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I opened a new account online at I had overlooked the rule that they only allow the first $100 of a check for deposit available on the same day. So, I deposited my dad's SSI check and wrote him a check for it because it was HIS money. Well, his check beat my availability of funds and I was charged $35 NSF fees along with $70.00 NSF fees for 2 other checks it caused to bounce because they force paid it anyway. They would not give me a courtesy refund even though I was a new customer. So, they lost this customer and I want people to know they are not easy to work with. I have never heard of such crazy rules at a financial institution before.


  • Valerie Nov 11, 2008

    BB&T preys on its customers. They purposely post debits before credits although they are aware that there are credits to be posted to create overdrafts. My payroll check is deposited every other Thursday night, and the are aware of the amount before I am. It is nothing less than criminal to charge overdrafts just for the sake of fattening their pockets.

    I originally banked with Bank of Louisville before it was bought out by BB&T. I loved the customer-friendly service I received at Bank of Louisville. Since bought out by BB&T, I've had nothing but trouble. I spoke with an officer the local BB&T after completing a survey and complaining about the unethical overdraft practices. She basically said to get over it because that was the policy.

    I informed her that I would be closing my accounts with BB&T, and all she could do was warn me that all banks were implementing the same policy. That let me know that she knew that it was unethical, but because others were doing it, right or wrong, BB&T would follow suit.

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  • St
    Stacey Jan 08, 2009

    Cash is always good...right?! Not according to BB&T! I intentionally went to Suntrust to cash my paycheck so that I could make a cash deposit at BB&T to cover bills, etc. I made the deposit on 8/29/08 at 2:05 p.m. thinking all would be fine...the deposit would be credited to my account since there was no 'wait' time on cash. WRONG!! The deposit was not credited to my account until September 2, 2008 causing an INITIAL overdraft charge of $420.00!!!

    I immediately called the branch and was told the same old speech about 'deposits made after 2:00 p.m. would not be credited until the next business day'. I understand that with a check, but CASH!!! I was told that the Manager could not do anything and would get with the Regional Manager for authorization, if any, to refund the fees.

    I never heard from anyone that day and low and guessed it...when I check my account on September 3, 2008 there had been an additional overdraft charge of $385.00 added to the already withdrawn $420.00!!!

    I again called the branch, spoke to the manager, this time in tears. Got the same speech..he was waiting to get a call back and would let me know when he heard something. Never heard anything that day either.

    Sooo, I check my balance the NEXT day, September 4, 2008 and OMG!!! another $315.00 had been deducted for overdraft fees!! My husband's entire pay check that had been direct deposited into the account had been totally eaten up! I called the branch again, same story, never heard so I went to the branch. Unbelievably, I got the same story.

    Long and short, I sit here right this minute STILL waiting to hear whether or not my life can go on, if I can eat, pay my rent and just have gas to get to work on Monday. I am with ANYBODY and EVERYBODY who would like to start some type of legislation to stop this type of thing from happening to the citizens of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!

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  • Vi
    Vicky Jan 09, 2009

    Okay, I have banked with BB&T for about a year now. I seem to get an over draft fee or non sufficient fund fee for anything. Today was the last straw! On Monday, November 17th after 2pm I realized that a direct deposit had not shown up in my available balance. I called my local branch to find out more information. I explained I was concerned since I has several checks to go through. I rushed home and deposited a small check from my part time job into the atm to get the $100.00 applied to my balance. I did not get the 100.00. I was worried the entire night. I called phone 24 and the branch and asked if the certain checks had attempted to post or debits. I was told no and I had time before 2pm to deposit money in my account to cover anything that was outstanding. I had a certified check deposited into my account for $2000.00 before 2pm.. There was not a hold. I got a courtesy $100.00. The next morning I found out I was charged $175.00 in over draft fees and $70.00 in nsf fees! I was so angry! I printed out from my online banking where it showed the $2000.00 was credited on November 18th. I was informed only 100.00 was applied to my account since certified checks that are not from BB&T are treating like checks and not considered cash. I asked why the funds were not verified if there were issues regarding certified checks. I was in the bank for 1 1/2 hours and basically was told I would not get my fees back. It seems their system changes to suit how many fees they can charge you. I had the money in my account that would have covered all my checks including the ones I was charged NSF fees. BB&T should be ashamed to state a proud member of the community since 1892. I closed my account and moved to Wachovia. Hopefully it will be a little better.

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  • john7777 Mar 14, 2009

    YEA STICK IT TO THE MAN!!! no. but ya BB&T is a horrible bank when it comes to your account. I ended up being charged twice buy my Auto Insurance for a months payment. Long story short my AUTO insurance refunded me one of the payments. But these two charges ### up my account to no end. Nothing like waking up to find out you are -$186.00 in the hole.

    Any other bank would deny one of the charges from my auto insurance saying I didn't have the money. But they are more than willing to allow the transaction to go threw and charge you for it. I had to borrow $225 to get myself out of debt and have the money to cover a doctor payment that still was coming.

    The next day I found out once again I was over withdrawn. But the thing that was strange was the two charges that did it, I had the money in there to cover it. So they charged me with a $70 overdraft fee then claimed it was the two small charges that did it.

    When I went to BB&t to try to explain what was going on and my Auto Insurance said it was there mistake that it happened and they where refunding a payment if they could put my account on hold until I got the refund to stop any more overdraft fees from happening and they could call my auto insurance company to talk with them that it was there mistake. All I got from them more or less "oh well ### you, it's you lose. We don't care if it was a mistake"

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  • Ev
    Evan May 07, 2009

    My husband had to pay for a rental car, and the company put a $300 hold on his BB & T account. He returned the car the next day, and though this was a Friday, the hold should have been released in a timely manner, right? No more than a day or two. Instead the bank held the hold for who knows how long, our laptop cord broke and I was unable to check the account to see the hold released. In the meantime, the bank was busily bouncing checks left and right, because this "hold" on the account wasn't released, and this set up more bounce fees, because the fees totaled $380 the first go round.

    Then, because we live paycheck to paycheck, especially this month, because the aforesaid rental was due to brake work that ended up costing $650, and then the transmission went out on the same car, and my husband missed 4 days of work with no way to get there, so of course each and every $10 or $20 debit that we made on the account ended up costing us more in OD fees, so basically we are in a vicious cycle, because yes, we have no money, because we have been fee'd to death, and we still have to put gas in the car so that he can go to work, so that he can pay more in fees.

    Yes it is our fault that we didn't stop living as soon as we realized we had paid $945 in fees, but I challenge you to live with no money, having all of your money going to pay the $945 in OD fees, I suppose we should have just sat at home with no food, money or diapers, no gas to get to work, yep, we are total wastrels, and yes we understand that the banks policy is that OD fees discourage OD's, but when the bank charges you a $35 fee each incident, totaling $945 in one month, greatly because it is bank policy to take the largest amount out first, and then down from there, some of these OD fees were on non bank ATM charges of $2.50, so we paid $35 on a $2.50 fee. Some of these fees were the result of automatic payments, I did try to call the company to ask that the automatic payments not be taken out, but they basically told me to go stuff it.

    I called the branch manager several times, leaving messages on her machine, and never got a call back. I also wrote to the bank website, basically begging them to please help me break this cycle, and they told me that I was out of luck. They said that they only refund fees if the bank makes a mistake, and as far as they are concerned the hold on the account in the amount of $300 was not a mistake, and the fact that they did not release the hold in a timely manner was not a mistake.

    SO yes, to all you out there who feel we got what we deserved due to our reckless spending, and to BB & T who was so understanding of our plight, THANKS!! We have $10 in our account to make it through the week, and no money for rent, or utilities, because as soon as we get the next paycheck it needs to go to rent, which means we will have no money AGAIN for the gas and food for the week, which means that maybe we will have to "bounce" something to get through the week, which will mean more fees, and the cycle continues. Yes, I understand it is my fault that I did not check to make sure the $300 hold was released. But if you honestly believe that these practices are fair and balanced, then you have never REALLY lived paycheck to paycheck. I have read some of the less than sympathetic responses to these types of posts, and understand that there are many who take the stance "if you don't have it, don't spend it" but I challenge you to make it through a week with absolutely no money, because the bank fees just ate it all.

    Yep, we certainly learned our lesson. My husbands company only does payroll through direct deposit, but I am closing this account and moving to a local credit union, hoping that we will never be stuck in a cycle like this again. I feel that the practice of OD fees and high to low debits does target those of us with lower incomes, because we are the only jerks that ever end up in situations like this. And I remind you, this whole cycle started because of a hold on the account that was not released in a timely manner, and the cycle begets the cycle, because once you have paid a couple hundred dollars in fees, it sets you up for the next week to be that much short, and if you live paycheck to paycheck, you are pretty much out of luck. We have been stuck in a cycle of financial distress anyway, two of the houses we were renting last year ended up in foreclosure due to nonpayment of mortgages by the owners, so three times we have had to come up with first, last and security deposits, eating up whatever savings we had managed to accumulate plus putting a big dent in any future savings, and my husbands company of 5 years went broke, causing a month of unemployment, so our financial situation was tenuous anyway. Reading posts on this and other sites, and reading the replies to some of these posts, I understand that many feel that people in our situation are there because of our own reckless spending practices, but I assure you that we are not spending money simply to be spending it. The vast majority of our money goes to basic household expenses, we do not shop for the sake of shopping, we have not taken a vacation for 7 years, we do not have parties for the kids birthdays, etc etc. I am still wearing socks I bought 17 months ago. I wish that more people would understand that sometimes the people who have the least aren't there because they recklessly spend money, but because it costs money to live.

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  • Bb
    bbandtsucks Jun 27, 2009

    Forums coming soon!!

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  • Fo
    foo Jul 05, 2009

    stupid twit - living paycheck to paycheck ... why not try to live within your means?

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  • Da
    David Benson Jul 07, 2009

    Anyone interested in participating in a class action suit against BB&T please contact me.

    David Benson
    [email protected]

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  • Ve
    Veleno45 Sep 23, 2009

    BBandT has been increasingly harder to work with and is extremely abusive on there charges and policies. Part of the problem with BB and T is they offer all these free "customer service" tools to help you but they do not tell you the full story. For instance, they offer a daily balance alert, which emails the acct holder their balance. But this info is not correct. They also offer online services where you can see pending transaction. These aren't correct either. Gas is not included in pending and certain debits, like an insurance payment auto debit, are not shown there. If you ever do make a mistake the BB and T policies will really get you. Let's say you use you have $100 in the bank and use your debit card for $10 in gas, $10 meal, and a $10 bill payment. That is all out of your account and you are showing everywhere (at the atm, online, ABD on bbt phone service) a balance of $70. But then that evening a check you forgot, an autodraft, whatever, is taken out for $105. You are now overdrawn, your mistake, 1 overdraft charge as a penalty...wrong! BB &T actually will take that draft and place it in front of the debits of that previous day and overdraft the lot of them! There reasoning is they feel that was a pending payment BEFORE you made those other transactions, so instead of a $39 charge you have a $160 charge. This is FACT, I can unfortunately show it. Other practices you may not know: withdrawing money from an ATM will result in a $39 charge if you are overdrawn. They will not alert you to the issue, they will give you the money and receipt and then charge an overdraft (yes, even at a BBT ATM). Have an issue and need help?, BB and T gives you 2 phone calls a month, free, if you call again you will be charged $2, and yes, that push you to overdraw also. Do you want to have them stop your debit card if you don't have funds, they will not do that either (ask your local manager, company line is: We don't want to return someones mortgage payment and have them lose there house). Best of luck dealing with these guys, but they should be brought up on charges for what they do.

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  • Ja
    jamesw greulich Oct 16, 2009

    yes i know what you mean bb&t just did the same thing to me and my wife online payment took 7 days they charged my acc and over darft the first day and when we called we were told get over it they stold over 475.00 from uu

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  • Ga
    gaburearu Mar 22, 2010

    I recently had around $86 in my account. During the week I made about $84 in purchases on my debit card. Friday I went into my local branch around 4:45 and deposited a check for about $144. The teller told me that a $100 account credit would IMMEDIATELY go through, and then the rest of the check would clear on Monday. Well, apparently "immediately" in the BBT handbook means the next day, because I made a couple purchases over the weekend, then find that my account is being shown overdrawn over $240. Unlike most banks, instead of denying anything that exceeds your account balance, they approve the debit, then charge you an overdraft fee. I went in to my local branch and attempted to resolve this, even telling them that if they would adjust the overdraft due to their telling me the wrong thing, I would gladly pay the resulting overdraft, if there was one. They said that they couldn't refund it. I then get a notice saying that if my account remains negative for over 7 days, a $30 fee will be charged to my account. WHAT!?!? So I called and told them I just received the notice today, and am currently unemployed (I do some work on the side, but am not formerly employed, and have no continuous income). They again told me it was bank policy that they can't do refunds. I already reported them to the BBB, and as soon as this is resolved, I will close my account and never again do business with BBT.

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