Bestcanvasterrible blanket! terrible customer service! awful company! do not use!

I have purchased many blankets from these people. They always seem to do something wrong. I'm a pretty easy-going person, so if it was halfway decent I accept it. This last time though, it was for my mother in laws 80th birthday and she can't see very well. They made her blanket very very light in color. It was muted. Very hard to see. I told them that I needed a new one right away because her birthday was just a week away. They said I had to cut the one I had all up to get a new one. I told them I wanted to new one ASAP and I would not cut the old one up. I would give it to the poor. Also, they had a policy if it wasn't done right, I could return it. It was their mistake and I had 30 days to return and since it was their fault, they should give me a label to return it. They said no, that the only option was to rip it all up. I said that was ridiculous. They would rather rip it up than give it to the poor. At this very time, I had recently ordered 4 more blankets for $165 and told them to cancel that order since they could not help me with this order. They said they were the grievance department and could not cancel an order already processed. They said I could give it to the poor but would only make me a new one once I gave it to the poor and they got a recipe. REDICUOLOUS!! I had to give my mother in law this very dull blanket of all her grandchildren. NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER USE THIS COMPAY!!! MEAN AND SHISTERS!!!


May 16, 2019

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