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Avon.com Complaints & Reviews

Avon.com / $300 nursing home credit

Jeeribates on Jul 17, 2017
I've complained to the state twice already I will be making the 3rd. Your representative comes in my mother's nursing home and she gives people with no income credit. Hundreds of dollars a bill's family members a badgered to pay. The people's open them used them warn them. She's a horrible...

Avon.com / jeanpierre bongiovi

Lylamua on Jul 2, 2017
Jeanpierre is doing very bad business. Hes a fake and a phony. He hired me on false pretense and changed the terms of my compensation after. Visit his store to purchase Ideal Flawless Foundation. Its expired. Part of my job at his store was to alter packaging to obscure expiration dates by...

Avon.com / ordered lotion and didn't get it or my money back

Elizabeth Monroe on May 28, 2017
I ordered 2 body lotions on March 17, 2017 and I paid for them. She didn't give a paper on the order. I haven't gotten my lotion or my money back. I call her but she doesn't answer. I don't have her email. She is Kathy Engels in Terre Haute, Indiana. Her number is 812-262-3882. I hope you...

Avon.com / avon uk

Marie xx on May 17, 2017
Ordered an apparel pack for 18 pound, paid for it but was wrong size so rep returned it without refunding. This was beginning of March, the rep keeps saying Avon are sending the wrong size but will be here next campaign. I have now requested my money back and the Rep says she will refund when...

Avon / lip gloss complaint

Charlcraig on May 16, 2017
Good day hope this email finds you well. I'd like to complain/bring to your attention that I've purchased from an Avon agent last month. When I used it the first time it made my lips feel like a tingling and burning sensation but none the less I didn't think much of it, but...

Avon.com / deliveries and payment

Dowl on Jan 27, 2017
I recently had to go into hospital and advised Avon that I would not be sending in a c ampaign 3 order but would send a campaign 4 order in which i did on time before going to hospital. I therefore expected to receive my order today. they knew as I had e mailed and telephoned that I wa...

Avon Products, Inc. / 2 watches and a handbag

whatever on Jan 16, 2017
I hereby would like avon to acknowledge that the quality of their watches and handbags are of very low quality. I recently bought a blue watch and now the belt have torn. Firstly it happened to my other watch that was maroon in color and also the maroon handbag with fur the quality of it...

Avon / service of avon

Ameerah on Dec 29, 2016
I am trying to join avon team to become a representative in order to sale avon and earn. Im living in jeddah ksa. I have submit many times my request but avon had not yet replied me.. Always I recieve a msg that your request sent successfully but then no email by avon. Kindly register me...

Avon / I never received 48 pieces of items order nor refund

Jasmine22 on Dec 27, 2016
I became a Avon rep a while back because I enjoyed their products and needed a way to assist me in paying my way through university. But that was a big mistake. I placed a huge order which cost me over us $350 and did not receive not one single item from that order I made. Called in to...

Avon / annoyed with avon rep!!!

CariThomas007 on Nov 29, 2016
I had a nasty experience with avon representative named dawn storer, whitland. She was rude and abusive on the phone when I rang about my order before line went dead. I called to see where my order was as I ordered over a month ago. Dawn shouted swearing and refused to give me refund. I am...

Avon / avon rep. not doing order correctly.

Marsha Thomas on Nov 3, 2016
Avon representative, never had this happen before with this rep. I'm her helper and have done so since 2008 But this time I ordered some things off the demo pages, and like eyeshadow quads were $2.99 and she charged me $3.50, and I ordered the ss treble cleft necklace $11.99 and she charged me...

Avon / credit limit increase and short deliveries

Desiree Goslett on Oct 25, 2016
I'm a representative for avon and require a credit increase as december 2016 is coming up and orders will be high. I have contacted avon regarding the credit limit increase and they declined due to the fact that I had two late payments. My complaint is: we as reps have to get sales and...

Avon Products, Inc. / poor services for their reps

Dineo Sishi on Aug 10, 2016
I ordered things on Avon as I usually do on monthly basis, I received a box sealed and with my invoice they actually charged me things that were not even packed in the box, each item was 139.99 each broucher price, I immediately called them to alert them, they said they will include them...

Avon Products, Inc. / rep

Formeravonrep on Jun 22, 2016
Run dont walk away from this mlm scam. You cannt make money. I have been selling avon on and off since 1996. Used to be you could make a nice modest amount of cash. No more. You never know what level of commision you will get stuck with. Avon fee's you to death. The products are cheap and...

Avon Products, Inc. / account and pathetic service from agents

Lavernconsses on May 6, 2016
On the 29 march an item was returned to avon sales leader and from there go to the manager for the items to be returned it is now the 06.05.2016 and still avon insists the they have not received the item of which I have the proof that is was returned to an avon sales rep whether the...

Avon / avon deal of a day

dabywong on Apr 24, 2016
Have security issue happening!!! I am an avon lady and starts buying avon deal of the day a month ago, everything find is like submitting avon orders through the avon deal of a day. But three days ago, it is not! I found out someone is using my id and email to submit avon deal of a day...

Avon / representative support

Reviewer83051 on Dec 27, 2015
Hi. I signed up for Avon back in July, and was loving it, and GOOD at it, until 4 months later, I lost my "leadership status" which means I can never go anywhere or earn decent money, for a reason Avon cannot give me. Yet, I still receive leadership earnings statements, of $0, can't...

Avon / inventory

ShannonMarie on Dec 15, 2015
I did Avon twice w/in 10 years and lost money both times. The biggest problem I had was the fact that practically every order I placed there were products that were "out of stock". How can that happen so often? By the time I paid for the catalogs, samples, orders and gas (deliveries), I...

Avon Canada / selling avon products - don't do it

Reviewer85152 on Oct 11, 2015
I just started selling Avon again after 19 years. wow.. things are really horrible now. They charge 1.50$ per brochure and they charge for samples for us to sell their products which is a terrible thing. We have to pay to sell their products. They also charge us shipping now. That i...

Avon / survey

Mz. Terrell on Sep 8, 2015
On september 8, 2015. I placed an order with avon. At the end of the order I was asked to fill out a survey by bizrate. I completed the survey. At the end of the survey it offered me a $100 worth of complimentary magazines. I took my time selecting the ones I wanted. By the time I was ready...

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