Banfield Pet Hospitalcustomer service

I was on one of their service plans for 4 yrs for my cat. Had an appt at Banfield for my cat and they told me that they could not see my cat and I needed to go to the " emergency Pet Center". The ER had to manually empty my cats bladder, do blood work, xrays and checked her urine for a UTI. They placed my cat on antibiotics and pain meds. To make a long story short I had to have my cats bladder manually emptied many times within 30 days and I was told to go to the ER. What is the sense of having a service plan, when they send you to the Pet ER, which needless to say it cost me $1200.00. The ER said that Banfield could teach me how to manually empty my cats bladder daily and Banfield said it was too dangerous and they do not do this.. The dr at Banfield wrote out a script for a medication after seeing my cat and wrote it out for a "canine"...hello, you just seen my cat and not a dog. I never got the script filled and I still have it in my possession. I had to have my cat put down because of her problems and I took her back to the place that gave my cat excellent care and this was the PET ER and NOT Banfield. At one point I made an appt for my cat to be seen and they said that they needed to do an xray to be seen, I told them the Pet ER did the same xray and they have the results and they said they needed to do it again. They placed her on antibiotics because her urine showed there was bacteria in it, and then to find out a few days later they called and said the solution they used was contaminated. All they want is more charges to be wracked up for the customer, what is the use of having a service plan if they send you to the ER. I called the corporate office and the gentleman said they do not provide ER visits. Really, then you should not be calling your self a hospital. I told them they are not getting 1 more penny from me and they would not cancel my service plan, Really, I had to put my cat down that they kept refusing to see and then continue to make 10 more months of payments.All of the employees at Banfield were very friendly, but friendly did not save my cat. Please if you love your pet please do not get a service plan at Banfield or even take them there.

Sep 28, 2019

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