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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Barnes & Noble Booksellers - misleading discount offer

It used to be that when you got an email coupon, it would say something like, get an additional 20%, 15%, etc., off your member discount. When I used a coupon this weekend I found that the discount was a discount on the" list price"--which by the way B&N like all other bookseller almost never charges, it's more of a fiction--so I was actually getting a 2% discount, as I found out. A call to Customer Service confirmed this this morning. So, Gentle Readers, don't be lured into buying by the online coupons you're offered, better to wait for a store coupon, if they haven't been eliminated. I realize things are tough in the publishing business, but please don't mislead us and insult our intelligence.

Also: It used to be that as a member one got a 10% discount when ordering online and free shipping after $25. Now you no longer get the additional members' discount because now B&N offers free shipping regardless of the total spent. There is less and less reason to renew my membership card when it expires.

I am very worried that my Visa will be charged $12.00 per month for a discount of $20.00 this is a scam. I got ripped off by Barnes and Noble. What can be done about this? I'm a senior citizen on a limited income and can't afford this. The so called company is complete savings (cash back).

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Barnes & Noble Booksellers - unprofessional from start to...

Although I usually order from amazon, I got a b&n gift card, and thought i'd order my brother's birthday present from them. For about $30, I got an email promise to deliver the book, gift wrapped...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Barnes & Noble Booksellers - rude employee

My wife, son and I were sitting in our chairs browsing through books when one of the employees snatched a stack of books from our table. I told him that I was not finished looking at them and he...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Barnes & Noble Booksellers - advertised price vs in store price

This is something I questioned on 1/29/2010 in the store #2166. Before I traved to the store I went on the web for the best price and availability for a michael jackson dvd number one...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Barnes & Noble Booksellers - corrupted ebooks

I downloaded barnes and noble's ereader and purchased 10 ebooks from them online. Two of the ten ebooks were sent to me corrupted. I emailed them using their complaint form online. I waited three days before I received a response from customer service only to be told they couldn't handle this by email (That certainly wasn't what they said on their website) , and I should call them to get this resolved! Well, had I know this couldn't be handled by email, I certainly wouldn't have wasted my time.

What they didn't know was that I called their 800 number on the second evening to see if I could get it resolved by phone. I waited over 35 minutes and still did not get an operator. I am at this minute calling again. Again, they are experiencing longer than usual wait times, right! I have been waiting for an operator 27 minutes and don't expect anyone to pick up soon. I'm quite sure this isn't the first corrupted ebook they sent to a customer, and they need some quick solution to this problem. I asked in my email for them to send me a corrected copy of both ebooks which would have been a very quick and easy solution. They have my money. I just don't have what I paid for. It's now 35 minutes i've been waiting for them to pick up, ho hum, their customer service is just abominable! Be aware that if you purchase an ebook that is corrupted, that story you've been waiting desperately to read may take days, if ever, before you get to.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Barnes & Noble Booksellers - shipping

I placed an order containing four items on 12/4/09 through b& One item was shipped three days later, the second over two weeks later and the third and fourth item were to be shipped by 12/24. On 12/30 recieved email asking for a 30 day order extension. I have never had to wait so long. I could have purchased the items in store or through another website. What a waste of time. I will not be using this service again.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Barnes & Noble Booksellers - didn't receive order or refund

This is the 2nd time that I've orderd Barnes and Noble Gift Cards online and did not receive. The first time was 4 years ago and I was able to get a refund for the purchase that was never received after several phone calls.

This year I thought I try again. Big Mistake. I ordered the items on November 30. Received an email that the items shipped on 12/3/09. Never received the items - meantime I've made numerous calls to track the shipments, etc. The Customer Service department is an absolute joke. I was told conflicting stories - items shipped on 11/20/09 (odd because the order was made until 11/30), item shipped and should receive in 3-5 weeks ) for gift cards). Item never shipped, etc, etc. Finally I requested that the order be cancelled and that the gift cards be voided. Was told that I would receive a refund in 3-5 days. NEVER HAPPENED!

After many, many phone calls to Barnes and Noble, I got no where. Finally filed a dispute with our credit card company who took care of the refund.

I agree with getting the runaround with Barnes and Noble customer service!! July 23, 2013 I bought a nook HD online from there website and the next day after receiving my nook HD I called asking to return it, they gave RMA number and I sent it back to address they gave me.
i called them July 29, 2013 and they said they received the Nook HD and they refund. Yesterday August 19, 2013 i called again asking customer service the status of my refund, they gave me the runaround again.
i wonder what my next steps will be. I'm out $168.00 and still waiting!

Barnes & Noble Booksellers - return / gift compalint.

Carmel indiana - barnes and noble store:

"bad return policy" assistant manger can not make store return credit / decision. General manager of store has bad management directions.

I returned two books on 12-26-2009 and the store assistant manager would not give a store credit on barnes and noble in store card. , understand that I did not have paid receipt but thinking they could look it up on my visa card, (the only visa I have) she said her system could not find the purchases on my card. They said there system is new upgrade and they never had this problem since the upgrade. A store credit is due by a (Barnes and noble - card) and or a full refund by 12-29-2009. I will post a return complaint also with visa / ncb.
I left the books with the assistant manager with my information and said the manager would contact me today. No call.

The assistant manager should be able to make management decisions on a million dollar plus producing store with out the general managers ok, I mean we are talking two books.
Assistant manager should be able to handle this small type of incident. I was not asking for cash or a credit on my visa at all.

Cc: the better business bureau / bbb

Come on now, first they're books and second no receipt? You also left the books there? It smells like someone photocopied the books.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Barnes & Noble Booksellers - customer service/shipping

I placed a two-part order with b&n on dec. 15. I paid for expedited shipping for part of the order. The other half shipped for free. I received one item with no complaints.

The other item, however, has been the bane of my entire christmas holiday. I got an e-mail stating the item would take an additional 1-5 days to ship. Less than 12 hours later, I got another e-mail requesting that I ok an additional thirty days for the item to ship. I called customer service and diane assured me the item had shipped. However, nothing on the order status on the web site reflects this.

I called customer service again and spoke with an impolite agent that said the item would be "manually shipped, " meaning it would ship within 24 hours and I would receive confirmation via e-mail.

I won't hold my breath. I will never again order from

I have never had this trouble or rude customer service in the 12 years I have dealt with

Get it together barnes and noble!

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Barnes & Noble Booksellers - bad customer service

Customer service is horrible and cannot answer for anything. I made an online order and waited a few days and didnt recieve a confirmation. I had to call them and they said I cancelled the order. I...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Barnes & Noble Booksellers - return policy

Basically, the new return policy for barnes and noble return retail stores is worthless. I bought 2 dvds for my nephew as a gift, only to find out he already had one. I gave his mother the gift receipt and returned several weeks later to barnes and noble, only to find that their return policy is 14 days without a gift receipt. Did it matter that it was a gift, and that I had asked for a gift receipt? Not really. Could I get a store credit? Nope. No way. Why would I ever shop there when borders and amazon still know how to treat their loyal customers? Not a clue.

Tried to return a 2016 planner my mom bought me as a gift for Christmas. She did not keep the receipt as she was SURE it was the right planner...It wasn't. I thought I would have no issue since it's a planner that says "made for Barnes and Noble only", so it wasn't like she bought it somewhere else and was returning it here. The rude guy behind the counter just kept saying "We need the receipt to prove it was actually purchased". Wow, helpful. So I said, "So you're basically saying 'maybe your mom stole it'...and it's an item for $8 sold exclusively here? This is horrible." Luckily the stranger behind me in line backed me up. He seemed almost more upset than I was.

Seriously, my student debt will always haunt me, but not enough to cause me to steal. Thanks buddy. I'm shopping exclusively through or Amazon from now on even if an item I'm just dying to own is sitting on a shelf at Barnes & Noble.

Dec 06, 2010

I received a wonderfully generous gift from a dear friend that I can not use. It was purchased from Barnes & Noble. When I returned it I presented the clerk with the untouched item, 2 gift receipts, and the original sales receipt. The only option offered to me was a B&N gift card. My friend wanted to give me something special and I wanted to honor her wish by purchasing something more suitable. But unless I find $250 of worthwhile B&N merchandise that is not going to happen. This action is absurd and corporate greed has just lost B&N a lifelong customer.

Actually, Borders has pretty much the same return policy. And they have that return policy so that people wont treat the store like a library, sorry you got duped but, blame it on the public, not the business trying to make money.

Barnes & Noble Booksellers - shipped me a & new & book that looks used

I bought a textbook online because they had a promotion where you buy a new textbook and you get member's price as well as free 1 day shipping. Well I just received the book in the mail today (4 days after I ordered it, by the way) and seriously.. I think they shrink wrapped a used book and sent it to me because the back cover and the spine are all scuffed up and dirty UNDER the shrink wrap. There's not even any tears in the shrink wrap or anything. Plus the pages inside are faded. This has to be a scam... sure the front cover looks fine and dandy, but there is no way this book is new... Yet I paid the new price. And now I can't return/exchange it because I need it for class. I really want to call and complain, but from what I've heard, the customer service is atrocious.. It would probably just piss me off more... Thanks for ripping me off Barnes and Noble!

Why the ### would you care? Is it really that big of a deal? Used clothing I can understand... but a textbook? Just buy an *actual* used one next time and save yourself the money.

It's probably a printing error. Not BN's fault.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Barnes & Noble Booksellers - terrible company

I went to my local Barnes and Noble book store to return a gift. Granted, I did not have a receipt, but they do carry the book i was given as a gift, so I expected to receive a store credit. They would get back the cost of my gift in another purchase, obviously. The manager absolutely refused to give me a store credit and lied to me, saying they did not carry the book in question. I know this was a lie, because I had checked B & N Online first before going to the store.

Bring in a receipt next time! Plain and simple!

We had a similar experience, trying to return a game purchased @ the store. We knew it was purchased there, it was not opened. It had their price sticker. We simply wanted store credit. We did not have a gift receipt. We did not know the policy. We were treated like shoplifters. It was awful. I have spent a 20+ year career in fashion design, merchandising and retail. I hope this is NOT the future of the industry. I will take my business else where!!!

gryphon is exactly right. Im sorry you didn't like your gift. But imagine if policy allowed you to get credit for a book without a receipt. You could just walk into the store, pick a book off the shelf, walk to the registers and return it for store credit. This is why ALL returns and exchanges at Barnes & Noble must be accompanied by a receipt.

Dear Adolf,

I'm sorry that you had a bad experience, but it's possible that both you and the store manager were both right and wrong at the same time. In the bargain section of the store are books called "remainders". These books usually have a barcode on a sticker that is on the front of the book. If you received the book as a gift, it's possible that your friend or relative removed the cheaper bargain sticker from the book before they gave it to you.

This is important because the bargain product number is different from the product number for a new hardcover book. If the store manager flipped the book over and entered the product number for the new hardcover, the computer would have noted that the book is out of print, and might not have been sold from that store for several years. If you looked the book up online, the chances are that you probably looked it up by its title, not by the product number. The book that you saw online might have been a paperback version of the same book, or a bargain version.

Secondly, as for a return without a receipt, the store manager is not allowed to do that. It wasn't a decision made by the store manager, it is a company-wide policy that any returns must be in saleable condition, within fourteen days of purchase, and must be accompanied by a receipt. It would have been helpful if your friend or relative had asked for a gift receipt when they purchased the book for you.

Whenever something out of the ordinary happens at a cash register, the computer automatically sends what is called an "exception report" to the store's district manager and loss prevention officer. This report tells the district manager the names of the cashier and the manager who were involved in the transaction.

I know that many customers feel that exceptions should be made in their case, but employees have been terminated for little things like accepting returns without receipts. Retailers call this "internal theft" and in this economy, try getting another retail job after having been fired from your last position for stealing from your employer.

Barnes & Noble Booksellers - Unsubscribe button

Beware that once u allow BORDERS BOOKS to send u emails (about price reductions, specials etc.) and it soon becomes a twice a day affair so u have literally enough of it and decide to unsubscribe... u'll be unhappily surprised that their UNSUBSCRIBE BUTTON doesn't function. Do u know of any other spammers who use this trick?

I sit at my desk and get a pop up in the middle of what im doing at least once a day. That's cool, right? "Borders" promising great savings- sweet! Just go to a store and attemp to utilize a "savings" and see what you're told. I'm done!

I visited the Borders store, which is located on 6103 North Lincoln Avenue, Chicago.
The environment of the store is very unwellcomming, and the cashiers are very rude. I have been to this store before, and I have been having the same impression too. The manager, who worked on Sunday, was very polite and helpful. He is a male. However, there is a female working during the week in the evening who seems to be looking for a guy. As many times I go there with my boyfriend, she is trying to seduce him. She keeps passing by him on purpose, smiling at him, giving him the eye and bending at him as some easy girl. I have been told the same information by other girls going there with their boyfriends. In addition, she is using her power in her premises in order to make two people break up. I had a coupon for 40 percent. She didn't accept it. She kept attempting to seduce my boyfriend by thinking that I will start acting unprofessionally because of the fact that she didn't let me use the coupon.Other girls have told me the same think. However, she can not expect to break two people with a strong bond by bulling and teasing the girl. The guy will prefer to stay with the girl he is with rather than going for a mean and rude one. A real bully! After that we went to the store located on 4718 North Broadway Avenue. Unlike the store on Lincoln Avenue, the people in the borders store on Broadway Avenue were very polite and helpful. In additon, they accepted my coupon. Of course they will accept it since there was not any pervert manager. I told my man that I don't want us to go anymore to the Borders on Lincoln Avenue because I didn't like how I was treated, and he agreed with me. Other girls have done in the same way. Not only my friends but also my relatives will not go there shopping any more. This pervert store manager makes the store loose lots of money. If Border owners don't want to have a bad reputations and losing money because people want a wellcomming environment where they be treated professionally and with respect, they need to change the manager who is seducing her customers . If the pervert store manager needs a guy, I would suggest that she goes to or clubs.

To unsubscribe, you may do so yourself on their website or shoot an email to customer service.


There is no unsubscribe button in the email they sent me. Or at least it's cleverly hidden. I'm livid. How is that not illegal.


Usually i do not bother with idiot comments like this: the subject was UNSUBSCRIBE, helloooo! Then (s)he goes on about spelling errors which i do not have but (s)he does, hellooooo again ! Maybe ur brain is not working.

The most you would get would be 3 a week 1) coupon 2) speacial offers 3) Borders rewards perks. And the button works just fine. maybe your computer was not working?

That is entirely untrue, in fact. I get about two emails a week, promoting special deals and sales and offering useful coupons. If you sign up for Borders Rewards Perks, which you would know because it requires extra steps, then you would get a few more 'perks' a week. I opted not to do this. The whole thing is rather easy.

Haven't tried unsubscribing, but based on your spelling and general misinformation about Borders, I can only guess that you were doing it wrong.

(BTW I haven't had 'literally enough of it'. I literally enjoy books! )

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Barnes & Noble Booksellers - member card

As of april 2009, barnes & noble has begun threatening its employees with job termination if they fail to meet a strict quota of "member card" sales. The quota is a percentage based on the number of...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Barnes & Noble Booksellers - unauthorized membership renewal charges

I have been a member of Barnes and Noble since May last year. My husband asked me yesterday if we would like to renew it as we he had received the renewal notice in the mail and we were thinking...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Barnes & Noble Booksellers - online textbook buyback

I recently used barnes and noble's online textbook buyback service to sell about eight used books. I did the online price quote and printed a mailing label from b&n's website. Subsequent...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Barnes & Noble Booksellers - Bad service

I went to Borders Books to purchase a Christmas gift for 19.95 with a 40% off coupon. I picked up three stocking stuffers on the way to checkout, one of which also cost 19.95 and the others were cheaper. The clerk said she would take the discount off one of the 19.99 objects and she rang up a 19.99 stocking stuffer with the coupon. When I returned the stocking stuffer in the required time period they would only gave me 60% or 11.99. I complained to the clerk and the manager and they insisted they couldn't give me the full price because it was rung up at the time for 11.99. I was penalized because I purchased more products. If I had left with only the gift intended I wouldn't have this problem.

I worked at Borders and customers like you made me want to tear my hair out. Use your basic math skills of you have any.

Wow, this really takes the cake for dumbest thing I've heard lately. You think you deserve $20 back for a $12 item? No wonder the economy is so bad, with customers like this.

If you returned the $19.99 stocking stuffer that you got the 40% off on, then why would they give you the regular retail price back on it when you didn't pay that?

The coupon was used on that particular item and they wouldn't have to apply it to other purchases you made if that's what you wanted them to do.

Just take the $12 if you really don't want the item.

So you felt that they should have given you 19.99 for an item that you paid them 11.99. wow ... if you find a place that will do that ... you could buy and return things over and over ... and really make some money on them ... and get everyone to do it to but sadly they would go out of business in a short time ...

but i REALLY LIKE THIS IDEA OF PAYING ... $12 AND GETTING $20 BACK ... I could just stop working and go around shopping and returning ...

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Barnes & Noble Booksellers - membership

Recently, I purchased a barnes noble membership ($25/year) and received the card about two weeks ago. Then after it happen, I experienced a series of stupidity and foolishness made by this big bookstore chain. First, I could not get my membership number to work. I can't register the number to the online profile, nor can I use it for online purchase in their website. I constantly get this stupid message: "your membership number is already assign for another account. Please re-check your number again. " I got this message both when I try to register the profile and when I went to the "payment" box when I was about to pay for my purchase. Needless to say, it is quite useless to pay $25.

I tried to call the toll free customer service and I did manage to talk with them. The only good thing out of all this mess is the fact that I didn't wait long until an agent answer my call. But all other things are just none sense. The agents were not able to fix the problem because in their system, they cannot see any problem, at least that's what they said. I tried to communicate via e-mail to the membership dept and another stupidity happened. I was asked to give names and membership # etc. After I gave it, there was no certain solution that was given. Hence, after I had a series of long e-mail conversations I tried to reply one of the e-mails and guess what?
One agent replied to that e-mail asking me to give my names and membership # again!!! As if it was the first time I e-mailed them.

I strongly suggest everyone not to consider being a member of barnes noble. You don't have to pay $25 and get all that mess I got.

I'm very upset at b&n. I signed up for their kids club card and I've had it for a while and I always make sure I use it everytime I purchase a book for my son. Well today I went into the store and the employee who swiped it informed me that my card/ membership doesn't exist and the card is not even working. How could this be possible? She told me to re-fill out a new form. I asked what happened to the points I had supposedly earned from all the purchases I've made and she said if have to start all over again. I was so angry finally asked for a manager and so he says he fixed it but when I check online nothing seems fixed the hundreds of dollars I've spent haven't been accounted for on my card it's still showing that I've spent zero dollars at the store. Never going back to this book store again what a rip off!!!

Don't buy a membership from B&N unless you spend a LOT of money on books VERY fast.

I have never gotten one for the simple reason that, when you spend $25 for the card, you don't actually see a savings until you've made that money back in discounts. You have to have spent $250 worth of merchandise, which in 10% discounts makes up the $25 you spent on the card. AFTER that time is when you actually start to get a savings, so, for example, if it takes you 6 months to make back your $25, you've only gotten half a year's worth of discounts, NOT a full year. Is $25 for a 6-month membership worth it? I think not.

They will never tell you this when they give their shpiel, only persuade you to sign up because they say you can "immediately" get a discount. But, until you've made that $25 back, all you're getting is reimbursed in discounts for what you spent on the card. For someone who buys books heavily, it may turn out to be a good deal for them. But, for folks like me who don't spend a lot at B&N except on the occasional magazine, it's a ripoff. Save your money, and sign up for the e-mail coupons, which don't cost you a penny.

Not everything is eligible for the coupons (apparently not magazines), but you still may find it to be a better deal than spending $25 for the "privilege" of getting a "discount" from them.

Terri Pucin, Vice President of Customer Experience for B&N.. try contacting her through the switchboard main number [protected]. Good luck although I recall her being the biggest ### in the world and she is supposed to lead the entire company's customer experience but she is absolutely a horrible wench which tells a lot for the company if the person at the top is completely rude.. Sandeep Varma is the corporate head of Loyalty and rewards, follow up with him..

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Barnes & Noble Booksellers - loud obnoxious christmas music

Today I went into barnes and noble on broadway in tucson looking for an art book I saw there last time I was there. There was loud christmas music playing, the hollywood mafia screaming about how the lord is king, etcetera. Man, I couldn't stand it! I was looking through the titles trying to find the book, and this horrible white christian male culture was screaming at me. If I wanted to go to a christian church, i'd go to a christian church, but since i'm a buddhist I don't do that. How would christians feel if buddhists or muslims or whatever were to scream their religion at them for a month and a half every year? If americans want to bathe themselves in religious monarchy, move to another country! Here, we don't like monarchy, and that means real americans don't like christianity dressed up like england or saudi arabia. Jesus wasn't a prince, but just a man, and his big white father in the sky doesn't exist, only his real one.

I complained to the service desk when I left, and of course, the guy made faces at me. If ignorance is the presumed status quo in america, well then, what does that say about the kind of people we are?

Tara carreon

Just because you don't follow a particular faith, doesn't make you a "non-American." And contrary to popular belief, the founding fathers were Atheist. "In God we Trust" was put on currency to make people such as yourself feel adequate. "If you had half a brain" you wouldn't be a condescending [censored] and be so quick to judge. What an obvious American you are. Keep believing what everyone spoonfeeds you, though. Typical Christian.

I find a lot of the music is sound offensive due to the screaming. It sounds like hog calling at a state fair, accompanied by musical instruments. the singers should not call themselves artists, but should be kept away from any recording device altogether. It's not just ethnic. I mean Celine Dion singing Christmas music sounds revolting as well as Black singers. Mellow it out people!!!

Did you use your "American" money to pay for your purchase? Have you read what is written on it". The thing about America, that you should "get" if you had half a brain is...You had the choice to leave and not spend your money there, why stay and then complain? What an obvious non-American you are.

I completely agree, as I am an employee and B&N and agnostic. Try working there every other day with Christian music forced into your ears. Even worse, the Bible Belt is defacing anything that is not Christian or has Obama on the front. It is absolutely DISGUSTING.

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