BeautifulHalochandelier horror

Don't purchase anything from this company. You will regret it! Total waste of money I ordered a chandelier from this site. First issue was it took a month to arrive. Then the situation became worse. I recieved the ring platform wired and loose crystals and clips. No packing slip or instructions at all. I still have absolutely no idea if all the crystals are here or not. Till this day it's just sitting there. No where near enough crystals were sent!!! I've been in contact with several of customer support staff. Honestly I can't say a single good thing about any of them. Several open tickets and emails. 5 weeks trying to get assembly instructions for the crystals! Also a packing list to see if it's all here or not. No one wants to address the packing list or a part list at all. Furthermore like some sick movie. They all keep sending me wiring and mounting instructions. Over and over and over again. I did just receive some incredibly horrible attempt for instructions. Honestly my 5 year old could of done a better job. It was one sentence! "Octagonal beads string diamond ball crystal bends are hung in steel rings, one end is hung on the chassis, the other end is also hung on the chassis" They make no sense at all. No where on this site does it say assembly required nor that each crystal will come loose. On the wiring and mounting instructions. it refers to a crystal mat. Was I supposed to recieve a assembled crystal mat instead of bags of loose crystals and assorted clips? In the end. They refused to supply me with crystal assembly instructions or a diagram. They won't even acknowledge a list of parts or packaging slip. They flat out told me no!!!they will not refund my money. This is the worst company I've ever dealt with. I hope so how some way. They could suffer as they made me suffer. This has taken almost 3 months.


Oct 08, 2019

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