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I recently applied for loss mitigation assistance. I applied in April and finally received an answer in September. I don't qualify and I need to sell my home. My Processor's was Kevin Smith and Tericka Wilson. Tericka left on medical leave I had to deal with Kevin who proceeded to tell me that Tericka didn't know what she wa s doing. I spoke with his manager Tarena Cloud. She was just a rude as kevin. they both told me to sell my home. I was looking for a realtor because I received a letter from BB&T telling me they will give me money for selling my home. I ran across his name on this website I called and asked another representive and they said that he use to be a realtor but no longer active. I checked with the company and he is still practicing. Is this why BB&T wouldn't help me?


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    farbeyondmd Dec 11, 2013

    Well we also applied for a loss midigation and never got approved for it either and have had nothing but the run around since we have been with them where and how do we go about getting help

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