Bath & Body Works Directfalse advertising.

T Sep 11, 2018

Tonight I was walking past you store located in Wuaker Bridge Mall lawrenceville New Jersey and saw a sign out front. The sign read 5 for 25 hand soaps and lotions. I picked out five items and when I went to pay my total was double. They told me lotions were not part of the sale. I showed them the sign. They told me they don't sell that lotion. What lotion? The sign does not have a specific typed stated. Only hand soaps and lotions. Nothing else. I told them that's false advertising and he said thanks for your input in a very smug tone. He was the floor manager at 7:00 tonight 9-11-18. They said they would not honor there advertisiment so I left without buying my 5 for 25. Terrible customer service. I work with the public and the customer is always right, especially in this case. If nothing else you be polite and tell me who to contact next. He did none of that. Only saying thanks for your input. I will never buy from that store again.

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    Quaker Bridge Mall.

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