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Bally Total FitnessCannot Cancel Membership

I, like everyone else who has ever signed up with Bally, is facing some head on fighting to get out of my contract. They just say "read the terms of your agreement" which they never gave me a copy of. Bally is completely a scam and we should not take this kind of treatment. I am going to stand up and do whatever is in my power to stop these people from ripping people off. They have filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, so hopefully they will be gone soon anyway, but let's all put a few nails in the coffin, shall we?


  • Sm
    Smitha Mar 11, 2009

    I too feel the same, I have been fighting with them from more than a year now and I don, t know why they do not want to cancel my contract. First of all I was new to this country and know nothing of the So called GYM memberships ... I spoke with a person by Name RJ working in bally's saddle brook, NJ, he tactically walked us to signing the contract (which we did not know was for 3 years) and Even did not provide our copy. All he said was monthly we have to pay some XX and anytime we need to cancel we can do that. I mainly asked this because my sister who was also included in my member ship (we joined together) Had to go back to INDIA.
    Now the actual struggle starts, I called them and informed them and asked them to cancel her membership, they asked me to provide Flight tickets which i did. they said they cannot accept it. So i had to wait for a while and send them the bank statements as an address proof and followed with them they wanted some more documents which i promptly send them but they did not relive me of the pain. Over all the above we never used the utilities... even me i had some medical problems and had stopped to go to that facility and after a while i had to move out of that area and did not know where to go.
    Now i get calls from different people asking me for the payment(debt) sounds silly as i have not used even their facility.
    This is annoying. I dont know what to do... I believe in destiny... dont try to cheat others as it will cause all bad to you... I feel that the reason now you have filled bankruptcy.

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  • Do
    DownWithBallys Jun 28, 2009

    While it seems like the only thing we can do is post on scam sites and message boards, this is not true! I think that everyone really needs to get together and try to bring this evil, immoral and corrupt company down. This is what I have done so far. Made copies of flyers and distributed it near colleges and even near Bally Total Fitness itself about my story. I also wrote an article about it online.

    If the government won't do anything about it and if the Better Business Bureau won't do anything about it, no matter how many complaints they get, we have to take things into our own hands. I recently wrote an email to Michael Moore, the famous director and creator of award winning documentaries such as Sicko, Bowling for Columbine and Fahrenheit 9/11 through his website at or you can email him directly at [protected]

    I know that this is a long shot, but it doesn't hurt to try. Maybe if enough people write to him, he will pay attention to us. He is a brilliant man. I believe he's the kind of person that personally reads his emails and will help if he can!!! So try it!!! You have nothing to lose. Meanwhile, the main goal is to inform people. If you see someone getting lured into Bally's, try to stop them from going in. The more people that knows about this, the more Bally's will lose business. Once they can't save themselves, they will realize what they have done wrong to have flushed their entire corporation down the toilet.


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  • As
    ask me Jul 11, 2009

    Get a doctors note have the doctor back date it to 3 days after your enrollment it would be canceled and you would be refunded.

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  • So
    Sobotka Dec 26, 2009

    According to Bally's you have to mail in a request to them.

    I also tried to cancel my automatic deductions from my bank account. I was told that it was taken care of and that I would receive an email. I am still signed up for the automatic deductions. I was told that there was a way to cancel the membership on the website, but no luck.

    Bally's is a scam. I should be able to cancel a membership in person or over the phone or online. I am sure that if I get the forms to mail in they will be lost or it will take weeks to process, and I will continue to be charged.

    Bally's gym membership is a scam- will not allow cancel membership scam
    Bally's gym membership is a scam- will not allow cancel membership scam
    Bally's gym membership is a scam- will not allow cancel membership scam
    Bally's gym membership is a scam- will not allow cancel membership scam

    I usually Google for scams. I have heard that 24-Hour fitness was a pain to quit, but this is ###. If there are enough complaints against Bally online they will have to change this process.

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  • Nn
    nnsmith123 Feb 07, 2010

    bally fitness is a complete SCAM. they would not cancel my membership and i had to file a complain with better business bureau. less then a week i got a call from bally representative saying that they will cancel my membership. i ask them to sand me a letter stating this as i don't believe one word from this lairs. they did send me the letter right away and i have it just in case. but i am so thankful to BBB services for contacting bally and canceling my membership, there services are completely free, as they work for the government. but beside the point we need to close down all bally location as they are scamming people off. pls people write your complains there more complains there are more sooner some action will be taken against bally.

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  • Ru
    ruixin Feb 27, 2010

    They put up the TV commercial to bragg about their 7-day trial period. I signed up the trial, and went to the Bay Hill club in Orlando FL. The manager started with the line of i gave him fake name and fake number. I thought he was joking. Unfortunately, he didn't. Since I am visiting, my Driver's Licence was issued by IL. The so-called manager said he could not redeem the pass because of their club policy. I responded that the website mentioned nothing about this type of out-of-town situation. He refused to honor the membership. What a joke. Why an unethical company still exist?! Shouldn't the legal systme do something about it? They are ridiculous!

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  • La
    lalalong Apr 27, 2010

    I totally agree with the ballys complaints...i really want them to burn in hell...this might be a rough statement, but they stole my hard earned money...they called me and offered a discount on my membership if I pre-paid for a whole year. I had to cancel my membership early because i was never using the place. They said i couldn't because i had to have moved where there wasn't a ballys over 25miles away from where i live for them to cancel. RIDICULOUS!!! I never received the terms and agreement in the mail, and they failed to mention the cancelation policy over the phone when the offered the discount. i got tired of arguing with them, and just left it alone. I could have save at least $600, because I pre-paid about $1200 for my year membership. I don't want this to happen to anyone else...and ballys needs to go down...make them disappear...

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  • An
    AngryinTexass Apr 28, 2010

    I am so enraged right now! I can not believe they are still able to operate! I was completely swindled and I am so mad at myself but I felt as big of a corporation as they are I should have been able to trust them. When I joined I told the douche sales guy that I was moving in less than 2 months. He said that I could cancel at any time. He never pointed out or mentioned that they membership agreement I was signing & would be locked into was for 3 long years! I tried to cancel once I moved since there was not a Bally facility close by. They said I had to be over 25 miles from one to cancel. I was 23 miles. This is 2 years ago when gas was over $3 a gallon. Who in their right mind is going to drive 23 miles at $3 a gallon? No one!!! I went on the customer service page & emailed what had happened. I called the location I had signed up at & the girl I spoke to promised the District Manager would call me back. Nothing. I have paid nearly $50 a month for something I do not use. I am now unemployed & pregnant. Do they care? No. But because of my 'situation' the customer service rep I called said he would allow me to do a settlement. I will now pay $330 instead of $500+ for the rest of the year. But I had to pay half today and the remaining balance 30 days from now. This is completely wrong!!! I told the rep I had sent emails, called, etc trying to cancel. He said since I let it go this long there was nothing I could do. I said I sent emails!!! Nothing was done. He said "Yes, I see you sent something in October of 2008 but you let it go this long." Oh really? So they DID in fact receive that complaint?!?! But one responded!!! Ugggghhhh I am so disgusted & furious. So for anyone inquiring whether to join Ballys? DON'T DO IT!!! Anyone in this predicament- ask for a settlement. To Bally's- Thanks for RIPPING me off & having zero sympathy!

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  • Ra
    rameshm2 May 11, 2010

    last year my wife signed up for a non commitment program. when she went to cancel they told her that she has a two year contract. we canceled the credit card, and they sent her to collection agency for $475. I have repoted them to attoney general in state of ct. and hopefuly they'll do something about that. these people are blood sucking [censor] of the earth. I actually wanted to go to police station and get a permit to go in front of their door with a banner and protest. maybe I'll do it

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  • Va
    Varkess May 21, 2010
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    I have been a member of Bally Total Fitness for about three years. I have decided to cancel my membership due to personal reasons a while ago. I have sent an e-mail through their webiste, sent a letter requesting the cancellation by postal mail; then sent another letter via registered mail. All I received after months of efforts to cancel was a bill for all these months! I have paid that bill as well although I had requested them to cancel my membership months ago. I still have not heard from them and I have not received a letter indicating that my membership is terminated! It is a very irresponsible company who is advertising wildly for future customers while mis-treating a very loyal customer like myself! They deserve a legal lawsuit I am afraid. I could have gotten a divorce much faster! They need to review their policies! You can do everything on line, but I cannot cancel my membership online. I cannot even cancel it on by registered mail! Theyare charging me for nothing simply by ignoring myr equest! I feel like I have been trapped, and I will be telling everyone not to enroll what so ever if I do not hear from them very soon!

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  • It
    I TELL IT HOW I SEE IT Jan 09, 2011

    One Question For Everyone! DID YOU READ WHAT YOU SIGNED! If you signed without reading it.. OH WELL! All contract have a "cancelation" policy and state the term. And anything you send to them "to cancel", send it certified return receipt! Cancelling your credit card won't cancel your account either!

    And to Rameshm2... Cancelling your credit card won't cancel your contract. It simply stopped Bally's from billing your credit card! And they have every legal right to send your account to "collections" The AG will want to see a copy of your "orgional" contract, if it states 2 years, guess what it's for 2 years. And, I can guarentee it has automatic renewals. Go right ahead and stand in front of the store and "protest". . Oh and by the way, you don't go to the police to get a permit to protest, you go to the court house! It's the police who can and will come and arrest you!

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