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I received a letter in the mail today, 2/14/09, from Bay Area Credit Services LLC, out of Atlanta, Ga., dated 2/5/09. This letter is stating that they are trying to collect on a debt on an account that I had with SBC, now known as AT&T. That this account was purchased by AFS-HOV and now assigned to Bay Area Credit Service for collection. In this letter they are claiming that I owe $719.35 but will settle for $215.81, if I pay by 2/25/09.
So, I called them, told them that I dont owe any such bill and have no idea what this is about. The girl on the phone was extremely rude, wouldnt listen to what I had to say, kept talking over me and interupting me. I asked to talk with a supervisor, she hung up on me. I called back, asked for a supervisor, was told there wasnt one available at this time that they were on the phone with another customer, I told her I would wait, was told that I couldnt do that, that they could help me instead. I gave her their acct #, proceeded to explain to her that this bill is not possible and that I wanted info on this account as well as a contact number for SBC. She told me she couldnt give me that info nor could she give me a phone number or contact info for SBC. She proceeded to tell me I had left my previous address owing a phone bill to Southwestern Bell for $719.35. Again when I tried to explain to her it wasnt possible to have had a phone bill that high with them at the time I lived at that address, all she would tell me was I had to pay the $215.81 settlement by the 25th of Feb. or it would go back to the $719.35 and start drawing interest on it or I would have to dispute this with the credit bureau and that if I didnt have enough proof then I would still have to pay the $719.35 plus interest.
Let me say this, I am 47 years old, I have lived in Ca., Tx., Tn., Ar., and now no time in my life have I ever had a phone bill amounting to this much money, ever! Let me also say, that at the time I lived at the address they are telling me this bill occured, I had a special phone package, called Complete Choice, which consisted of, free local calling and caller I.D., voice mail, call waiting, etc...I also had a long distance plan with them that was a flat rate of like $24.00 (?) per month, which gave me unlimited calling anywhere in the United States at anytime, day or night. So, my phone bill was never more than $70.00 a month. Now, to have had a bill get to over $700.00, I would have had not to pay it for over 10 months, no phone company would ever let you go 10 months, with service, and not pay it. So there is no way possible that this ever happened. Let me also say that, during the time I lived at the address in question, I went to work for the local cable company, 2yrs after starting there, they offered phone service thru the company to their employees. I stopped my services with SBC and went with Mediacom phone service and had it with them til I bought my house and moved to a new location. I was still employed with Mediacom but no longer in their service area, however, because I was an employee with them I could get a discounted rate with another cable company, Cox Cable, for their phone service, which I did and had up til about a year ago when I decided to go back to AT&T phone service. At that time, AT&T ran a credit check on me, found I had no outstanding bills with them and I got my phone service, who as of today, am still a customer.
Here is my problem, I cannot remember my old phone number from when I lived at the address they say the bill occured. Nor can I find my old phone bills, they are boxed up and in storage. How do I go about disputing this bill? I know in my heart and mind that this bill is totally false and if there was such a bill, why has it taken them over 4 years to try and collect on something they say I had back in 2005? I never, ever got anything from the phone company saying I owed them anything til today when I get this letter from a collection agency.


  • Bo
    boomboompow Oct 27, 2014

    I recently received a call from BAC claiming that I have a medical bill for $88. I know it is not that much but I recently went to the hospital and had more than 3000 of bills to pay. I paid everything within the first two months but four months later BAC calls me with some BS claim that I was sent to collections. I called where the original "bill" was from and they said I had a bill for $70 but it was not sent to collections. BAC called me again and I answered, some dude who I could barely understand was incredibly rude to me. He said they billed me twice for this bills and that I cannot just ignore it, yet I was not. Either their billing person is an incompetent ### or this entire company should be burned in a fire. Probably both! Either way, I keep getting calls me these tools and I should probably check my credit report before they screw me over more.

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  • Ma
    Marco Redwolf Sep 29, 2014

    We have the same experience with BAC . One year ago we wanted to cancel an employees cell phone after he was transfered to Argentina. We were convinced by the CS person at ATT not to cancel but rather reserve the number until the employees return. The cost would only be $10 per month. Nothing was said to us that the hold would be limited to six months. We agreed . Eight months later we received a bill for
    $289.00. When we called we were told that amount was for two months full service because the six month period was up. We filed a dispute with ATT and have a case number. That did not stop ATT from handing the claim over to BAC.. They are rude and abrupt. They have no interest in hearing what the facts of the matter are. But this is typical behavior of most collection agencies. There is no presumption of innocence, to them the customer is always wrong and a deadbeat trying to screw their client.. We tried to communicate with BAC on their website. It does not function. It seems like BAC is a division of ATT as 95% of the complaint's I have seen originate with them

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  • Ch
    chauffeur1967 May 09, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I received a bill notice from BAC on April 27, 2011 in the amount of $632.44 for an AT&T bill. I was worried about it until I found this web site and all of the complaints. BAC even has my AT&T account number. I even tried going to their web site and tried to may a payment before I found the numerous complaints about BAC. You can't even make any type of payment on their web site. I'm not going to worry about paying this messed up Credit Company. The only thing I am worried about if taking this stupid mark off of my credit report. I can still make payments to AT&T on their web site too. I think I will keep doing that until I cannot. At that time I will need to call. Just to be clear, the only reason that I am not able to pay the full bill due is because I was laid off from my job. I have every intention to pay my bill with AT&T as soon as I am able, promise. I am so glad that I found this web site with these complaints.

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  • La
    LAfinest Apr 10, 2011

    Hi all, well my experiences with BAC are a little different, but somewhat similar. I have a letter stating that I owe over $1000.00 to ATT. Let me give you a brief summary of what occured, I was on an ATT family plan with 3 lines for about 2 and a half years. The plan was around 170 dollars a month. Going into the middle of the year, I found out that the company I worked for offered the same plan for only 85 dollars a month. I called ATT and told them that I wanted to cancel my contract...I was told there would be no early termination fee because it had been 2 years and that I would only owe 85 dollars because I ended the service before the full month was up. So when I got the email stating that my bill was due, I paid it in my usual way by debit card (btw a great way to keep up with payments). After about 6 months I received an email stating that my account was past due and had been turned over to collections and I would receive a call from the agency (BAC). I contacted ATT for two weeks straight and was told it is out of their hands and I would have to speak to the agency. The next morning I called and spoke to a representative. I was told that I could set up payments using a bank account, routing number, and payments of $50 a month. All this was explained to me before I gave them my name, phone number, account number, or any information regarding who I was. I was also placed on hold for an extremely long amount of time and then when the guy came back there was wind and car horns honking in the He then asked for my dob and social. I asked to speak to his supervisor and was told that and I quote, "I'm sorry but I'm the only one here today." I asked you work for a company and you are the only person at work, no one else is there? I explained that I didn't owe the debt and would appreciate the company removing my phone number and mailing address from their database. He replied with I could either pay or go to jail. I replied make sure I get a cell with a

    I got a couple more letters and dozens of phone calls...after about a month and a half of keeping up with this information, I took it all to the police department and filed a claim. Come to find out there was an entire list with about 15 other names on it with the same problem. After a week, the phone calls stopped as well as the mail. I called ATT and was told they have no recollection of the debt or the incident...then tried to sell me another plan, yeah right.
    Every now and again I call this representative from an unlisted number with the same agenda...I tell him he owes us 3500 dollars...since I have his name, phone number, and the address listed to his phone. It's quite it wrong maybe, but I feel justified.

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  • La
    lawye20 Feb 22, 2010

    Bay Area Credit called me and said I owed First premier bank for a credit card but they were collecting for Arrow who bought the debt.The caller said he had to have my social security number to verify the alleged debt.I refused and asked for their address several times but they said they had to have my social security number to verify.I hung up.I began documenting thier calls.I have $6000.oo dollars in fdcpa violations.I am sending off a tort letter tomarrow.I am asking for $150, 000 in punitive damages.$6000.00 in actual damages and $6000.00 in fdcpa violations.I expect to settle for $2000.00 and have the $500.00 alleged debt removed from my credit report.Thats $2500.00 gain and the credit report will be better too.Just for documenting phone calls from blood suckers not bad huh. I have a system if you need help fighting back contact me at [email protected]

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  • Fe
    fedup09 Oct 18, 2009

    I have never even contact this company and contact ATT directly. I disputed this through credit reporting agencies and had it removed. Just another scamming company that local, state or federal governments won't do anything about.

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  • Qu
    quite peeved Sep 25, 2009

    Wow! Virat has certainly maintained the same level of professionalism as the others I have spoken to at BACS!

    I started receiving calls from them this week claiming that my husband owes a $600 Ambulance ride back in 2002! We never received a bill for this "ride" from the original creditor nor have we received anything prior to this from BACS. They claimed they had sent many letters but can produce no proof! It took 7 years for someone to contact us about an unpaid debt??? What a joke!

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  • Vi
    virat123 Sep 08, 2009

    go pays ur bills first
    u wont get dis calls den

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  • So
    SoCoBelleAustin Sep 05, 2009

    VIRAT wrote:

    "dude u guyz r ### i am an emplyee at aliant law grop andd aswell as bay area credit service if u freaks gt ne prob contact me at [email protected]
    will help u out"


    Who hired their 7th grader to IM us with advice?

    Well, this explains just about everything concerning BACS and the complaints about them on this board.

    Clearly "aliant law grop" and BACS are hiring the top tier of Harvard law grads (and is VIRAT double-dipping? Or are the two entities who've hired him taking advantage? The world may never know.).

    Sad sad sad.

    Really, we should all heartily welcome and entrust this type of verbiage in any and all of our current and future legal documentation. And I imagine all intelligent employees these days refer to their clients and customers as "dude" and "freaks."

    Can you imagine a signed, notarized afidavit with

    "dude u guyz r ###

    in it? Can you imagine going to court with this kind of representation? Personally, I don't think I will ever contact any entity with "xtreme" anything in its email address regarding collection, or any other, issues.

    Note to VIRAT: Please STOP DRINKING THE BONG WATER. And please provide your real name, employee identification number, phone number and extension. Then we'll all be happy to contact you, because, as you promised: "will help u out".

    We'll definitely take "u" up on it.

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  • Vi
    VIRAT Jul 23, 2009

    dude u guyz r ### i am an emplyee at aliant law grop andd aswell as bay area credit service if u freaks gt ne prob contact me at [email protected]
    will help u out

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  • Li
    LILSHAWTY192000 Jul 10, 2009

    all you guys have to do is dispute it on your credit reports each. they will have to take ot off because its a get rich money scaaaaaaaaam.

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  • Ed
    edeb Apr 23, 2009

    I have been receiving phone calls and bills from Bay Area Credit addressed to my address, but not to me - the name is a spelling similar to my first name, and a very different last name. The bill is to collect an ambulance bill from somewhere in California. I've talked to the guys in India numerous times to try to explain that I am not the person they are looking for - without any luck. Bay Area Credit has actually provided information to a credit agency - again it is on my credit report, and they have been able to add the wrong name as an "alias"..WTF?

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  • No
    nothappy Apr 20, 2009

    I recently got my credit report and there is a charge for $450 for medical services. I called and got someone in India saying that I wasn't eligible to set up a payment plan (I offered to pay $150 today and $50 a month until payed) and that it was for an ambulance service I don't remember using in 2007. She said that they were also going to charge me over $140 in interest fees! Is that legal? I think I am going to have to dispute this.

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  • Mo
    momofmany Mar 25, 2009

    I got a call today from the same company with the same request, onlu a different amount for my son who has never had ATT or SBC and has not lived with us in over 5 yrs. I talked witht he credit bureau and they said you have to get a copy of your credit report (which you can do free if you have a letter denying credit in the last 30 days) and see what it says, then get forms and fill them out, send them to ALL three credit reporting bureaus. you do have to have some sort of proof to dispute the charges.
    I have called ATT abd SBC and asked aboutt his bill, but since I am not the person on the so called account, they wouldn't discuss it with me.

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  • Gi
    gidget Mar 16, 2009

    Same with me did not even know I was in colections untill i ran my credit. No bill or call, over a bill that was 2 years old thanks alot SBC- ATT.Bay Area Credit Service was purchased by HOV Services, a multi-national conglomerate out of INDIA so all there call centers are from inda so its like talking to a wall all they know how to say is "can you pay".

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  • St
    Stung Mar 05, 2009

    Four or five years ago I received threatening letters from a Bay Area Credit Service in Georgia for a medical debt they said I owed in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I had never been billed and there was no claim sent to my insurance company. I finally paid a large sum (mostly interest) for medical bills. It had reached the point of court action so I felt like I had to pay the bill. Recently I received another letter from Bay Area Collection for a different debt, another medical issue in Colorado Springs, CO . They asked for a settlement payment. I have never received an invoice or bill from the ambulance service. I contacted the insurance company -- they were never billed. My deadline is today so I paid the settlement. The medical community in Colorado Springs has the same old story. They claim they sent bills. I own my home and have lived here for 10 years. Bay Area Credit never has any problems finding me, nor does other businesses. Is Bay Area Credit actually the billing service of Colorado Springs' medical services?

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  • St
    Stephen Mar 01, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just checked my credit report via truecredit (love it), anyhow, it had 1 account in collections, I was stunned. I am very up to date with my finances and have never had an account go into collections. So low and behold, the account in collections was Bay Area Credit Service here in the bay area, CA. I have lived here in the bay area for around 3 years now. So according to my credit report I owe 1700. Stemming from what? I never received any letter or phone calls regarding any account past due, ANY! I emailed this company tonight, we'll see what they say.

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  • Ru
    Russell Feb 18, 2009

    I too have received the same letter ( dated 2-5-09 due 2-25-09) with an amount in excess of $200. I have turned my letter over to the Colorado Attorney General. In addition I have filed a complaint with the FTC.

    Summary: In November 2006 I was contacted by Bay Area Credit regarding a debt. I could not find my record of previous payment so I committed to honoring the debt. By December 10, 2006 I sent one of two installments. Prior to sending the second payment in January 2007 I requested confirmation of receipt / posting of the first payment to my account. Bay Area Credit was unable to provide any proof of receipt or posting. When asked by Bay Area to provide them with payment info I provided them with a copy of the check and via email illustrated the date of deposit in their account and date of clearance from my bank. Bay Area Credit claimed not to show record and could not explain. I provided Bay Area a record of Fair Credit Laws and mentioned I would contact the Colorado Attorney General. In addition I emailed Bay Area Credit that until they could provide information regarding my payment posting I would consider the account closed and the debt satisfied. I asked Bay Area to correct any negative information on my credit rating. Bay Area Credit would not respond. During the time period of November 2006 and January 2007 I also received calls from Bay Area Credit from individuals not familiar with my arrangements and demanded immediate payment. I explained at that time that their practices qualified for harassment. I informed them that I would contact my attorney and file a harassment case. The intermittent calls ceased from individuals not familiar with my account / arrangements.

    This week I received a letter from Bay Area Credit regarding the same debt which was in dispute in 2006/2007. I called to let them know what came about in 2007 and let them know when Bay AREA Credit could show record of my payment made in December 2006 I would honor the remaining amount. They again explained to me there was no record of payment and demanded the payment. I had to explain to them I initiated the call. The representative I spoke with became verbally aggressive, belligerent, and condescending. As I tried to explain the violations of Fair Credit practices the representative talked over me and accused me of violating my contract with Bay Area Credit. Again, I tried to explain that Bay Area violated the contract and violated Fair Credit laws. Again, I was talked over and he mentioned Bay Area had done nothing wrong and again accused me of violating my contract with Bay Area Credit. I mentioned to the representative I was going to turn this matter over to the Colorado Attorney General and his response was that he didn’t care. I tried to explain the legal violations made by Bay Area Credit and his response was they did not violate anything and again accused me of violating my contract. At that time I tried to explain a contract was a “two way agreement” and his response was that this contract was in favor of Bay Credit and Bay Area could not violate a contract. Again, I mentioned I would turn this matter over to the Colorado Attorney General and his response was that it didn’t matter and to go ahead because I was the one in violation.

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  • Ra
    Raymond Feb 15, 2009

    I received the same letter, just the amount was different. My account with ATT is current. I think they are trying to collect credit card and social numbers. I am not paying but I think I will call ATT.

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