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W Jan 04, 2018

My password wasn't accepted. I couldn't find the B&N password in my password list, so I sent a forgot password/new password request. It wouldn't accept my password because it didn't follow their password rules, but the "Account Password Reset" page wouldn't display the password rules so I could find out what kind of password DID meet the rules. I tried to email for help, but you can't email them for help unless you're logged into your account, which I can't do, because I don't have a password. I finally got an email through the B&N Press page, asking them to please forward my message to the main B&N and tell them about the catch-22 they had with their help & support page.

The response I got (with absolutely no means to follow up on it) told me that passwords were case-sensitive and that I should go to Account Password Reset (the page that I told them was the CAUSE of my problems) and "follow the steps we provide."

customer account access

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