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Sep 28, 2019

I am writing with respect to an Avon representative by the name of Terri Heffernen, Gold Coast Avon. She administers a support page on Facebook for people who suffer from Spinocerebellar Ataxia. She has used her Avon page to harass and abuse me— a brief member of the group after I blocked... / avon representative

Sep 25, 2019

Avon.comI placed an order with an Avon rep weeks ago but when the order came even tho I paid full price for my order 3 hair dyes were missing from my order, the representative I contacted said they hadn't come with the order and she had re ordered them for the next order but weeks passed with no... / anew product packaging

Sep 16, 2019

I have a comment regarding the jars used for your Anew products. I feel that the jars trap too much product on the underside of the rim(s). I can't help but believe that they are made this way to sell you more product. I got down to the end of my two jars and have been using a Qtip to... / stacey macray

Aug 13, 2019

I would like to complain about a Avon representative and I would like to go unknown I have wanted to order from Avon over £70 worth of goods and this person who lives in Horsforth called Stacey Macray is refusing to order anything over £50 I have worked for Avon my self and even I know there... / pink bag

Aug 13, 2019

I bought a bag from Avon distributor it lasted a week got torn apart bringing it back to a distributor is hard because they say they can't do anything about it .I bought it at R370 that's to much to lose my name is Patricia my Email address is [protected] Please attend to my... / gold glitter flip flops

Jul 26, 2019

I bought the flip flops for a holiday in May this year, I wore them about 3 times on holiday and not much since as I keep them for hols ! Ian going away again I'm sept! But in this hot weather I have worn them 4 times ! The actual strap has come away from the shoe making them impossible to... / avon gutts cycle

Jun 14, 2019

Sir I am om Arsod. I want to tell that I brought a gutts cycle and my cycle was broken the rod then I visit cycle shop where I taken this cycle then that shop man tell that you have cycle bill I said no then he said that without bill I can not help so my cycle was taken about 6 mouths over... / avon

Apr 24, 2019

Someone used my wife's ID number to sign up with Avon Colombia over the phone. This person did not need to show any identification to Avon Colombia. Avon Colombia gave this person credit and sent them Avon Colombia products without any verification. When my wife found she had reported to... / smooth moves: anti-cellulite cooling gel

Apr 16, 2019

Good morning, First let me start by saying I have been using Avon products for years. I am 62 years old and this is the very first time I have been unhappy with a product. Just wanted to give my review/complaint regarding anti-cellulite gel. I brought 2 tubes and used as directed. After... / christmas bubble bath

Mar 07, 2019

Avon.comMe and my daughter used this product in the bath and when we got out I noticed I was very red and sore like I was sun burnt also my daughter was red aswell. Had to apply cream to myself straightaway as it hurt very much my little girl was crying it was not a nice experience. I would like... / teresa ledford

Oct 22, 2018

I had to call her 6 times to give my order to her. That was September 26, 2018. I still have not received my order. I just tried to call her to check on it and it went to voice mail. I have had trouble with her for years. In my opinion she does not need to represent Avon if she treats all...

Product: Avon Bronzing pearls: Radiant Glow / bronzing pearls radiant glow variant

Oct 09, 2018

Product: Avon Bronzing pearls: Radiant GlowHi, Why do you keep reformulating? I understand cost is a factor but the reason I chose this shade is because it is pink and replaces need for blush. Why do you make everything nude. Sometimes tan skin needs a pop of colour. Even when I don't use foundation I use this radiant glow bronzer... / territories

Sep 25, 2018

My young daughter has just had a baby and wanted to make a little pocket money so paid £15 to start with Avon, got her territory and put books out. She then received an abusive call from another rep saying she'd done the area for 15 years. Complained to rep who signed her up and got a new territory...

Avon / ridiculous

Sep 11, 2018

Good day I am extremely upset as to how this orders are working, I make sales every month and get you people money in, and my customers are increasing every month. But now I have to pay R597 just to release my order because I have exceeded my limit, why is this? Why do we have to make... / service

Sep 01, 2018

Avon.comI just wanted to say thatthe company has to keep check on its members . One week ago I have ordered 30 products from Avon .in which only 2 products have manufacturing date of 2018 and rest are expiry either are of 2016 or 2013 . I asked the lady(ur Avon member) to change it but she refused... / anew clinical thermafirm face cream

Aug 31, 2018

I received this product as a gift from a friend who sells Avon. I could not figure out why I was waking up in the middle of the night with my face and neck itching horribly. I've been to an allergist, prescribed steroids, but the itching, hives and cherry red skin lasted for weeks. My... / statement hoop earrings

Aug 29, 2018

I love Avon earrings, I saw the Statement Hoop Earrings in one of the Avon books, I really liked them, and purchased them, however once I received them I found that they are very heavy. Rather than go through the hassle of trying to get a refund (since they were back ordered or something... / duplicated orders delivered redelivered for months

Aug 25, 2018

Please see a. [protected]. Orders made error made - months of goods depulicsted trpulated, surplus goods redelivered over and over again. No orders made so to clear backlog and sort account eg extra charges. Restarted ordering eg of brochures then receiving duplicated brochure. Staff no... / services

Aug 23, 2018

Hi i would like to make a complaint about the service i recieved from someone who works for Avon there names are Kim Young and Louise Mason i went to place an order and they were very rude to me it wasn't goid service and i would like them delt with it has put me off ordering from Avon in... / service

Aug 22, 2018

Avon.comi made an order at the beginning of august i still have had no answer to my emails aboit my delivery . i emailed avon customer services to be told try again with the againt. its now been a month no contact. o order items in the sale and the penny offer which os all finished now . i told...

Avon / wrong order

Aug 06, 2018

Hi I've been in contact with avon for few weeks now I placed an order with rep she gave me wrong order so I text her on number provided on order form I was told she would sort it then I contacted your team who keep telling me they'll get back to me I've produced my bank... / Avon PLANET SPA Greek Seas Soothing Eye Treatment

Aug 03, 2018

I had to heal skin contamination after use Avon PLANET SPA Greek Seas Soothing Eye Treatment After opening the cosmetic did not notice anything special. after use, the skin began to bake, tears flew from the eyes, the whole skin was red. I went to the doctor, I got an antibiotic and I... / sandals

Jul 27, 2018

Avon.comI've purchased some sandles from Avon which I've had some before, just want to inform you the mess it's made of my feet. I've returned them to my rep and got a refund but I wanted to make you aware it in case it happens to others. They have caused like burn marks which could possibly scar this puts me off buying shoes from the company in the future. / avon dealer

Jul 20, 2018

Avon.comHi.. This is Bhavya Gangwani from delhi(India)I had a very bad experience with an Avon dealer named Nidhi khanna( delhi-India). She is so annoying... She made fake promise to deliver free gift (Deo) with a purchase above 3000inr... I purchased products for 3500 approx including shipping...

Avon / skin so soft bug guard spf 30 sunscreen

Jul 16, 2018

AvonI used this product yesterday on my son and I - we are both burnt lobsters now. Not only that, a drop came out onto my middle console in my bran new (less than 3, 000 miles) vehicle and has ruined it. When I tried to wipe it up the plastic came off and now my console in my bran new car i... / delivery driver

Jul 06, 2018

Avon.comHello i live at number 47 brookside drive in blurton stoke-Trent one of your delivery drivers was dropping stuff of for the people upstairs there is an ally way which I have to use to get to my front door there isn't much space anyway and the person upstairs doesn't care that I have to...

Avon / failure to send me my credit of $95.00 in my representative account.

Jun 27, 2018

I was an Avon Representative in great standing until Feb. 2018, I requested my credit of $95.00 in my account since I was not continuing after 2 successful years and as of now still waiting. I have made several attempts and the customer service rep. gives me one excuse after another but NO... / never received product/no refund

Jun 25, 2018

I ordered from a representative in my area as well as my mother for a total of $60 in product. I was given an expected arrival date from my rep stating that it would be delivered to our doorstep. When we never received it our rep stated that it had gotten shipped to her address and... / kids avon spf 50 sun cream

Jun 13, 2018

Avon.comMy 2 year old has had a very bad reaction to your suncream on his face! I have used other brands and they do not effect him, its just your Avon product. It actually looks like burns on his face! I am not happy at all and I hope to god that it doesn't scar him! He is in a little pain with... / your customer service - [protected]

Jun 04, 2018

Avon.comWe received a text from avon for the first time, reminding my mom to pay for the past due, so they will cancel any legal action. My mom paid alreasy the amount to her dealer/manager nielde. So we asked her, what other possible charges that we failed to pay, she said, maybe its the penalty... / unknown account on my name

May 14, 2018

Im gift mnisi. Cell nuber0798356159. On the 12 march I applied for a loan at capitec, to my suprice I was told that im black listed by Avon. The sad part is that I never had an account with them. When I try to find out from avon they told that I do have an account, nd they check the... / my account locked

Apr 18, 2018

Hi my name is isabella wagner. I payed everything back. Can i ask why im not aloud to sign into my account. I did appoligize for my actions. I really want to go into my account. I need answers to why i cant have my account unlocked. and please can you answer me back at my e mail at [protected] thanks i really appreciate it. Thanks so much. / avon

Apr 17, 2018

My representative Darlene Cayer @ 607 The Eastmall unit #11 is very rude, she gets my orders wrong and she gives me the evil look when I go to her house to pick up my order. She is also using avon to pressuring ederly women to buy from herto rob them. She also says she will deliver my...

Avon Representative / paige hindle, sale she representative

Apr 17, 2018

In December I bought various stuff, including a face mask. The mask was advertised at 3 for £7 or £4 each so I ordered n paid for 3! I received my order after Christmas with only 1 face mask :/ but I have PAID for 3. I messaged Paige which she said wasn't her fault (as a sales rep she as no... / representatives

Mar 29, 2018

I am a new representative to Avon, since day one I have had nothing but problems with the specialist. My orders either come incomplete, put on hold or they claim i didn't order certain products. For campaign 7 I had to place 3 separate orders because they botch up my orders. They charge me... / credit due me... not received after repeated calls since early feb/18

Mar 15, 2018

01/28/18 date of order... receipt #rec-3790522... Product #1224634... Classic watch @ 29.99...[this was a partial credit due me from a previous order that was returned]... Along with the watch, I ordered a pair of earrings, which I kept. I really like the watch but when I tried to shorten the...

Avon / jeans

Feb 20, 2018

I ordered a pair jeans black 23 pound the fastner broke I liked them so I was r placed by new pair only wore them once ..and they I said I will have refund that was in November of last year..I've not herd from them..I phoned customer service with no help.clhoe was her name.please... / credit card fraud

Feb 14, 2018

February 13, 2018; My name: Michelle Cecil My phone # [protected] My email: [protected] My credit card was charged $2544.00 but it should have been $25.44. The owner said Avon didn't do credits and there was nothing she could do. I have repeatedly called Avon asking for help. No...

Avon / I am complaining about a lipsy watch

Feb 14, 2018

AvonI baught a lipsy watch from the clearence deals the watch is broken wich means i am left with something that is of no use and out of pocket please can i have a replacement or refund.i asked your representative if she could return it but because it was from clearence deals she said that wa... / non delivery of skin so soft dry oil, paid for aug.2017, complaint sent in sept, then the following e-mail in october. to date no response.

Feb 04, 2018

Good Day, The following e-mail, to which I have had no reply, was sent to you months ago.It was not the first that I had sent. I am still abroad, and am told by family that the items I ordered and paid for have still not been delivered. As I am back in the UK next week, I trust that they...