Aviva Life InsurancePoor, irresponsible service!

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I have settled my payment on first week of January 07 itself, but still getting reminders for not making payment. I have recently got my account statement which still showing only Jan 06 payment for 18,000 not Jan 07 payment, immediately I spoke to their customer service rep and they agreed the receipt of two cheque and the same has been missed to update my account. The impact of not making payment promptly and also I will lose my credibility and there may also be some financial loss as well. I have got the acknowledgment from my agent (bajaj capital) after I submit cheque for 18,000. I have never expect such an irresponsible service from a reputed insurance company.


  • Wh
    Why name Sep 29, 2012
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    It was plain and simple designed fraud. No point is pointing towards the bankers. So called bancassurer was used because all the frauds and cheats were discredited. So you put a different wrapper. And now even banks face the same fate so you have a finance minister trying to sell insuarnce policies. One simple jaid to the kalyugi day Rama would have saved so many lives. Cheating took away years out of simple people's life so he must be made to pay. There never was anything called 3 years. The fund value shown in illustration was fraud so that a simple agent can be told to teach the customer he will get at least fund value after 3 years. The money never existed dude. Everything this company says and do is laden with lies. He goes back and get a doctor to opine for him to charge more. When you ask for medical reports - he says he does not have it when he was eating on someones blood for so many years. He sends out threats when you ask simple questions. He drives you crazy with his designed loss of common sense. FILTHY and DIRTY..

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  • Am
    AMukherjee May 29, 2012

    AVIVA is the worst Insurance company I have ever seen and heard in my life.
    I started a Policy with you “LBD2105082”, which commenced on 31-07-2008, and this was a 3 year policy with a term of 10 years. Rs. 6250 per quarter, that is Rs. 25, 000/- per year. So the premium submission ended last year, and now that I want to withdraw the amount, AVIVA is harassing me !!!
    I sent my representative three times to 3 branches, Brabourn Road Branch, Salt lake Branch and Park Street Branch and all of them refused to help and send the guy back asking for the bank statement of 2011, but as per Insurance and RBI Law it is not at all necessary, as I have the cancelled cheque of the bank, and my name and account number is printed on the cheque. So this is only sheer harassment.
    Even I talked to their customer care department, and they told there should not be any problem withdrawing the amount. But the guys in those branches of does not seem to be co-operative at all.
    I must say, AVIVA already lost its faith in the market with the worst service they are giving to their customers, and this kind of behavior and attitude only make it worse. If customers like me, find out that they only give importance and attention only when to make a guy start a new policy, and then afterwards just ignore them, then I don’t think this will send a very good impression to the general public about AVIVA. And I also think, they should never hope a customer reference after all these harassments.
    Customers only withdraw an amount when it is needed very much, and if they harass us at that time, then I must say, AVIVA is going to get a very bad customer feedback from now on, and everybody will fear to invest thru AVIVA, or start any policy from AVIVA. And I think they should understand, that, this is the end of their business.

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  • Ba
    balbir singh pola Jan 15, 2012

    I was sold a policy by an aviva agent while i was on holiday in jallander from uk 5 years ago a safe guard policy according to the agent i was to recieve 20 25% every year on the 300, 000 rupees per year premium i have found out now it was totally a big miss selling by the centurion bank of punjab agent aman told me it was for 3 years i now know it is for 10 years i tried to surrender my policy in september 2011 until now but to no effect i put in surrender application 3 times but aviva declines the application without even ringing me or emailing me everytime i ring them i am going round in circles that they will ring me but they never do when i do get the post it comes via finand because of wrong country i paid premium 12, 00000 policy now worth 7 lakh customer service is of the poorest quality i have ever seen in the number of companys i deal with aviva officials treat me as i am the criminal any excuse they can come up with they will try not to pay you your own money this is called day light robbery now the agent aman or aviva are not entertainng my application i will strongly advice future customers to look into the small writings in thepolicy before you get robbed like me con fused unhappy customer

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  • Sa
    Sanjay_k Jun 25, 2011

    Hi All,
    I've first time applied for a product from Aviva, the online term policy i.e. Aviva-i-life. I've paid a premium almost a month back thru internet banking. Still there is no update or committment from them as when actually the Insurance formalities will be completed. I just wating and wating.

    I'll advise if you are going for online term policies, pls try some other insurance company. I've blocked my substantial sum with no assurance as when I'll get the policy or refund.

    -one Helpless buyer

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  • Hi, guys
    Don`t trust AVIVA LIFE INSURANCE they are Fully FRAUD Company, i know that verywell, they all Sales Managers, DPM, BM, frauds, they are qualification is, Master Of Cheating, Master of Forgery, Master of Wost Services, the Specific Branch is Chennai, Nungambakkam Branch, I`m a Advisor they are cheating my Commission 12000, Following the Name of Frauds - Team Manager - Natarajan, the BIGGEST SALES MANAGER LADY FRAUD R.SAVITHA, SHE IS THE MAIN THEIF IN THE BRANCH

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  • Si
    Sidharth Tomar May 25, 2011

    Aviva life insurance is BIG FRAUD!! I have invested a total of 1, 20, 000.00 Rupees since November 2005 in ULIP growth Fund and at the time they sold the investment plan to me they never mentioned the surrender charges that will be applicable till 30 years. Now after deducting the surrender charges they are paying me 79, 500.00 rupees. I was shocked after hearing about the deduction. Aviva cheats its customers. Please spread the word everywhere possible, so that other people do not suffer the way we did.

    Sidharth Tomar

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  • Ra
    rajesh84 Mar 17, 2011
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    Verified customer

    Hi All
    don't trust on aviva life insurance. They are real froad. I have invested rs 1, 10, 000.00 after 4 years they paid me only 78, 000 rs. Don't know what they have deducted for.


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  • Se
    s.e.rehman Nov 16, 2010
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    Verified customer

    Services is very poor, Given the addresses on website is not working conditions, Customer care is not given the satisfactory response or reply


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  • Be
    BeeFree Jun 09, 2010

    My mother's insurance agents name is Tom Bilotti.

    She recently surrendered her policy, and it is crazy that the amount of money the surrrender fee is over half of what she should get back!

    I recently have been informed about how insurance companies only want you DEAD! And want the total of how much value YOU are in our capitalistic society.

    Companies like these all want profit. The more you pay, the more money you lose out of pocket, and making them richer and richer everyday!


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  • Ja
    jaskaran bedi Mar 21, 2010

    Hi All,

    The CENTURIAN BANK people sold me similar Aviva policy, exactly like you. Now when I speak to Aviva Cust Care, They just tell me about 15 days policy return time since you recieve the policy. I explained that it is clearly mis-selling.

    Centurian Bank people never clarified that 3 year time is just Lock-in period and there will be heavy surrender charges for next 10-15 years or more, unless market performs really well. Instead they told me that you will definitely get 15-25% or more returns depending on market after 3 years. As per CENTURIAN BANK experience Market is giving 25-35% returns. Nobody ever told me about surrender charges. The policy documents are not very clear about this information.

    I spoke to Aviva cust care several times but for no good. I visited the Branch managers but no help, except they just try to convince you to pay for another 25-30 years. I even tried to be flexible and asked them if they will allow me to move to some other plan which is not 25-30years long; As I never wanted such a long hopeless plan. It was mis-selling.

    On this the Cust care, E-mail support, Aviva Complains Division and Branch Managers all say one thing in different ways:1. No such movement is not possible as per IRDA guidelines.
    2. The new similar policies have less lock-in period, less Surrender charges and with more flexibilities.
    3. We do agree that CENTURIAN BANK people were doing mis-selling however we have ended our tie up with them. Also the new similar policies which are now sold, Aviva calls New custs 02-03 times within a months to clarify what was told to them and what is reality.

    On this I asked that I never had this previledge of Aviva calls otherwise I will never have invested in such a long plan unknowingly. Aviva says nothing can be done. I asked them that new cust have new policies, why don’t Aviva apply the New poliies to the tenured custs as a Goodwill gesture. Aviva says nothing can be done as IRDA will not allow this.

    I Asked Aviva that CENTURIAN BANK did a major mis-selling to many custs, What Aviva is doing for the benefit of the CHEATED custs? Aviva says we have changed our policies for new custs. I asked, what about the tenured custs or the one who are cheated by CENTURIAN BANK people?

    Aviva says nothing, except they again try to convince you to continue with the plan for 25-30 years, Tell about 15 da Indirectly all of the Aviva staff is saying: whatever happened to you we or AVIVA Dont’CARE, However Aviva will make sure that you will not be able to escape for another 25-30 years. If you don’t make payments or think of surrending policy; AVIVA will make sure that you suffer a Heavy Loss( 50% or even more). So Aviva gains from it as well. Aviva is saying that we don’t care for those to whom the policy was mis-selled. Aviva is changing things for New custs but doing nothing for the tenured custs.

    The Worst Part is that even Aviva accepts that CENTURIAN BANK did a major mis-selling to Aviva custs, Aviva is not at all bothered about those custs, they just want them to pay till they die.

    Also if we do not continously switch the plan regularly when market is on the rise or about to fall, the returns will fall. So whatever huge administrative charges are deducted, in the name of fund managers is all waste. Fund managers are just charging money no reasons. Infact you need to keep an eye on the market.

    Well I like hear something from you all, if there is a wayout?


    J B

    Aviva ULIP Growth fund Policy holder( Long Term)

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  • Se
    seamore Jan 24, 2010

    I agree, Aviva, Crawfords, Insure repair, Asprea, these companies are totally lacking in manners, professionalism, courtesy, understanding, my roof leak caused by storm damage was called in on the 22.1.10(morning) and it is now 24.1.10 (evening), all they have done is to pass me from one lackadaisical company to another more incompetent company.
    How hard is it to arrange for someone to carry out repairs on a roof, all the responses I received were that I would have to arrange and pay for the work to be carried out myself, and that the monies for the work carried out may not be reimbursed.
    Why do I pay these cretins an insurance policy, when they want myself to do their work for them. I have e-mailed who I can just now and the ombudsman too

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  • I have recently had my life insurance policy cancelled without ANY notice. Aviva did not take any money from my account despite me completing NUMEROUS forms, and making numerous phonecalls to them. They blamed my bank for returning the instruction. I chased the bank, they never recieved a request. This happened again and again. I even have a letter saying that it was all their fault and they apologise! I have chased this 8 year old policy again and again, to be told by Ian Sadler this morning that they have cancelled my policy for non payment. However, I can to reapply for insurance if I would like to, but the premuims will be much higher!


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  • Ro
    Rosemarie Boyle Jun 04, 2009
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    Verified customer

    I wanted to check how much my Cash value is right now but I can't even have access to Aviva online. Allianz Life is better as they can be accessed through their website.
    I have been complaining about this to my agent since 4 years ago. They still have not done anything to improve this.

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  • St
    Stephen Pulsford Sep 01, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I received an emal from my Bank saying my check (auto pay) was returned due to a bad address. Did you guys move?

    Policy Number - 10UL227028

    Please send a good address so I can pay you guys.



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  • Ab
    Abdul Ohab Pradhani Aug 04, 2008
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    To, Manager
    I put forward my E-mail address as noted above for registration with my Life Saver -Unit Linked Policy No.:LSG1190424 Client ID:368826
    Commencement 13/10/2005
    Policy Term 15
    for better correspondence. Moreover, i request you to E-mail to me for confirmation infoming growth upto date w, r, t fore said policy. thanks.

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  • Pr
    Pradeep Chaurasia Jun 14, 2007
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    Verified customer

    I had also submitted my policy premium at Aviva branch office at Noida Sec-37, but still after 10 days, I received sms from aviva that my premium is over due 15 days. I als0 write mail to aviva '[email protected]' for confirmation but no response found from there end.

    I don't know, how they manage their premium procedure and customer services.

    It's really frustrating.

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