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Bethea Jenner / Email

sandyjo on Feb 18, 2017
Bethea sent me an email Feb 8th and said I was going to take a 180 degree turn around, but she had to wait till the appropriate time so that it would take affect in my life. She would send me the dates in so many days that I was sure to have 2 great changes in my life, but she would email...

Bethea Jenner / Ripoff

Donna Wall on Jan 10, 2017
Bethea prey's on individuals who are going through a hard time and who are vulnerable to anything that gives the person hope. She knows I am unemployed but yet she emails me on Sunday Jan 8, 2017 "Saying I have been specially selected!" Marla, the Mother Angel has taken an incredible liking to...

Bethea Jenner / Order Website Errors - Charged 3 times on Credit Card!

delahn on May 17, 2016
I went to order one item/service and after filling out the order form, I received the following error:- [https://www2.myhealthwealthandhappiness.com] Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server error '80040e14' Incorrect syntax near '='. E:WWWSITESMYHEALTHWEALTHANDHAPPINESSFORECAST../bin/UtilLib.dll, line 159 I checked...

Bethea Jenner / Abusive emails, consumer scan

Brenda Haroutunian on Mar 17, 2016
Although I've unsubscribed from Bethea, I continue to receive hurtful emails on a daily basis suggesting that my life is doomed in so many ways, that a black halo follows me everywhere I go. Every day, I receive something that plays on my vulnerabilities with scary predictions about a...

Betheasignmyhealthwealthandhappiness.com / Unsolicited emails

Reviewer71302 on Nov 4, 2015
This Bethea site keeps emailing me. I have tried unsuccessfully MANY times to" opt out click here" but it does not work. I have also tried to connect to the website which "cannot be found." I have pasted the opt out message here since I am unable to upload or drop below. If...

Bethea/myhwh / Tapestry and coin ,did not order

carol burks on Apr 17, 2015
This is the second time I have received merchandice that I have not ordered. I sent the last one back. I just got the second one today the 17th. of April. I do not want it nor ordered it. I wish they would quit sending me anything or contacting me. Carol Burks32392

Betheajenner.com / This is no more than a merchandising site with a very unhealthy twist

Tamle on Jan 10, 2013
I also get 3 or 4 e-mails a week telling me all the money coming to me but the evil standing in the way that she can help me overcome or avoid! Included in the e-mails are offers of wonderful talisman which will protect me - more like cheap jewellery (it even looks cheap in the picture...

Bethea Myhealthwealthand Happiness / Necklace not as depicted

TigerCat9 on Jul 10, 2012
So sad to see that the talisman pendant, the Chartres Labyrinth, which I received was of so poor quality. It was advertised as being made of sterling silver, as well as its chain, but there is no metal quality stamp on it, and the chain snapped after just one wearing. The amethyst-colored...

Bethea / Myhwh / They are truly scam artist taking advantage of people

Watsaride on Jul 5, 2012
I did not know this company was a fraud till I notice they charge my debit card twice a month for 19.95 plus the st.Michael's pendant that I purchase is not 24k gold or does it have any silver! like they said it was, is not even worth 10 dollars! I had to change my debit card number...

Betheajenner.com / Stay away from this one

Alubike on Mar 16, 2012
I have been receiving e-mails from this site. At first I really did not think to much about it. Then they started coming about 3 or 4 per week. This has become annoying that Bethea keeps sending these e-mails that just get worse and worse. I never responded now I have some voodoo hex or...

Bethea / Ill let u know

Lilmzpretti on Mar 3, 2012
Well I'm laresa and I just became a member of the millionaires club through bethea. I've been receiving emails from bethea for a little while now.so far I have to say she's on the Money when she sends me my emails.i don't live by what she says but as it happens my mind...

Bethea Jenner / Bethea Jenner predictions

jaugustinek on Jun 27, 2011
I received email from Bethea and registered for her emal horoscope and started getting weekly readings. I dicided to test her reading, so I registered with three different names (in addition to the one I already restered) with three different birth date, birth time and place of birth from...

Bethea Jenner / E-mails sent

2006vette on Apr 3, 2011
I keep on getting e-mails from the above listed person stating that I have a bad aura around me and if I don't purchase the item that she is informing me to purchase, my chances for love, health, and money will vanish. All she ever does is wants me to purchase what she has to change...

Betheajenner / opt-out

Paula on Mar 30, 2011

Asian Miracle Power For Instant Wealth. / Guide

Dear sir, I also receive a mail from bethea and her friend master vincent pak chung to send a guide asian miracle power for instant wealth. Information is bellow, more information you can get it in website given above. . . She is sending mails to me since more than six month and every time...

Bethea Jenner / Refund amount of returned item

msanjiv on Mar 13, 2011
I had purchased an item from Bethea Jenner in July 2010 on her promise of receiving a refund, if the product does NOT live up to its promises or even without a reason, if I am dissatisfied with the product, I could return it within 60 days and claim refund. I have henceforth returned the...

Bethea The Astroger / chargeing my credit card for items i have yet to receive

sue bee on Feb 8, 2011
I fell for her crap. She sent one item to me only months later. Then I ordered 3 more items back in early January of 2011. This is now Feb 8th, 2011 and i have heard nothing about my items. Except she wrote me two letters saying my items were on there way. I have not received them but she...

My Health Wealth And Happiness By Bethea Jenner / Kept Recieving Emails from Bethea

I actually had a double thought regarding bethea jenner's emails. I myself is convince of buying one of her products but I can't view her links even the photos even the website she gave me www9.myhealthwealthandhappiness.com is not working. Does this website really exist or...

Bethea Jenner/ &secret Realm Of Your Personal Power& / Item did not arrive

Ordered, "Secret Realm of your Personal Power" on July 26/10. Got an email saying it was sent on August 1/10. Had information about a special day for me, August 11/10. Item never arrived. Bethea will not answer emails. I had to phone the credit card company to let them know this was a fradulant charge. They are looking into it.

Betheasignmyhealthwealthandhappiness.com / i order golden Dice of Destiny

i order golden Dice of Destiny last i month before i almost more then 5 to 6 main tha hole month they taken this many amount in my credit card $19.95, plus $6.00 i told several time refund my amount they have not reply my email tha same reason iam going to lodge tha complaint on consumer...

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