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Avon.com Complaints & Reviews

Avon.com / misrepresentation regarding order and credit to avon representative

NatashaMathews on Jan 11, 2018
My family friend, Mrs Guylaine Ohadi has been a loyal Avon representative for 8 years. This letter is to detail a complaint with regards to Avon Corporate's poor treatment of Guylaine Ohadi, Avon representative id 09562078, as a long-standing representative, as well as the poor and...

Avon.com / stellar umbrella

Cherrylyn02 on Jan 1, 2018
Hi po good day.. my concern lang po sana ako.. Sana po mbigyan ng pansin.. Please lng po.. Dealer po aq d2 sa gumaca branch sa Quezon.. Nag P. o po ako nung dec. 6 ng item.. Ksma po sa p. o. ko ang stellar na umbrella ung folding, that time mrami stocks, ang problema po kasi nakalimutan ko po...

Avon.com / getting charged and debt letters for nothing

CharlotteB96 on Dec 16, 2017
I have recently started getting harassed by letters stating I owe £35.87 and now these so called charges have risen to £50.87. I don't owe anything to Avon and I have never ordered from Avon. I feel like I am being threatened with these letters, especially when they don't state what these...

Avon / delivery

Nessa Lee on Dec 7, 2017
I Put I I Avon Order in On 01/12/2017 got a sms monday with balance to be paid on 04/12/2017 I went and paid it on 04/12/2017. Its 07/12/2017 still no sms saying its been invoiced, still no sms saying it will be delivered.Phoned Avon this morning just to be told that it has NOT been...

Avon.com / avon

nom6 on Dec 5, 2017
My name:nomalanga sanna dlamini, acc 103093214.My october delivery was so late that i received invoice sms and 10 days passed without any delivery until i phoned avon and complained then they reffered me to fast and furious where they gave me 3 different answers that the driver said i...

Avon.com / out of stock (hyderabad) india-60000670188

Mrutunjaya Gantayat on Nov 29, 2017
Below mention products are not available.entire month in india(hyderabad) 23373 6 LBD BODY LOTION 200ML Rs319 Rs1, 914 Out Of Stock 11 27244 2 SP NE RESTG 5ML NAVY BLUE defaultvalue Rs60 Rs119 Out Of Stock 11 27229 2 SP NE RESTG 5ML PNK FANTASY defaultvalue Rs60 Rs119 Out Of...

Avon.com / kelsy huard

Thatperson on Nov 25, 2017
Please remove Kelsy Huard from Bathurst, New Brunswick from your avon team. She is giving horrible customer service tarnishing the company's reputation in many ways. I and many others will no longer be ordering due to this woman being a terrible Avon representative. She will...

Avon.com / one of your employees

Gypsydoll on Nov 21, 2017
I called in my campaign 18 order last Wednesday the 15th and I should have received it like iv always did on Monday the 21st but did not receive, and when my orders didn't come today I called Avon to find out what had happened to my orders and I was informed that they were NOT submitted...

Avon.com / late fees and overcharging

Brookekirley on Nov 1, 2017
I'm being charged an extra late fee for one day when called up and said i'm paying the next day I don't make one cent i'm putting my own kids to keep it going but no more iv done it for a year now i'm done any most of the quality it really but I didn't customers that because I won'ted to...

Avon.com / representative

Jessicarowlands on Nov 1, 2017
I have ordered from Avon's Catolouge a couple of times, but the first time I didn't receive my eyeshadow palette that I had ordered which was out of stock and I was assured that I would have it in the next order. When the next order came I still hadn't received my eye shadow palette which...

Avon.com / never received my payment

avonbystep on Oct 17, 2017
In June I over paid on my account and asked Avon to send my money on a gift card or check which they say they mailed a check out June 22, but I never received it. I have contacted Avon numerous time regarding this only to be told they have escalated and to call back in 24 hours. This ha...

Avon.com / avon support manager and customer services

Bustybakersfield on Oct 16, 2017
Hi am an Avon representative in Nottingham for 4 years and now I am getting mistreated as field support manager as she keeps ingoring my emails and keep telling me to contact customer services as they are not helpful. I contacted Avon to put me under a payment agreement to still receive my...

Avon.com / anew transforming mascara

ClaireGiles on Oct 13, 2017
Hi, Iv been buying this product for a while and my lashes seem to be much thicker and longer, the last one I bought seems to have done the opposite, my lashes are smaller than when I started, I emailed Anew and they said to Email you as this was your product ! It's quite expensive to buy...

Avon.com / avon ultra shiny tubes - gloss ulta brilliant. plum rush

SelamolelaPC on Oct 3, 2017
Hi guys . I have this little incident that need help from you . Well I'm an Avon user. Body sprays, body/hand lotions, accessories, face cream and mouth lips stick . Well I bought this "Avon Ultra Shiny tubes - Gloss ULTA brilliant " its reacting on my lips . It's get itchy and dry and sore...

Avon.com / unprofessional staff with a foul mouth

vanzz on Sep 29, 2017
Good day. My mother is a dealer in your Avon branch in Apalit Pampanga. She was unable to pay just a month of her LOAN due of busy schedule. With that one of your staff called me to tell me to let my mom pay because my mother is hiding from the company with a very arrogant tone. I believe...

Avon.com / avon representative - christine ivens

KO1 on Sep 12, 2017
Your Avon Representative is making serious racial slurs on Facebook. Is this the kind of people you have representing your company? I don't think I will be making any purchases from Avon with people like this working for you. I would post what she wrote on Facebook but it's too disgusting. She...

Avon.com / customer service/specialists

VW4 on Sep 8, 2017
Your customer service is absolutely horrible! I have called 3 times about Avon living magalogs that I have ordered and have gotten no where! The first time I called (Saturday August 26, 2017) your "specialist" told me I didn't order any with my C21 customers orders. So I got off of the...

Avon.com / delay in products delivery

Prateek9897 on Sep 5, 2017
Hello, I placed an order on the 31st August 2017 and informed it will be delivered within 24-72 hrs. Its been more than 120 hrs and the customer services agent has noted down a complaint with a tat of another 24-72 hrs. My customers are eaiting for their products. It's really disappointing to tell them one more day over and over. Prateek New Delhi

Avon.com / avon in saudi arabia

Dr. May on Aug 28, 2017
Dear Sir, I'm old customer of Avon, resident in Riyadh . Recently I ordered several products before Eid (Islamic annual holiday). These products I neeeded them urgently this week. They were expected to be delivered today (28/8/2017) but surprisingly they weren't delivered. When asked, the...

Avon.com / mark intense kohl longwear eyeliner

LeanneGanas on Aug 14, 2017
I just received my order of the Mark Intense Kohl Longwear Eyeliner... I tried a few strokes on my eye lid and it is so soft that it started to crumble... I then tried to sharpen it and it just breaks... This is just a waste of my money... And everytime I place a order for the blakest black...

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