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Jan 24, 2018

First Michael said I sound youthful and not my age. Using my minutes to give this compliment is not what I'm paying for. Then he has this amazing revelation that it is negative energy. WOW anyone can tell that. Not a reading at all. Then he proceeded to tell me I need to pay him to... / customer service

Aug 16, 2017

The customer service representatives are very rude. I asked to talk to the supervisor, and he was also rude. All what I did was call one of the representatives to clarify some credit card charges. The lady was unprofessional and spoke in a tone that wasn't helpful. I asked to speak her... / Reading with michael ryan

Aug 25, 2016

14-18 august 2016: mr. Ryan took advantage of the fact that i desperately wanted a situation to work out positively. He has the individual read affirmations and i foolishly went along with it for the tune of over $5, 000. I am told he uses the same technique with everyone. I spoke with... / Psychic Fraud


I called them, Elizabeth Monroe, spoke to telling me she had to do a chart. Told me to call back in 30 minutes. I called back, no answer, then later she answered saying she can help me and how much it will be. Between $200-$250. I said no problem. I told her that I called many times till...