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Attention Mr. Jim Myers senior vice- president customer service Bell Canada
As a customer of Bell since 1989 and of the former N.B. tel since 1950, in the past I have been treated fairly by the company but on my last cell phone purchase I was told that after a certin length of time I was entitled to a free up grade. I dont want an upgrade all I want is a phone that works . When I contacted a Bell service store I was told that yes I was entitled to an up grade but I would have to pay $130.00 plus $35.00 activation fee. I will not pay for something that was supposed to be a free up grade. I pay $173.00 per month for one service from bell and $87.00 per month for another that may not matter to Bell if they lose a customer but if all the dis satisfied customers ralleyed and moved their buisness to another server what would all the SHAREHOLDERS of BELL STOCK reaction be, I believe JIM MYERS might be looking for other employment. I for one have had enough WHAT ABOUT ALL YOU OTHER DIS SATISFIED loyal customers . It seems that recently around the world others are switching their loyalty. I know I have other alternatives.
Thanks for listening . ( P.S. it is probably very important that you do)


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    P. O'ed Sep 01, 2012

    If poor, slow service is what you want, I would recommend Bell/Aliant. Moved into my new place a month ago and still have no phone nor internet. Numerous calls have produced numerous excuses. The usual excuse is, "it wasn't scheduled". Have talked directly to
    managers twice without result. Bad service and expensive.

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    Robert Mac Donald Sep 22, 2012

    I also have recently changed from Bell Satellite service to the New Fibre Op "bundle". They also took the liberty of attaching my Bell cell phone to one bill. Since April 2012, not ONE bill has come to me with the correct amount showing. One month Bell Aliant DID not place my cell on the forward bill and I asked why it was so low? Their answer, "Pay a little more this month so the shock will not be as huge when it does come in" They neglected, to this day, to tell me what that cellular bill was for the questioned month. I have used their E Chat online, twice, I have emailed their customer service center (5 times) and have called their customer service line (3 times) and I just got the verification of the bill yesterday, WITHOUT a copy of the cell bill as I am told "That is another department" Are they not all owned by the one conglomerate? Piss poor service, unknowledgeable staff on the phone and endless ENDLESS promises of a solution that NEVER have been satisfied to date. They just want to record the problem and get you off the phone or E Chat as quickly as possible. When April 2013 comes, I will be a figment of their imagination and NEVER buy any products from Bell, Bell Aliant or any company associated with them!!! I am a lost customer Bell and Bell Aliant and I can only presume I am one of many to follow.

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