Bell Canadaunlimited internet and alt tv

F Oct 09, 2019

I have been a customer with Bell for a year now. I started out by paying $95.99 per month which included $5 for 5 specialty channels.

After 6 months this bill went up to $101.64 which is what I'm paying now.

Today I got home from work and there was a Bell Representative set up in the lobby of my apartment building trying to recruit customers.

I spoke to her and she informed me of the promotion they are having of $50 per month for unlimited internet and she also informed that ALT TV would be $15 per month.

Altogether that is $65 per month. She suggested I call the Cancellation Department at Bell and see if they could offer me a better deal.

I called and was informed that as of October 7th, my promotion will expire and my bill will become $125 per month.

The representative I spoke with was only able to offer me $5 per month in savings.

Can you please tell me how it is fair that new customers are paying HALF of what I am paying per month for the exact same services?

This is completely ridiculous and I'm not sure why the representative I spoke to referred to her department as the loyalty department when Bell clearly doesn't know the meaning of the word loyalty when it is gauging it's loyal customers by making them pay double the price.

I would like for someone to contact me regarding this because I am completely disgusted with how Bell is ripping their customers off.

Thank you.


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