Baymont Inn & Suitesinvasion of privacy and falsely fined

B Apr 26, 2018 Review updated:

On Wednesday, April 24th, 2018 I, Bryan Lunsford, purchased a room for one night at the Baymont Inn in Fishers, Indiana. I arrived at approximately 3:15. I checked in, got my room access key and proceeded towards my room. I then went downstairs to my car to retrieve my computer. Once I made it back into my room I connected my computer to its charger and grabbed my vaporizer. I went to go shower, though, before I got in I decided to vape a few hits off of my e-cig. Let me remind you, at this point I am half-dressed, where I hear my door open and hear a lady begin to raise her voice at me saying "No smoking is allowed!" Luckily, I had the top door lock secured. She then calls me five minutes later and says "I caught you smoking and that is a $250.00 fine." I told her I wasn't smoking and told her I would quit doing what I was doing. When I signed the agreement to stay there I was never told I could not vape in my room. Vaping is not smoking, first off, and second off nobody, especially that of the opposite sex, should try to barge into my room. After about a couple of hours of realizing what had transpired, and realizing my invasion had been invaded, I left feeling dirty and violated. Regardless of what she thought she had smelled, she had no right to walk into my room, let alone have the audacity to fine me for something that I did not even do. I am a published author and a published poet. I was not doing anything wrong. Merely trying to find the quietness to write. Right now, all I'm looking for is a quick resolution to this matter. My business phone number is [protected] and my e-mail is [protected] Either way you try to contact me is acceptable, but this will not just go away. I will give you 48 hours before I take it a step further. Thank you for your time

Bryan Lunsford


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