SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / Verotelwebsite and credit card renewal verification


I tried several times to renew an annual subscription to this site only to run into Verotel blocking me. I wrote them to find that they discovered I was on a fraud list. I called my Bank Capitol One 360 and they had no clue what list Verotel was using. I tried to get Verotel to contact my bank and even supplied the information to contact them. This was like talking to a brick wall. I then solicited the moderator/founder of the site itself. They system was automatic and would not allow any further contact. Over a week went by and this site refuses almost all things considered normal for paid members. My friends were frustrated and buddybear that runs the site seems more interested in new subscribers than retaining current or in my case former due to their credit card verification supplier. He had done nothing as I said, he was worthless until I told him to cancel my account and delete my profile. He seemed to be able to jump on that. If you experience anything aside from normal this Canadian run site and their Netherlands's run credit card verification company are not for you! Neither of them are capable of dealing with anything out of the norm.

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