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I have read most of the posts on here and would also like to add my comments. I have a 2 year old boxer in perfect health. I went to a Banfield near Nashville TN to have his ears cropped. The Banfield there was excellent. This is where things fell apart. I work on the road and travel a lot, or did that is why I chose Banfield. First off the first thing out of their mouths was the “Wellness Plan”. I read over the wellness plan and thought that maybe this would be a good deal to get since I travel a lot. After asking several questions it came about that the wellness plan was not honored at all locations, in fact if I had bought it there it would only be honored at that location. Since then that has changed from what I understand it is now honored at all locations (even though it is still a huge rip off). I finally took a position in Memphis TN where I found a Banfield on Winchester Rd. here in Memphis, again they urged me to take the wellness plan but they don’t explain that their wellness plan doesn’t cover a lot of routine things such as treating a yeast infections in their ears, their monthly medication, trimming their nails and such. I would have been charged for all these things. And the fees that they do charge per visit they do not explain. When I took my boxer in they examined him and I hope gave him shots, not sure if they even did or not seeing how I got to see neither a nurse or doctor. They told me it would take a while and that I should leave him there with them, so I did. They charged me for leaving him there while they administered their shots and examined him. They showed me the bill and said that I had saved over $700.00 by having the wellness plan. I totally disagree. After returning home I got online to order his heartguard and K9 advantix, a few days later Banfield called me and said that they do price matching I reminded them that they do not carry Heartguard and they told me that they had some other brand that was the same. I told them no, its not the same what you have is a large pill that my dog does not like, that is why I want heartguard then they proceeded to tell me in a rather nasty voice that I would have to pay $12.99 for a prescription. I told them I would get back with them on that. I will never set foot in a Banfield again. I like Petsmart I like taking my dog there he enjoys it too but I guarantee you I will tell everyone I see going into a Petsmart that has a Banfield that if they are taking their animal to a Banfield that they had better beware. Oh and by the way for the same exact annual shots and check up at a local veterinary hospital is only $68.00, not $353.00 I have to pay Banfield until the plan is paid up. And what the plan does does cover, is most of the time part of the routine exam at local vets.


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      Aug 20, 2007

    I went there for a yeast infection. My dog is kept up to date on shots, etc. I was told it would be 42.00 for a visit. First thing I know they are on the computer and adding up "everything" he needed, and it came to 500.00. I was told to go away for a while... then come back. When I got back, you have no clue what they have or have not done. I paid the huge bill and was very sorry I did not go to my local vet down the street. Never again.


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      Jul 14, 2008

    I agree with every post. This wellness plan was pushed at me every time I turned around until I bought one, what a rip off. I was told it covered teeth cleaning so I took my dog to have his teeth cleaned. If you call paying 300.00 unexpected dollars above the wellness plan that was not mentioned until after the service was preformed free then I suppose it was. Every time I go to banfield it cost me three times what a normal vet would cost even with the so called wellness plan. here is the kicker, try to cancel it! I now have the exact date that I must call on to do this and when this nightmare is over I will never ever step foot in one again.

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      Dec 11, 2008

    I have called not to renew the Banfield rip-off plan and have asked for a confirmation letter. You can call now not to renew if your plan is up in a few months

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      Jan 31, 2009

    I fully agree they are ripping off people. The wellness plan is their biggest rip off. I have owned several very happy healthy dogs and they went to the vet at most once a year if they had no out of the ordinary things happen between visits. Banfield has you bring your pet in for Comprehensive Wellness exams at which point there are always additional charges. My sons's dog was diagnosed as having a yeast infection in her ears- but lo and behold on her next visit her ears were great and he had not used any of the over priced medicine they sold him. Then they tried to tell me my dog had the exact same infection and I told them they were wrong- no symptoms at all. They know you can't take that chance so I told them to go ahead and do the swab but if it came out negitive I would not pay for it. It was negative. I am contacting Banefield Corp to file a complaint with them and demand a refund and put them on notice. They also charge for "extra restrant" when no extra restraint is used... they are scamming people out of their hard earned money and we need to make them stop.

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      Feb 19, 2009

    Please let me know if any of the Banfield Corporate complaint letters are answered satisfactorily. I have been routinely charged hundreds of dollars (above the wellness plan, I also bought) for exams my dog did not need. Even when I told them he didn't have the symptoms of what they wanted to check him for and I thought it was something else (each time I was correct by the way -- he always had exactly what I said, first parvo then giardia.) They insisted on tons of tests and when I complained that I'd told them not to do x-rays, they said 'you signed off' and that was all they would say. I am going to write a letter to there corporate office and complain specifically about their vet Dr. Kit to the Veterinary Medical Board here in California. I am so upset.

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      Jun 11, 2009

    I just recently had my roomate take the dog fi an ear infection. It was unbelieveble, after all was done, she walked out paying over $200 for meds. The Amoxicillin was $50 alone, this is a medication that costs them $8 for a bottle of a 100. I am in the healthcare field and I know for a fact what wholesale prices are in meds. I also have a niece in NY that is a vet and know that the meds given are no different for dogs as humans. I completely believe this is very unethical. They should be ashamed of themselves. Never will I take my dog there.

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      Aug 10, 2009

    Yeah, I had a similar experience to rocy7x7. I have been on the Wellness Plan for two years (I am canceling the renewal) ... and they told me my dog needed an additional ear examination and an ear flush. $60 ... but they marked the Examination Report as his ears being "Clean and Odor Free." Why would you sell me product and service when there wasn't an issue. They were also going to charge me $800 in additional charges for a dental cleaning covered by the Wellness Plan. Heavens knows the stuff they tried to throw in there. The manager at my local Banfield in Ithaca, New York refuses to try to fix things. These people need to be out of business. I hate being gouged!

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      Mar 15, 2010

    It makes me tired reading some of these complaints. If you have an issue with charges, it is best to take it up with the nurse presenting the estimate. If you sign the estimate then it makes all the sense in the world that the staff should be paid for their time. If you pre-approve and amount at drop off, you are obligated to pay. If you drop your pet off and they do things without your permission above your preapproval, I can see where you might be upset. As far as the wellness plans go, if it is insurance it would say so. If it covered everything there would not be different levels would there? It says in the contract you sign as well as in the pamphlets displayed in every Banfield that it IS NOT insurance. The plan covers a preventive care package. THATS PREVENTIVE, not treatment of, but prevention of issues. If your pet has an ear infection, that is a condition or illness therefore not prevention. Preventive care includes: routine deworming, routine bloodwork, routine vaccines, routine fecal exam to check for parasites, routine examinations, annual radiographs, ect. So no, treatment is not included in a wellness plan. But it does save you money if treatment needs to be given between 5-20% depending on your level. You can not call something a rip off just because you dont read a contract you sign. If you only visit the hospital once every year, yes you are wasting your money. If you do not communicate with your veterinary staff about the examinations you are paying for then yes, you are being ripped off and are apparently not a good candidate for a wellness plan. And of course the staff is going to get on you about joining a wellness plan. Anyone going to a banfield more than twice a year should join a membership, its only cost effective to do so. But that is only if you utilize the services provided. As far as Abby's mom is concerned. They can write you a prescription, you did not need to buy medication for $50 if you can buy it elsewhere for $8. That was your choice. Now, if you are saying that it costs $8 wholesale and that they marked it do you feel about the $15 tablet of asprin that patients administer themselves in the hospital? Or the $300 pack of monocryl suture that costs no more than $5 to the hospital. If you are a nurse you know things are marked up. Vet clinics perform minimal mark ups compared to human medicine. There just isnt a copay yet so people complain about it more.

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      Jan 27, 2017

    I have dealt with them for 5 years. I stopped going and broke my contract because they are thieves. I paid $27.00 apiece for both my dogs to have their nails clipped. When I reached my car with the dogs, I noticed that Banfield didn't cut either one of their nails. I took them back in and all they had to say oops my bad. Another thing as a dog owner, Banfield doesn't allow you to go in the back with your pets. How do I know they did anything at all. Should I ask my dogs. See how far I get with that. Then I set my wellness plan for auto pay and Banfield took liberties to charge me late fees when there is clearly money in the account because it come directly from my checking account that has overdraft protection even the account was nill. I invested Over $5000 in that plan. I'm done. Now I need to find a vet but am terribly afraid of being overcharged for pet health. Big ripoff. I have no regrets. And one more thing, the wellness advantage card never saved me a dime

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