DON'T WAIT ONE MORE SECOND, because as I told you, you are an extremely lucky person who should be living like a King, and you are needlessly letting fabulous opportunities pass you by, and only because you don't know how to read the signs Destiny sends you! You must admit it's a shame...

I see you overflowing with SUCCESS, MONEY, LOVE, LUCK and anything you've ever wished for in your life! I've given you a vision of what your life ought to be for you. Now it's up to you to see for yourself that your dreams can come true!

Just click the button below, and you can soon be living in your own land of milk and honey...

Your friend,

Nothing this person has said to me via e-mail has come true. I would like to know how people like this can be stopped from preying on individuals that are looking for TRUE assistance.

Please help.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Many people simply continue to post on this board without getting in touch with my customer service. This leads me to believe that they are not interested in having their problem taken care of. Perhaps they don't really have a problem at all, and simply want to exhibit their vindictive and mean personality.

    Posting on these boards will not help you get a refund. I would be happy to help you with your claim as soon as I have the adequate information.

    I can be reached via email at [email protected], or via the post at the address below.

    If you wish to contact me via telephone in the U.S. please call me toll free at 888.548.0848 or 203.672.0089.

    Many thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Bethea Jenner
    167 Cherry Street
    PMB 292
    Milford, CT 06460


  • Ga
    Gavin Gauddard Jan 03, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    First off, any shaman, seer, diviner, sage, etc who is genuine and out to help with the gifts the gods have given them will not charge for their services. Secondly, avoid any "professional" of this nature that mixes pantheons and esoteric practices of multiple cultures.
    The runes are sacred to the people of northern europe, and are a gift from Odin himself to man. He sacrificed himself to himself, hung on a windswept tree for nine nights and nine days, pierced by a spear. ...sounds like to improve your luck, you need to throw out your computer, and seek inward. No internet shaman can fix your $hit, the gods are more prone to help those who help themselves.

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  • An
    Angelofhonesty May 11, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I ordered a cross from Bethea haven't received it yet nor have I got any more emails from her no one ever answers the phone. I sent in my order 36 days ago so I will never do anything like this again, I made my order with a prepaid card so I don't have any suspicious activity like I've heard others.

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  • Kr
    krona Jan 09, 2015

    What interesting - yesterday I received message from Bethea with title: “storm will take your life” – what is it? I think this lady used the sucker punch and what reason she had?

    -1 Votes
  • Lo
    Lori Freeman Nov 27, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Called for a free reading as promised took credit card information and hung up on me. All the telephone numbers she lists do not work. She won't answer emails either. My bank is all over this and I will call the better business bureau and claim fraud. This is crazy. Stand behind it Bethea!

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  • Va
    ValekVL Aug 25, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Actually (historically speaking), the kings/queens/pharaohs/emperors etc... all wore medallions of one kind or another. Look at paintings/pictures of them and you will see some kind of medallion, necklace, etc. always around their neck, wrist, etc. So before you go opening your mouth about history, do your research. I too get emails from her, and before it was Rochelle. I ordered the jade dragon for my wife and I, granted she wears it, it has still allowed us to have sufficient money to make ends meet every month. I get odd jobs here and there when money is really tight, and it is a blessing. I ordered my birthday Buddha and love it as it is an intricate sculpture made of hard resin, it is gorgeous. I am a skeptic at heart and extremely cynical. I understand psychology and realize that it is more of a positive thinking/mind frame that aids in your pursuit of health, wealth and happiness. Remember that health, wealth and happiness is relative. Having a loving family is a blessing and could count as being wealthy compared to those that do not have a loving family. Be thankful for what you have and make plans (and most importantly ACT on that plan) and life should go where you want it to go.

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  • Ku
    Kumudini Dec 08, 2011

    If you are happy with your order why are you posting on a complaint board? Seems like someone trying to redeem herself. Weird.

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  • Cm
    CMdn Nov 05, 2011

    I receive several of these predictions every week. I have never ordered anything, but usually read her emails (they are interesting). I have sent her personal emails with questions, but never get a response. Why don't I order? Because if it really is my destiny or it is written in the stars that certain events will occur (such as receiving a windfall of cash), then why do I need to order a talisman or amulet? Great kings and queens used to have personal astrologists and they did not wear such things--hence, neither do I.

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  • Th
    the chosen Aug 23, 2011

    LOL, i also got exactly the same letter 2 weeks ago followed by another 1 or 2 every weeek giving dates when I should be getting lots of money but never telling from where and how insisting I gett this and that amulet or talisman bracelet or necklace designed by her which cost each about a hundred dollars when you add up the instalments to complete payment. How to stop them from preying on people who are down and seeking guidance should be a concerned and addressed to.
    So far I have accidentally met one many many years ago who I believe is a real psychic. I did not seek him, I have heard of his reputation though. He was in my dentist office doing tarot readings for some friends of my dentist. After my dental work, my dentist cajoled me to have a reading and had> He shuffled his tarot cards and started saying events and things of the past and present which are all like hitting the nail on the head but I did not make any comment. He continued reading but this time it were mostly for future events that will be happening> I said my thank you (it was free reading) to him and my dentist and took my leave> Even if what said about the past and present were most head on, I was still very skeptical> I was not a believer.
    Still, that night, I wrote everything he predicted in one of my notebooks and totally forgotten all about until a decade after when I was packing my things in prep to moving somewhere, I stumbled upon my old rundown notebook and saw his
    predictions. It was over 5 pages and everything written had happened not in day or week but all happened during the years including predictions like my BLUE car will figure in an accident, a relative and employee will pass away etc. I miss him. He was
    a true psychic, he was 101% accurate.

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  • Sa
    sassafras Aug 20, 2011

    I recieved the exact, wor for word e-mail from her today! I still have not recieved the bracelet I ordered either. these people are scam artists and go by many names. Sara Freder, Gabriella, Bethea, etc... Probably all the same person!

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  • Be
    Ben Hazard May 30, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Berthea, I received my "Merkaba Mandela Energy Force" last week. I have notice an improvement in the way I see myself. I am much more in control of my own happiest. I m beginning to feel the energy from my Merkaba and I ll keep you informed about my success. Ben Hazard -----O

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