Best Western Hoteldeceptive practice

R Apr 25, 2018

I would like to be removed from the email list from Best Western Hotel Chain. The Hotel tricked me into staying by stating I would be getting a "$10.00 gift card" for each night I stayed, a special promotion. It was special alright, I was told after I checked out that it was for only one $10.00 coupon to use only at best western and I would be receiving it via email within a few weeks! Well it has been 3 weeks and all I get are trash email offers from the hotel chain. I have not received the "coupon" I was promised, not that I would use it anyway. As I will not be staying with the hotel again. I do say the only positive was the staff at the hotel, they were all extremely nice but I guess they were not deceived like I was…

I have asked several times to REMOVE ME FROM THEIR MAILING LIST and I still receive junk mail from them with offers!


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