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+1 800 239 1996(Loan and Automated Loan Payoff) 0 0
+1 888 853 6346(New Mortgage and Home Loans) 1 1
+1 800 273 1057(Online and Mobile Banking) 0 0
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BBVA Compass Bancshares / Compass Bank Complaints & Reviews

BBVA Compass Bancshares / Compass Bank / Response to Fraudulent Activity

Jun 18, 2019

After receiving an SMS notifying me of fraudulent transactions on my BBVA debit cards, I was unable (and still am) to reach anyone in the fraud department. I tried the number included in the SMS, the number on the voicemail given on the recording at 844-243-6206, and an alternate number at...

BBVA Compass Bancshares / Compass Bank / Checking? That's what they're calling it

Jun 18, 2019

Please, please do not waste your hard earned dollars here. The only one earning money in triplicate is this bank. Whoa Nelly, I haven't seen oopsie fees like this since the 1980's... and they WILL NOT WORK WITH YOU. Bank here if: you enjoy getting machines talking to Customer Service...

BBVA Compass Bancshares / Compass Bank / customer lack of service

Jun 14, 2019

If you deposit in a savings account, even with cashiers checks, it might take 10 days to clear. If you try and close your account it might take 20 or more phone calls, 10 or more faxes and hours on hold talking to people speaking from a script and they all have different answers to...

BBVA Compass Bancshares / Compass Bank / current employee

Jun 05, 2019

I am a current employee of BBVA Compass Bank, and have been in banking since 2003. Never have I worked for a bank with such an aggressive sales minded outlook. Customers are no more than dollar signs when they walk through the doors. There are sales goals for everything imaginable, even...

BBVA Compass Bancshares / Compass Bank / person assisting in activating new debit card

May 01, 2019

I spoke with Han, I believe his employee reference number was 608. You are welcome to listen to the call recording. He was hard to understand and even though I had answered several of the questions he asked. He stated he could not activate my new card. He was asking me questions like what...

BBVA Compass Bancshares / Compass Bank / overdraft fees

Apr 30, 2019

I made a deposit to cover a late transaction on 4-29-19, deposit did not hit the account until maybe an hour after the transaction was made. There was not overdraft fee posted on my account that day so I proceeded with utilizing the remaining balance in my account. Almost 24 hrs later an...

BBVA Compass Bank / checking account servicing

Feb 14, 2019

I had a business account with BBVA Compass Bank, which was always in good standing for over four years and was set up to receive direct deposits from many payers. BBVA Compass Bank closed my business account unexpectedly without giving me a reason, and disrupted my business operations. I am...

BBVA Compass Bancshares / Compass Bank / account permanently frozen after lost check was reported

Jan 15, 2019

Over the weekend I misplaced a blank check, possibly stolen out of my purse, while I was on vacation. I immediately reported this to BBVA compass fraud and investigations department. I was told that my account would be frozen at that time until I choose to unfreeze it or close it...

BBVA Compass Bancshares / Compass Bank / branch manager, and employees at northport alabama branch

Oct 03, 2018

Went in to bank about getting a loan to pay off bills. Asked loan officer to do a joint application. He pulled my social number and asked if i lived in a different state had wrong social number and asked me again for my social and gave it to him again. He said he was going to call us the...

BBVA Compass Bancshares / Compass Bank / closed account for no reason and holding on to the funds

Oct 01, 2018

The worst decision in my life to have my funds direct deposit to this bank! The closed my account holding my money hostage, telling me that I have to go into the branch to talk to them, but I am in Washington stat where there isn't a local branch! Every time I call nobody can resolve my...

BBVA / credit card services

Sep 24, 2018

I recently received a BBVA credit card with an $8, 000 limit shortly after my wife opened a new business so I used this card and many others heavily. I ran this card near to its limit and then within the next 30 days payed it down to $1, 300 and all other cards to near ZERO obviously...

BBVA Compass Bancshares / Compass Bank / service bbva compass poor and rude customer service

Aug 29, 2018

August 28th at 9:22 a.m I did a deposit however machine advised there were some unrecognized items but the door never open to return the unrecognized items did not send a email or anything I pulled over to the teller she advised me that brinks would be in today lady by the name of Susan at...

Compass Bank / service charges on an account that was closed 5 months ago.

Aug 12, 2018

I closed an account in March 2018 and get an overdraft notice in August 2018? I had a verbal statement from the teller that the account was in fact closed. I took the cashiers check to another bank that same day. There has been no activity on an account that was closed. If there wa...

BBVA Compass Bancshares / Compass Bank / poor customer service and bad practices

May 22, 2018

5/22/18 I was hit with three overdraft fees despite having plenty of money in my account to cover all withdrawals. When I contacted customer service, they had completely different numbers than I had on my online statement. I pointed out that when those three bills were paid, I had made...

BBVA Compass / my cd account

Apr 07, 2018

They were not sopost to charge me anythng till the 19th of april and u all did and wit overdrew my account dis is a rip off and im going 2 contact a lawyer tomorw moring because i can transfer my money to my checkn and i have a pending post of 100 dollers and it wont even let me use it...

BBVA Compass Bancshares / Compass Bank / atm

Mar 07, 2018

I'm furious with this bank. ATM is always down. I hate that every time I want to deposit or withdrawal money, I have to get off. Its very frustrating. I went on Monday and technicians were working on the atm so therefore I wasn't able to withdraw money. I went again today and it wasn't...

BBVA Compass Bancshares / Compass Bank / my checking account/debit card

Mar 03, 2018

Okay I just got my account there 3 weeks ago and not only have I been unable to get my ssi funds, but theyblocked my debit card before I ever even recieved it. I called multiple times, been hung up on, tried reporting my two deposited checks as stolen and could not go to my dad's funeral...

BBVA Compass Bancshares / Compass Bank / terrible compatibility with intuit mint

Feb 28, 2018

I am infuriated with this bank. They have absolutely terrible compatibility with Intuit Mint, which I used to manage credit cards, loans, payments, etc. If I could drop a thousand curse words to their tech team I would, that is how frustrating this situation is, and it's making me want to...

BBVA Bancomer / corporate business account

Sep 11, 2017

BBVA Bancomer (primarly in their Los Barriles, BCS Mexico branch) is the worst bank I have dealt with. They are arrogant, extremely slow and unorganized. Every time you visit their bank in Los Barriles, BCS Mexico to talk to one of their 10 plus bank attendants takes a minimum of 2 hour...

BBVA Bancomer / closing before scheduled hours

Jul 21, 2017

I recently went to a local Mobile, Al branch by the Bel-Air Mall. The hours of operation sign clearly say that they closed at 5pm. I get off work at 4:30 and arrived at the bank to address an unauthorized charge on my account. The doors were closed and locked at 4:45 pm. I am not clear of...

BBVA Bancomer / credit card

Jul 17, 2017

I am really frustrated with Bancomer customer service . I did a purchase of flight tickets to travel my country in advance on 06/19 of $19, 921. There was purchase of 2 tickets so it is $39, 842. Another purchase of flight with Aeromexico $9478 MXN pesos. I called Bancomer to put it on...

BBVA Compass / checking account / rude handling of me and my account

Apr 04, 2017

I went into BBVA Compass today. I merely needed to cash a check and to pay off a few dollars that I owe them. By a few I mean it was $5.78 and I had cash in hand. Well then I found out that they had double backed on an NSF fee on my account. I prior to even going in had spoken with a...

BBVA Compass / froze my account

Feb 25, 2017

On a Saturday after shopping all day. I go to buy another thing. My card was decline. It was 4 o'clock on a sat. My phone was dead. Had to drive 20 minutes home to charge my phone after holding 20 minutes to speak to a rep. From compass. I was told my card was Flagged. And in ten minute...

BBVA Bancomer Mexico / banking service

Jan 21, 2017

name/nombre:- abdul rafaye farooqui card number/numero de tarjeta :- 415231321711**** description of request /descripcion de su solicitud my ATM card has been de-activated, i am a foreigner and i cant speak spanish, currently i am back in pakistan for vacations till february 2017 and my ATM...

BBVA Compass / my account!

Nov 04, 2016

I am getting no where through your customer service online. I have written twice now advising that I do not live in the US and I am trying first to get a ATM/Eftpos card (which I haven't had updated for many years) and also how I can do a name change (first name). I was firstly told my...

BBVA Compass / unethical behaviour

Oct 05, 2015

On 9/30 I deposited an insurance claim check (signed by my mortgage company and myself) into a BBVA Compass ATM at 480 E 120th AVE Northglenn CO 80233. I then received a letter on 10/3 stating that "multiple payees-payee not an account owner". On Monday 10/5 I called the customer service...

BBVA Compass Bank / excessive overdraft fees, unable to catch up.

Jul 21, 2015

I deposited an insurance check from a wreck I was in. I was rear ended while stopped at a red light. The insurance claim turned into a lawsuit. Then that insurance check the last couple of months I have not been able to catch back up due to all the overdraft fees. BBVA refuse...

BBVA Compass Bank / discrimination and theft

Feb 19, 2015

Compass Bank was charging me 20dollars a month in a type of checking account I did not choose. They wanted a minimum of 7500 dollars. I only had 3000 dollars. When I discovered the monthly debit, I asked them about it and then they told me that there was another basic checking account that...

BBVA Compass Bank / loan scamming

Feb 16, 2015

BBVA Compass is in breach of a vehicle loan contract with me. I need to know if there are any other people having loan problems with them that would be interested in filing a class action lawsuit with me. They have very bad business practices and shouldn't be allowed to get away with...

BBVA Bancomer Mexico / stealing my money

Nov 11, 2014

I opened an acount in mexico so that my mom can have some money there. in the past 2 yrs some one in that branch has been withdrawing money with out our consent its allways at the teller when i confronted them they were not helpfull not even the main branch in mexico city they are stealing money...

BBVA Compass / holding check deposits

Jun 12, 2014

Although I have been a customer since Compass took over Guarantee bank here in Texas, without any "issues" with my account, each time I try to deposit a large check they want to put a hold on the funds for 5 business days. I work contract labor. So from one week to the next my "paycheck"...

Compass Bank / check number 44120

Apr 08, 2014

I received a check for over draft settlements in the amount of $8.42. The check was dated 01-10-2014 routing number and account number was :044000024: 01893061828"44120. I had problems trying to cash check at Compass bank when clerk Deborah Cano said it was strange the check received did...

BBVA Compass / loan denied 9 days before closing

Mar 12, 2014

BBVA Compass loans is a scam!!! I was pre-approved for a loan, found a condo to purchase. I paid for the appraisal, inspection, and turned in my notice to my apartments. I was set to close on 3/21. I was informed today that I can't purchase the condo due to too many HOA delinquencie...

Compass Bank / failed to act

Sep 15, 2013

On Aug 12, 2013 my husband and I walked into the Foothills Mall Location of Compass bank it Tucson AZ. We advised the loan officer that my mother who held accounts with them had passed away over the weekend. I provided a copy of a power of Attorney that Compass bank had drawn up for my...

BBVA Compass Bank / unresponsive

Aug 06, 2013

I started a new construction loan with BBVA Compass. I have been trying to close the loan after a few hiccups with the bulder. Long story short...I have tried to contact my loan officer for months. He will not return my calls and I have been unable to proceed with closing. I have tried to...

Landes Bioscience / Compass Bank / fraud

Jun 19, 2013

A person claiming to be a woman named Benita Garcia attempted to purchase art from my web site. It took quite a few e-mail exchanges, but I was finally overpaid by check via FedEx. When I took the check in to the bank to deposit it, my bank said a hold had been placed on it. (I had been...

BBVA Compass Bankj / horrible auto loans

May 25, 2013

I bought a new car in 2012. The dealership arranged financing through BBVA Compass Bank. I wanted to pay cash for the car but the dealership begged me to finance it instead and said, "It will build your credit." I thought, "oh, what can it hurt?" After I took possession of the car, I...

BBVA Compass Bank / bank sent blocked trust accounts to state controller after taking over for guaranty bank

Nov 22, 2012

My two minor children had Blocked Trust accounts at Guaranty Bank since 2004. The money can not be touched until the children ae 18. The CDS will mature near their individual eightenth birthday. Guaranty Bank is a failed bank that BBVA compass took over. I recieved information from BBVA...

BBVA Compass / fraudulent charges after closing account

Jul 27, 2012

Over 1 year ago I had an account with BBVA Compass which included checking, savings and a line of credit via a credit card. When I wanted to close my account I called and asked what the process was for closing the accounts. I was told to bring a letter into the branch that I dealt with to...

Compass Bank Mortgage Loan / illegitimate escrow increases

Jul 18, 2012

Each year, Compass BBVA sends me a letter claiming I have inadequate insurance for my condo. And each year I send them proof of insurance from my HOA. Until last week, I had managed to escape any further trouble. But this year, Compass said I had an escrow adjust of $90 more per month. The...