Best Buyrepair of asus used non tempered glass

T Jul 31, 2019

i recently had my Asus laptop repaired it had a broken screen for a couple months, it had cracked in 3 places.
then my hard drive broke so i brought it in for repair to geek squad that why i bought the repair plan. I have had 3 or more of this model Asus over the years that I bought from best buy all had screens replaced. After i had had it a while i picked it up off the counter with my right hand and i heard th e glass break. I opened the laptop and shards of glass fell out. one which cut me, not seriously though. I have never have seen a laptop break like that. It was in shards.
So I brought it back sked to speak to the manager who was kind enough to listen to my complaint.
Which was as follows. The glass that was replaced on my laptop by geeksquad was not the same glass that has ever come on any asus coputer i ave owned and is dangerous.

All i'm asking is that the screen be replaced with the proper glass.

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