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Huge disappointment!

I had my children's book published by Balboa Press. The the whole process of publishing my book became a deeply disillusioning and disappointing experience.

I feel like I was being robbed of the joy that publishing my book was supposed to bring me. I've got so depressed and disillusioned with this whole experience that I couldn't bring myself to write about it earlier. However, I did write two complaint letters to which I received no answer. I was totally ignored which is deeply disappointing.

When I signed up, I was assured that my vision for my book will be fully realized by Balboa Press. However, there are so many limitations regarding the printing that the whole thing went wrong. I was promised that it will be printed on glossy paper; I discussed this and I was assured that it will be done. Yet, it wasn't. Alas.

I did complain about this and after so many emails, messages and phone calls I received my books printed on glossy paper, however, there are white pages at the beginning and end of the book that don't look good at all. No one offered to rectify this issue. I was left alone with the results I wasn't happy about.

I'm deeply, deeply disillusioned and disappointed with the Balboa Press because when I was signing up I was promised my full satisfaction which never happened.

Another issue that adds to my unfortunate experience and deep disappointment is the social media advertising carousel that was supposed to be created and for which I paid substantial amount of money; this is just done to take big money from people and deliver almost nothing. Huge rip off!

From the beginning, even before I signed the contract with Balboa Press, I was assured that everything would go according to my vision for the book, that "I will be happy" and satisfied with the results. These were the words uttered by the person I spoke with at the beginning of my journey with Balboa Press.

Everyone assured me that everything will be done properly. So, I trusted these words. I trusted that my vision for my book will be fulfilled by Balboa Press. Now, I'm deeply disappointed.

What I was told was incorrect and misleading; I was given the wrong information which is very upsetting to me.

Signing up with Balboa Press is an expensive venture, so good quality service is expected, and when it is not delivered, it's very disappointing.

In addition, the communication was very poor; I sent emails, left voicemails, and no one was getting back to me for long time. Very unprofessional.

I must say that the only "nice" people I encountered were those in positions to make me sign up for things, to take money from me; after that the customer service was extremely poor. I feel cheated out of the huge amounts of money.

Considering my very, very disappointing experience with the Balboa Press I cannot recommend Balboa Press to anyone and even I have to warn people to spare them disappointment that I suffered.

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