AvMed Complaints & Reviews

Avmed / horrible, disgusting, unprofessional customer service

Nov 09, 2018

I am disgusted by the lack of interest in providing quality customer service by a so called Linda in the intake/clinical review team. I am shocked. I have never felt so unsatisfied with an insurance company's customer service that I don't even know how to begin or what to say. I am...

Avmed / lack of customer service

Oct 17, 2018

very bad service takes for ever to get a rep. The rep took fo ever to get my info He could not even provide. fax number for Dr to get authorization. Had to look it up, than put me on hold to ask someone for it! Never came back on the line. I spent three days previously trying to get...

Avmed / unprofessional customer service representative

Oct 17, 2017

Date: 10/17/2017 I called 2 times and held for over 10 minutes each time. I spoke with a representative by the name of Carla in the provider services department who would ask what I was calling about and then rudely directed me to the website. Upon trying to navigate through the website...

Avmed / dr santiago - florida hospital physicians group - tampa

Sep 20, 2017

I have been going to this office for years. Have seen two different doctors who have both left. I called to make my annual appointment, which I need in order to get prescription filled. Was told no other doctors left except Dr. Santiago so I made an appointment with her. The appointment...

Avmed / failure to notify patient of medical test results

Jun 19, 2017

A1077888800 On May 9, 2017, I paid $25 because Doctor Marvin Stein of Margate, Florida detected blood in my urine and he wanted me to have my kidneys and bladder examined with an Ultrasound.I contacted Doctor Stein repeatedly and he and his staff failed to notify me of the test result...

Avmed / Group policy

Feb 08, 2017

Our group has been a loyal client for years with AvMed. For the first time our payment was received late and they canceled our policy. Even after receiving our payment and posting the payment for 2 weeks they refuse to activate our policy until they received a wire transfer! We showed...

AvMed Health Plans / Non payment for medical services

Oct 11, 2016

I've been with AvMed since November of 2015. They have never paid for any of my visits to my PCP or specialists. They also never paid for a liver scan I had this year. The excuse they give is that I have a primary insurance that should be covering those visits. If that is their reasoning...

Avmed / services not paid


AvMed is discriminating against my son. He had the HPV vaccine back in February and April, the next one is August and AvMed is declining payment for them because according to them they only pay for girls not boys. These vaccines are preventive medicine and it should be cover under the...

Avmed / Refused to cover prescription


Due to a job change we have AVMED, I went to the pharmacy to renew a prescription and AVMED refused to cover it. They say I need a form filled out by the doctor. I have run out of the medicine and in pain. I called AVMED and asked for help and what I should do. They recomended I go to the...