Bath & Body Works Directemployment unfairness

E Nov 24, 2018

Hi, my name is Geneva Clay. I currently work at Bath and Body Works at the Hip Mall in Norridge Illinois. I got hired for seasonal and late October and started training November 1st-November 2nd. For some reason, they told me and another girl to go home because we came at 12. However, It was about ten other girls that came at the same time as us, so I was very much so confused. I've waited for my ride, and didn't see any other girls come out, so it made me upset. I asked for my scheldule and one of the managers gave me a url to log in.
When I got home, I saw that I worked 6 days later on a Thursay, from 4pm to 11 pm. I was very excited. There was about 3-4 people working my shift. Then during closing hours, there ended up being me and two other girls. The girl asked me to leave around 9:40, again super confused. I clocked out after taking the trash and I left.
Looking at my scheldule, every morning and afternoon after this day, I began to be worried. Off days were keep getting added to my scheldule. I called my manager and she told me not to worry, I would have a lot of days to work during Thanksgiving week. I became excited again and was worried free.
A couple days pass by, and I decided to check my scheldule again, just knowing I would have some work days. However, I had about 9 more off days added, including the Thanksgiving week. I had another interview at the same mall one day and decided to stop by to talk to the manager in person. I asked her why do I have so many off-days, I'm very worried. She said it's based off avalablity, even though I had open availability. Talking to my manager gave me no hope, and I got bad energy from her as if she didn't want me there. I was receving little response from my questions, and I came to the conclusion that there's something they're not telling me.
I did talk to another employee there. I saw her twice after we worked our training shift together. She told me she was getting hours, and she was shocked that my first day started so late. She also mentioned that she didn't leave early the day everyone was training.
I'm worried I will be fired soon and didn't really even get a chance to work. I'm quite good at the register, but all of these off days make me believe that I will need training all over again. Please reply with your thoughts and my next step.

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