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Dear sir;

I am a gambler that cheat, I control the proof that the on-line casino cheat.Hope you can help me to punish the cheating who, I encountered a very typical (casino cheating, the Government has connived at the protection of such acts).My interests as a consumer will not receive any protection. I can provide conclusive evidence to prove my point of view, the following is my summary of things, my English is limited, please you understanding.
You please two photographs see below, This is my game during the filming.At that time I was consider whether continued to the card, but the software of the casino has already displayed the result of the game in advance. It is obvious to provide casino games is not random,

I then wrote to Bet365, reporting this incident and requesting an explanation on 2 December, 2007. Bet365 claimed that the game system was well tested and should not have any problem, and the problem was due to a delay in transmission.Contact me and the casino did not receive any results, but should be glad that the authenticity of photos to be sure. Because casinos claimed on several occasions to review the findings of photos.
Then I contacted the arbitral bodies and regulatory agencies, the responses are even more absurd.Bet365, IBAS and GRA all acknowledged there was a problem but they concluded this was a technical error. You see GRA's two rulings which described the problem. These two rulings are very informative, you may want to read them to have a clue.

The key issue is that all parties accepted that there was a problem shown by the photos (the system appeard to know the dealer's total points before it should have known it, ie, before the player has finished their round), but the GRA rejected my allegation of cheating based on a belief that the problem may be caused by some technical errors, delay in transmssion, etc. At the end, GRA acknowledged that the problem was not due to a single cause, not was not a normal delay in transmission, but it believed that the system shoud not be cheating as it is reputional. The reasoning for this decision is not very convincining. In addtion, GRA mentioned that Bet365 may have assumed my acceptance of their explanation despite my rejection. It is hardly convincing at all . I rejected Bet365's explanation on Dec 5, 2007 and filed the complaint at IBAS on Dec 21, 2007. According to GRA, IBAS has contacted Bet365 to solve the problem. How can Bet365 assume Myacceptance and therefore delete the data of the game?

For this email, I attach for your review the following:

1. Three screenshots;
2. My Complaint to IBAS
3. IBAS Ruling;
4. 1st Ruling by GRA;
5.GRA Final Ruling.

There are additional email exchanges between I and Bet365, IBAS and GRA. But the the attached may be adequate for a preliminary review.

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Sep 07, 2019 6:43 am

i am 3 time right document send bet365 kyc team rjeect document ok account is close bet365 my money is bet365 is not send bet365 plz action bet365 33 euro is availble bet365 account balance not send bet365 account bet365 my money not send

username - pintu8208
four digit -8208

bet365 is fraud

May 06, 2016 7:31 pm
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Hi i m live in india bet365 change india deposit bonus my friend open account and claim 100%deposit bonus but i m see he get me only 15% bonus please do some if this has given this bonus no one accont open bet 365 please bet365 do 100%deposit bonus then many customer join

Nov 09, 2015 10:40 pm

A bunch of crooks over there. There's a little guy there on the sports side. His name is Michael Chineegadoo. Here is his facebook profile.
Even he thinks that the management of bet365 are a bunch of [censored]es.

Oct 05, 2015 6:01 pm

Bet365 are robbing BSTDS - they took my money and I matched the £200 deposit to get £200 - I been trying to play through it and doing some mug bets as you have to roll it over 3 times in 90 days - I had £169 odd left in my a/c and then a few days later only £20 when I queried this they said I had run out of time but no reminders or warnings - guy in live chat was going to give me a new bonus but then suspended my account due to stuff he said I said in chat - I talked about other booking not giving me offers despite betting lots. Then they phone me and ask me loads of personal questions and basically insinuate I have a gambling problem and want me to leave when I say I will not they say they will close my account - they will not refund my money, my bonus nothing - in effect they got me to chase doing mug punts to clear the bonus then say because I chased bets I was a problem gambler and am closing a/c in my best interest. B/S they just robbed my money and now want to discard me. I will be making complaints against BET365 to my local MP. They are clever but very unfair to punters if you win or are successful they will bin you - if your a mug you will be fine for a while as they milk you but then when it suits them they will cut you off and make up it's in your best interests.

Jun 12, 2015 9:47 am

I won a bet in BET365, everything was wine, the bets were settled accordingly.After 4 hours, they took all my winnings from it.BET365 continuously took bets throughout the match for entire games without any problems.I have faced these issues from bet365 earlier such as change in player name etc. If you win, they will not give the bets back, if you lose they will not give your stake back.I have the screenshots.Here in game 8, yulia bryzgalova breaks to 40.that was my bet. Later, after 4 hours they took my winnings back.As you can see, they have accepted the bets after game 8 continuously, no stopping them.BET365 tries to make money from this situations a lot

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Apr 26, 2015 8:38 am

i put one bet TA7950942222F 4tems .i win 3 of them and the 4th one was in play and i see the tiket was not apair to cash out!when i chek on history one of the game was still on run but it was finish from 30 mii. when i contact bet365 they told me was an error to the bet and they change the bet of 3.75 with 1.12 for that game. after that time of 25 min i send 20 message to put me the ticket on cash out because i have 3 game won and 1 in play INTER-ROMA I PUT x AND THE SCORE WAS 1-1 and no result!finaly in min 88 Inter score and i lose the tiket! after that i send a lot of message to ask what happent and how much i can take from my ticket and no answer!they do not care they know how to stel your money only! i am waiting your answer ! my bet365 username is djaan_costy and my email is [email protected]

Dec 03, 2014 10:40 am

I was a customer with bet365 until yesturday when they decided it was in my best interest that they excluded me from the gambling site. monday i placed a bet on a team to 2-1 the team was called franja the odds was 25/1 i placed £12.97 on it and after waiting 7 hours for my return i finally recieved a payment of around £16 they paid out at odds 3/10. i took screen shots of my bet that i placed on and a bet of what they paid out. After raising this issue with the team members and continuously asking to speak to a manager which i never was able to get through to after so many attempts. They told me that they would not honour the 25/1 and remaind addament about it. I felt heart broken after gambling for so many years this is how they treat you. They were not paying out because they didnt know a third goal was scored apparently. Anyway they felt as though a £50 bonus which i had to roll over once was the best option for me. I was supposed to have a return of £337.22 for a multi million pound company i believe they should of took responsibility and paid out what i believed what i was supposed to be paid out. Instead after 3 phone calls to them they decided to deactivate my account not once they put me through to a manager. Its discusting, my username was damo666184. On the 2 photos you see one says to run and the other says won i took the screen shots of my bet after waiting hours for it to pay out and when it did i was so dissapointed in what i seen. Bet365 exploit gamblers there advertising everywhere to be more widley spread but yet they just want your money and dont care about the customer.

May 08, 2014 9:04 pm
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I am a Chinese customer of the UK website ( account: louislee1988)

On May 9th, I placed an order of a game of Waterhouse F.C.VS Arnett Gardens FC (Jamaican National Premier League).When I placed the order, the score is 1:3 and the Odds is 1. 1.14 for Arnett Gardens FC .So I bought 7009RMB for Arnett Gardens FC.

After a minute, the score they offered changed to 1:2, and the odds changed to 1.5 for Arnett Gardens FC. If they offered correct score and odds, I would not placed the order.Therefore I asked their service to refund the money.But they claims it is not their duty and they are not responsible for the data they offered( he said it is just for refernce).So I lost money for a wrong score and wrong odd they offered.

I do not know what to do now

Mar 20, 2012 4:33 pm
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I should add that the online casino was bet364 in the uk..

Mar 20, 2012 4:31 pm
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Was betting on colour on roulette. Watched for a pattern but all results were random. That is Until you place a bet on a certain colour (red) and keep doubling up until a red and a win comes along. Black came up 12 times in a row until I was out of cash. This has happened to me a few times and proves this is a con The result turns from being random to being fixed depending on what you bet upon.

Mar 08, 2009 1:28 am phone [protected]

Mar 08, 2009 1:26 am

My name is Thang Nguyen live in Houston - TX -USA . After recieving coupon email I tried to dowload ( ) and played and won 3300 USD. I withdrawed but no result until now more 16 days ready and no answer in customer service or any way chat, fax ...
So I lost my first deposit 700USD but I dont know who can help me ? At first I think must have one online protect organization or government must protect the player in fair way . ... I tried to find more information about Reavegasonline and known that this i s a black company so I lost my deposit money . ?


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