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customer service of the moonwalk branch

Please teach your staff that when someone is opening an account, you do not be cold and rude. If we are...

toll free number does not work!!! I need to access my dollar account.

Your international toll free - [protected] - is never working. I have been trying to contact thi...


I am in Thailand, i have money in my debit card but could not withdraw today. Card reader also do not recognize. I was so embarassed because I was already in the place of purchase. I tried calling the international hotline numbers for more than 2 hours!!! But no answer!!!

I asked my brother in the Philipiines to transfer money as last option through mobile banking but it is under maintenance. BDO is a garbage!

Garbage and rotten service!!!

People trusted you but you provide us with garbage!!! You do not deserve to be im service!!

I am so ashamed to become a bdo card holder!!!

did not dispense cash

I tried to withdraw today May 29, 2018 at around 6:30am at BDO located in banawe st corner n.s. amoranto but...

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atm machine did not dispense cash 10k

I tried to withdraw 10k (10, 000php) today MAY 20, around 11AM) in a BDO ATM Machine right outside Savemore Supermarket in Suki Market Dapitan, Manila, but the ATM Machine did not dispense cash. I called the attention of the guard on duty and he referred me to the customer service lady of Savemore. The woman, whom I was not able to get the name, then, tried calling the Call center hotline. After several attemps she told me the line was busy. I told her, that it is the problem with the call center hotlines that services local business, its difficult to contact them. They make you wait for hours until you just give up.

i am kinda aware that the money will not be credited back to me anytime soon, based on what my friends had told me before. The thing is what if I am totally reliant to that money, and what if the person really needs that money asap. Today is Sunday, which means, banks are closed today except the ones inside the mall. So I since we could not contact your hotline, I went to to the nearest mall SM San Lazaro BDO, they were open but the guards on the door informed me that the "SYSTEM" is down. What kind of a [censored] was that! I got in, told the teller about my situation, and offerd to call the hotline. She got thru immediately, apparrently there's a number you can call, a directline, wherein, waiting time is less than usual. And again the SYSTEM is down, and they could not check my balance or transaction history. What the [censored] BDO!!! WTF

What frustrates me is that no one ever attempted to get my full name, and other details pertaining to the complaint. Losing 10, 000php is not a joke, it is a a months salary of some people. I did call your hotline, and as always, I got the same answer The SYSTEM is offline, can't do anything about it! And I say [censored] give me your manager! After few minutes, the CS came back to me and offered to get my name, card no., acct no etc., you know why? because I insisted that she should get my details, write it down on a piece of paper, if you don't have MSWORD on your computer, then as soon as the SYSTEM goes up, type the freaking report, assure your customer that they will do every [censored]ing thing in their power to MAKE THINGS RIGHT!!! That is how GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE WORKS!!! Our country the PHILIPPINES is the littered with call center companies that services top business abroad and they were GOOD! Now why can't you do the same. Do not let the customer feel like she can't do anything when that customer just lost 10k and it would take quite sometime to recover that money, worst is make them call again, we don't have the whole day to to attend to your whims.

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card not working mis info of customer service

I tried to do the cash availment for installment card but it was declined from the branch that I visited, I was advised to go to another branch and issue occured. I called bdo contact center and I had the worst experience ever being on hold for too long and provided with mis info. I talked to one of the sup on shift named ronnie dimaano and he was not helpful at all. He just merely repeated the info her damn agent is giving and he dont know how there process works. He was not updated with the info he provides without checking... I was so dsappointed with how you treat your customer.

my saving account was used for paypal purchases april, 2 2018

Yesterday April 2, 2018, when I check my online banking, I found out that there is 9, 417 Php deduction on my...

Malolos Banks

debit on my account

Hi, I would like to raise a complain to the debitted amount of 6000 on my account. I tried to withdraw today and was prompt a message that transaction cannot be I was under my understanding that it won't be debited to my account since there is no dispense cash and because of the prompt message. And upon checking my bdo online it shows that 6000 has been debited to my account. Can you please look into it.

debit on my account

no cash dispensed worth 10k

I do wdrawals yesterday at bdo molino around 9:40am..& unfortunately the machine hang & did not dispensed my cash worth 10k.. I immediately call the attention of the said bdo branch & help me to contact customer service hotline to complain. pls return my money the soonest because I badly need it.. I just gave birth 1wk ago & I hv to buy for my bby's milk, diaper & other needs..
hoping for the immediate actions regarding this matter..
thank you..
I hv the ref #.. just contact me @[protected]
Elvira ramos

credit card delivery

We have an issue regarding the delivery of the credit card.which i apply January 2 2018, and my card approved February and Last February 12, we received a text message that the credit card i avail will be dispatched for delivery from 2go but when i check the address its says that it will be deliver to 16 Mindanao Street signal village taguig city I called the BDO customer service same date (February 12, 2018) the we received a text message and i inform them that the address is not correct its should be deliver on house no.#5739 Maunawain Street BRGY Duhat Sittio 3 Sta Cruz Laguna Philippines then BDO Customer service they told me that they already update the billing address from the system and they escalate it i keep on following up February 15, 19, 21, 26 the status of my credit card delivery March 1 2018 we received text message again saying kindly contact the number that they provided for redeliver of my credit card we called them same date we received the text messages from BDO March 01, 2018 but until now I didn't received my credit card so i was hoping that my issue can be resolved and the credit card can be delivered in my home address.

  • Vh
    vha Mar 19, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have the same issue with Lrahd. I applied my credit card first week of September 2017 and got approved on the same month i think its last week of September.I got so excited because it process easily.., And BDO texted me that my credit card will be delivered by 2go to the home address I provided but unfortunately 2go didn't locate my home address.So I called to customer service of BDO and I change the delivery address, I provided them my office address on 1st week November 2017 and keep on calling to the number they provided every now and then but they keep on telling it is for approval(the redeliver).It took almost 2 months to be approve and i thought it is already ready for redeliver and as the person i talked through the phone said expect the deliver by a week, but until now im still is almost half a year now six months to be exact.It is so very disappointing.

    2 Votes
  • Al
    Allisa Roquid May 22, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @vha Hi, nareceive mo na ba credit card mo? Ganyan din kasi sakin since April 10 until now wala pa.

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  • At
    attyjm Oct 09, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Kamusta na po mga cc nyo? natanggap niyo na? nag request din ako ng delivery dahil hindi ko natanggap at ibinalik na kay BDO ng LBC. Sabi ng bdo nasa fulfuillment unit na daw. gaano kaya katagal bago madeliver sa updated na delivery address ko. haist.

    1 Votes
  • Bd
    bdo cc Jan 05, 2020

    I have the same problem about the delivery of my credit card to LBC .Just asking why this courier (LBC) did not call the recipient first for the instruction or to locate the house easily before they get back to the shipper. just wandering why.
    Hopefully i can receive it this week.

    1 Votes
  • Da
    danielyn Feb 26, 2020

    same here, same issue related my undelivered seems the problem is with LBC they didnt even txt or call the recipient unlike other courier..the last thing i know my shipment is with issue..

    -1 Votes

credit card statement request for bdo - korean visa multiple entry promo

Date of Original Request for CC statement - Feb 4, 2017 BDO Incident Ref # [protected] Okay so I request for a...

customer service

Rude customer service for that staff in bdo espana blumentritt branch. I know they are busy but for inquiries I hope they could talk to their clients in a nice way. It's just too bad I did not have the chance to get the name of that lady. I know you are a big bank but I hope big or small clients you'll have the politeness and courtesy to talk to us.

  • Ba
    bananagirl69 Mar 08, 2018

    Same thing happened to me just today. I was going to get my cash card supposedly today also (i already ave a savings account with bdo tho in a different branch.) but i work far from the branch so i asked if they are open on weekends. She could just simply answer yes or no but instead she said "this is not a mall darling we're only open mondays to fridays". I asked because i wanted to make sure so when i file a leave it would be valid because she said i have to get the card personally. It's just [censor]ing rude. Good thing i was in the right mood. Sadly. i wasn't able to get her name too.

    Also, i opened a cash card in the same branch 2 years ago because my employer before needed only the card number for our salary. I am currently working in a different company but my cash card is still active because i save money there. Till March 1 2018 came and suddenly my account is inactive without any notice why. They told me i can't withdraw my money in that account over the counter because it is a cash card only so i have to open a new one so they can transfer the money from the old to the new one. BDO is just a [censor]ing pain in the [censor].

    0 Votes
  • Ge
    German Jr. Turno Feb 03, 2020
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The WORST customer service ever! No action even after a month of follow up. No procedures at all. My teenagers can do a better job.

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atm @ cybergate, pioneer mandaluyong

I used my metrobank atm card to withdraw money from the BDO ATM at Cybergate, Pioneer. It took a long time before I got my card back from the machine and it did not release any money.

I checked my metrobank online account and found out that the withdrawal amount was indeed deducted, 2400.00php.

How can I refund / get the money back?!

I also sent a complaint to metrobank.

Coleen Navarro

loan status slow process

My sister, Mary Ann C. Galamgam who is an OFW applied for a home loan last year to BDO Newport Office and she appointed me as her Attorney-in fact. Last year we were able to complied with all the requirements and paid the necessary bank fees except for the 2018 Tax Clearance because Registry of Deeds doesn't want to issue one so we have waited until 2018. Last January 25, 2018 we received acknowledgment receipt for all the compliance that are lacking and confirmed on the additional documentary stamps tax due to Tax changes. I was able to confirmed in the e-mail came from Ms. Maria Theresa B. Reyes. However from then on I haven't received any information or what on the status of my sister's loan. No one from the group could even bother to reply my e-mail except to Sir Christian Carpio (who has giving false hope). I have been calling Ms. Reyes but not one did she bothered to answer my call or e-mails to her. Please help us. Give us at least verified information on the status of my sister's loan or at least give us the waiting time.

loan status slow process
loan status slow process
loan status slow process
loan status slow process
loan status slow process

slow process of transaction

Hi gusto ko lang po sana mag complain regarding sa transactions sa BDO I have multiple transaction (4) 11:56...

customer service

I sent my sister in law to BDO in order to pay for a ecensus application due to the ecensus credit card...

credit card delivery

Good day! Had an issue regarding the delivery of the credit card. Last January 3, i received a text that the...

follow up complaint #[protected].

good morning,

I've been trying to call a million times on your toll free number international as per instruction for the follow up of my complaint #[protected] but always busy. Please I don't know who to contact anymore, have mercy. I need my money back. Its been almost 3 months already since the incident where i tried my BDO debit card her in DOHA bank in qatar but no money received yet deducted in my current savings. hope to hear from you soon. Godbless

unauthorized withdrawal

My name is Jacquelyn D. Linatoc.I have an account at BDO SM City Lipa branch.My compliant is nung ginamit ko...

unauthorized atm withdrawal

My son's account has unauthorized atm withdrawal last 02 Dec 2017 at 12mn with the amount of P19, 700. He received a text message and he immediately called the customer service to report it. We were advised it would only take 15 working days and the money will be refunded back to us. Now its more than 1 month and yet no action has been done! That money was supposed to pay for our bdo housing loan! We want the money to be refunded by today!