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Last night I went to the A&W restaurant at 3030 Capitol Avenue in Sacramento CA to purchase the buy one get one free Papa Burger meal which is currently the Tuesday special. I also purchased a side of mashed potatoes & gravy. This was a take out order at approximately 9:40 pm.
When I got home My husband & I noticed that the burgers had just mayonnaise on them, not the Papa Burger sauce that usually comes on it. Neither myself or my husband cares for mayonnaise. I tried to scrape off the mayonnaise, but it was a disaster. I ended throwing it away. My husband couldn't eat his at all. The food server also instead of fries, put old wedge fries instead which were dry & hard.
Long story short, we love A&W and frequent your establishment almost every week for the weekly special We were typically happy with the service until last night.
Well, my husband went into the store today & the manager was very rude & only offered one Papa Burger & not two because he only presented one of the burgers that was available to return.
I just don't understand that kind of service. I've also been in the food industry for many years & have never treated a customer that way. My husband and I aren't looking for a free meal. I purchased to meals that were supposed to have the Papa sauce on them, but instead put mayonnaise, therefore pretty much ruining our dinner experience. I believe that we should have been compensated for two burgers without hesitation AND without needing to bring back any burgers. I can be reached at [protected]
Thank you

Jun 12, 2019
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  • Al
      Jun 12, 2019

    You obviously ate the food so you do not deserve compensation. You are just a liar trying to score a free meal. Should have bought the burgers back. Why didn't you? Obviously because you ate them. You eat them you pay for them. Cannot afford to eat out make your own burgers or visit a soup kitchen. If both burgers were not eaten you should have brought them BOTH back. The manager was not rude. Just because someone refuse to do something for you does not mean that they were rude. The manager knows that you were lying and ate one burger. Perhaps you tried this before. They cannot just compensate anyone and everyone who does not bring the uneaten food back. if they did everyone would pull the same scam as you, eat the food, claim there was an issue and demand compensation. Then they ould go out of business.

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