Banco de Oro / BDO Unibankripped off

I was totally scammed for 61, 000 pesos by this bank and I was told that they would have the results and 20 business banking days which is absolutely absurd. I mean are you kidding me, 20 business banking days for results on an obvious online scam.
20 business banking days pass by, 30 business many days pass by, no results.
Then all of a sudden today we were told that they're not gonna return the money because after the investigation was complete they concurred that the online transactions were approved.
This bank is absolutely disgusting, should not be in business anymore, you rip people off, and you should be absolutely ashamed of yourself and any employee that works that video should be in a shame that they work there. Gross!!!
And if you Think I'm done with you yet you have another thing coming.

Sep 13, 2019

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