Banco de Oro / BDO Unibankunethical behavior/ discourteous bank teller

Greetings! Good day BDO!

I am writing to forward a complaint against a bank teller of BDO Puregold Baliwag Branch at about pass 12 in the afternoon of July 10, 2019(Wednesday) That day I proceed to BDO Puregold Baliwag to request a proof of remittance.Were both an OFW, me & my husband who is working in Dubai U.A.E., now I'm here in the Philippines to renovate our new house in Baliwag Bulacan.As an Ofw we need financial assistance that's why we avail a OFW loan to one of the financing group in the Philippines, so we need to complete certain requirements.
I humbly go to BDO Puregold Baliwag that day to ask for assistance & if I can request a proof of remittance. My husband has that documents in Dubai bec. he's the sender, so that Im the one who need it., coz Im receiving money through bank to bank.One teller attended to me that day, I request what I need, but from somehow somewhere I feel different the way she answered to me. Its not my first experience here in this Branch, the way they treated people so badly.Its over now, thrice already.I just keep silent only, different scenarios.She says to me, maybe its statement of account, you can go to your homebased not here.I suppose to send Philippine Peso into Dirhams that day, but just bec.the way she approach is so rude.I try to go to other Bdo Branch nearby, which is (BDO POBLACION BALIWAG), I request the same questions, Hurriedly the teller in BDO Pobalacion assisted me well, so accommodating, ask some questions. I told her I'm an OFW, I need a proof that I'm receiving money in Dubai.She ask me if they can update and change my passbook up to date I agree for that, cause according to the teller its a proof already. As simple as that, I refuse to go to BDO Marilao cause its three rides from Baliwag and so rainy that day.
I forgot to mention that my account is in BDO Marilao.I'm here now in Baliwag, cause we bought a new house. I seriously upset to that teller after I find out that there is a solution to my request. Thanks to BDO Poblacion Baliwag!!!
I came back to BDO Puregold Baliwag to raise my concern and talk to their Asst. Manager for ignoring my needs & not taking some actions, for the unethical behavior of their Bank Teller. In this incident, BDO customer service in this branch is very worst. Im trying to prove a point that not to choose a people who they will respect, that teller didnt respect me so nicely, nor apology at all. At the end of the day, without us & the rest of BDO they will not on their business.
She need to learn how to RESPECT PEOPLE, regardless how they look, whats the status in life.
BDO Puregold the worst branch here
Hoping for your kind consideration on this matters, & looking forward in the future.

Jul 11, 2019

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