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Complaints & Reviews

deductible not authorized

On June 12th 2018 my vehicle has been damaged by the faulty overhead door of the Impark Lot 425, 618, 5th Ave SW - Calgary. The adjuster indicated to repair the vehicle at BOYD body shop in Calgary, who returned my vehicle with electrical problems which were later fixed by the auto dealer of the vehicle. During that additional time of repair Aviva refused to pay the rental car but Boyd covered later these expenses.
When I picked up my vehicle from the body shop I had to pay $350.00 for the
deductible although there was no question about the liability of the damage, caused by Impark's faulty overhead door. Impark is a registered business with their own insurance. I contacted Aviva's ombudsmen several times over the year and their excused was that they had to determine the liability, saying that they called Impark leaving a message but nobody returned their call. The last excuse was that they needed the police report which is not the one I filed and that has nothing to do with Impark's insurance.
Aviva did not and is still not representing my interest as their customer and it was an easy way for them just to let me pay for the claim although I am not the guilty one!

Unethical practices and cheating

My father bought two policy of Aviva. While purchasing we paid Rs 75000/- each they first ensured Medical and...

Cheating with Money , Misleading the customers, Poor fund managing

This a copy of mail I have send to the company through their website...

loss of build up insurance

I have been paying a build up insurance with Aviva, previously Allianz for years, £20 per month which after many years I would be paid £15, 000. I needed to cash in a little earlier so I waited until I could get at least £9, 000 which would help with my retirement. When it came to cashing in I was told there was a payment missing and that I I would not now get this amount, but only £2, 000 which is what I had paid. When I checked with my bank, I had missed the payment, but Aviva had not actually taken it from my account although it was there. I got as statement from the bank and sent it to them but to no avail. Even when I wrote to the Ombudsman I lost out. I was completely devastated and still am!!

non payment of my canceled term plan

my propsal no. is nup75335555 of aviva term plan.i have chosen for5o lacs sum assuarance but when I made payment through credit card. I got a call from aviva customer care that they can give me policy of 30 lacs sum.Then I declined the offer and I have been told that my payment will be reverted.But till now I didnot get my payment back.
yashwant kumar

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Policy not received after 10 months

Dear sir,

I have a policy ala3095592. But I am not received my policy documents till date.
I am also call to aviva life customer care no so many times reff no [protected] etc. I am also going your hisar branch and submit a request but no policy documents were received. They asked me your policy documents were delivered to your post office you can get it.
But when I am going to post office and see him speed post no eh293217317in the post man check it and asked me there are no policy documents .
I am request to you please provide me my original policy documents asap.

mohinder singh
h.N. 64, gali no 3
virat nagar
hisar po gangwa
124003 haryana

  • Mo
    mohinder13480 Dec 11, 2012

    Dear aviva ceo,

    if policy was received let me know who was received my policy give me
    the name of reviver. Don’t listen me same story. Give me the proof of
    delivery report of policy.
    Otherwise give me original policy documents or refund my policy
    amount. This is my hard money not a black money.
    Right now I am not believed in your company so I am not making any
    relationship with your fraud company.
    I am again told to you refund my policy amount or original policy documents.
    I thing you have not any power.

    mohinder singh

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  • Av
    Avivaindia Jan 25, 2013

    Dear Mr. Singh,

    Apologies for the inconvenience caused. As a customer centric company, based on your request, we had re-dispatched the policy documents to your correspondence address through speed post on 16.02.2012 vide airway bill number eh365655120in and the same was delivered as per the records.

    As a service gesture, we had also dispatched duplicate policy documents in the month of july 2012 as well.

    We would like to highlight that as the original policy document with the contact stamp and the terms and condition was delivered, it cannot be provided again.

    Please write to us at [email protected], or call us at 1800-180-2266 / 0124-2709046 in case you want any further information. Your reference complaint number is 004-748-981. Please do quote the same when you call.

    customer services team
    aviva india

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Not giving money back


I have taken two policy from AVIVA. both are suddenly got on loss when i have expressed my concern to surrender.

Three months back i have submitted my policy documents with all the records of cancelled checks and all the necessary documents required to surrender the policy for funds to be transferred online in my account.

They are not replying properly and I am in United states and spent few dollars to talk to customer care and everytime customer care say they dont have any information updated on the system.

emailed to customer care CRO for many times. They will keep on avoid funds to be transferred or unnecessarily adding delays.

everytime i get automated email. as defined below. I have many emails for my policy LFG1490505 surrendered three months back.

Dear Mr.Saini UIN: 122L025V02

Thank you for writing to Aviva Life Insurance.

With reference to your email regarding your policy bearing number LFG1490505, we wish to inform you that we have forwarded the request to the respective authorities for further details and will get back to you in 2 days and may we kindly request your good self to bear with us in the interim.

Should you have any further clarifications, you can get in touch with us at any of the touch points mentioned below.

We at Aviva are pleased to serve you. We look forward to building our relationship with you to fulfill all your life insurance needs.

Yours sincerely,
Sanjay Dutt
Customer Advocacy Team
Aviva Life Insurance Co. India Ltd.

We will be happy to hear from you. Allow us to keep in touch on a regular basis by updating your contact details.

: www.avivaindia.com|) 1800–180–2266 / 0124–2709046 |For any query we request you to write @ [protected]@avivaindia.com and for any complaints you can write @ complaints @avivaindia.com

  • De
    determat Jun 05, 2012

    It's sad but most Insurance company are fraud because they don't tell you everything

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  • Aviva_India Jun 18, 2012

    Dear Mr. Saini,

    As discussed telephonically, the refund amount for your policy will be wire transferred to your account and it should be done within the next 3-4 days. Request you to bear with us in the interim.

    In case you have any further concerns, please feel free to get back to us using any of the touchpoints given below. Your complaint reference number is 004-035-870.

    Customer Services Team
    Aviva Life Insurance Co. India Ltd.

    1800–180–2266 / 0124–2709046 | [email protected]

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Maturity Payment

My policy Number RPG1289341 in the name of my wife Mrs K.Sharma matured on 10.07.2011, various forms filled...

Aviva India


For that i have to pay Rs:25, 000/year. I took the same on 30/march/2008 by paying Rs:25, 000/-. During the next year ie: 30/march/2009 i paid the premium of Rs: 25, 000/- as a second year fee.
So totally I invested Rs:50, 000/- The fund value after investing Rs:50, 000/- in my account, was just Rs:24, 000/- I suffered a huge loss in it. When I went for cancellation of the policy they said me tht before three installments (3Dues) I am not supposed to withdraw it seams.
Aft three 3Years i surrendered my policy last week, the bloody person in the office informed me tht the amount of Rs:24, 000/- will be credited to my bank account directly & i was asked to submit the details of the same. I did the same immediately. Aft 2-3 days i got a courier frm them that the address is not updated in their profile so they are not able to process it. [ Sir with out knowing my address how come they send me the courier correctly to me, with out address update how come my address can be printed in my policy sheet].
Again i tuk it to tht bloody person & shouted @ him he said tht I hav to submit address proof, I did the same by the time my fund value became very poor to Rs:17, 000/-.
Ex- finance minister's son heads aviva. I dono Y these Bloody ### peoples are cheating public lyk this... Surely they gona go to HELL ..

  • Av
    Aviva India Jul 01, 2011

    Dear Sir,
    We would like to help address your issue. Please write in to us with your policy details on [email protected] and we will investigate your concern and revert.
    Aviva India

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  • Ni
    nicola connole Jun 03, 2016

    In August 2009, I received a quote from aviva to insure my Ford Ka for a monthly premium of £23.87 on the understanding that I had 9 years protected no claims. Unfortunately, the car I sold for the Ford Ka was in my husbands name and so without realising both family cars were in my name. This error was realised on the 26th September and corrected. Proof that this policy was cancelled and my no claims was sent to aviva who sent me a revised policy confirming my no claims.
    However I did not check my bank details and up until last month, they continued to take out £58.43. They are now saying that I did not meet the agreed criteria, although they have not sent any letter saying this. Customer Care has been extremely inefficient, uninformative and unprofessional.
    Can I demand this money paid back?

    Nicola Connole
    [email protected]

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cheating & Fraud in ULIP Plan

I have taken ULIP Policy from Aviva Life Insurance in March 2007 with Policy Number 'RSG1494815' through Aviva's Agent named Jitendra (Mobile no. [protected]). He had provided this policy with a note that you can surrender this policy any time after locking period of 3 years in reference to whatever amount you have deposited at any period of time (like 1, 2 or 3 years) and you will get the money based on market value of that surrender time. So I have deposited 55, 000 in two years (22 months). after that due to financial problem i couldn't continue this policy. When I visited to aviva office in cannaught place branch at New delhi India in May 2010. They told me that they will not surrender this policy and if we want to continue this, I need to pay full amount of Rs 55, 000 till date. then policy will renew.but due to my financial problem, I could not continue. Now They said that policy is lapsed and no money will be given to you. they have cheated me and taken all my 55, 000 Rs with them. I am helpless to do anything. I need money. Please resolve my issue ASAP. and get my money back through whatever the process. surrender or etc... Mohammad Swell

  • No
    nouxious Jan 13, 2012

    I am trying to cancel my car insurance policy for more then 2 months and they still don't send me a cancellation confirmation... they are saying that they will send it... but they don't.
    What is the most terrible is that they are sending new bills and asking me to pay them. By "refusing" to cancel a policy, you are forced to stay and you need to hire a lawyer to get out of their scam.

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  • Mo
    Mohammad Swell Jan 13, 2012

    I have posted complaint against AvivaLife Insurance, But still I haven't got any reply from Aviva. I am really cheated by Aviva.

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  • Mo
    Mohammad Swell Jan 14, 2012

    Thanks for the suggession ms nirple. I have already posted complaint to aviva but no action is taken yet. I know very well that this board is not affiliated with aviva. I have just raised my voice against aviva through this board so that other persons will not be cheated like me.

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Whole industry is growing like anything but Aviva Fund of showing current value like hell. They are cheater coz when I did my policy they have done several promises. Infact my current fund value is 1/4 less then what I have invested in their policy. I feel they have invested all money in high profile offices that they have establish in country. I feel if I have opened a saving account or a RD then also I was in profit.
Now I have no option then continuing with them as to hope that in another 13-14 years they will atleast give me something.
AVIVA: You should get a award for "Best Cheater of the Century/Millennium"

fraud and forfeiture invested money

my name is Dharmender kumar. i had a policy of aviva life insurance policy number wlg1715495 starts at 18/04/2008 with half yearly premium Rs. 6000. at the time of selling policy the agent told to me that the locin period of the policy is minimum 3 years.after 3 years you might be stop paying preimium, but your policy will remains in force. i paid all 6 preimium on due dates.first of all they never provide me the information about my fund value, nav, atleast no reminder for policy due. after 3 years i stopped premium as the agent told me about minimum locin period. but on 23/03/2011 i got a letter with aviva life insurance attached with a cheque of Rs. 12000 only, , , , , while i had total paid Rs. 36000. to the company in 3 years. in letter company told me that ur policy has automatic terminated ( autofore close) due to non payment of 7th premium. after that i made 3 visists nearset branch, but they never suggest me a best solution, , when i demanded my fund value report and my nav, they also not provied it at all. after that i made e mails to the company from where i was able to know about my fund values and nav reports, , , , and it was really to surprising and shocking when i started my policy my units was 187 after paying another premium my units only increased by 10 only i, e 197 all my previous units had to deducted in tha name of 5 diffrent charges, after paying my all 6 primiums my final units was only 192. when i made again a visit to the branch they told me that these all charges will continue fore ever and when i was made a calculation in front of brach manager, , , i was come to know that after paying 30 years premium i will be at BEp position that is i will get the same amount after 30 years which i will paid, then wt be the benifit of taking policy, , , i have some further policies of LIC, ICICIPRU, TATAAIG, but they never made this type of fraud with me, , , they provide time to time updates about my nav and fund values, , from where i never in loss position.

not reived payment

Hi Sir/Madam

My Self Amandeep Singh, I a policy buy the Aviva life Insurance 28 march 2009, and 9 april nu mere ghar policy bond aa gaya, manu policy theek nahi lagi, main free look karva lai, bond peper jama arva dete aviva officeona ne manu letter issue kar k de dete k 20 din ch thuade ghar payment aa jave ge, par ajj tak manu koi payment nahi mili, PLZ tusi kuch karo is case ch, mere kol oh letter payi hai jihde ona diti c

Amandeep Singh

not reived payment

Aviva Life Insrance Co. Ltd

Premium charges after policy cancellation

I had a car insurance policy with Aviva which ended in October 2010. Coming up to renewal time they advised they would auto-debit my credit card at renewal time even though I definitely had NOT agreed to this (as a matter of principle I never agree to auto-renewals). I shopped around and found much better deals on offer so a few weeks BEFORE the renewal date I phoned them to advise I would not be renewing the policy (no option to cancel on the website of course) and wanted to cancel with effect from the renewal date. The operator (sounded like offshore callcentre) assured me that the policy would not be renewed and I would not be charged. I followed up with an email on their website confirming what had been discussed and agreed, and returned by post the Insurance Certificate they had sent me with the renewal notice and also confirmed that I was not renewing as per the phone and email. So I had cancelled by phone, email & in writing. In spite of this they sent me ANOTHER insurance certificate and charged me £599 renewal premium! When I complained they claimed my call had been cut off before the policy was cancelled (false, pure lie) and ignored the fact that I had confirmed the call by email and post. Nevertheless they sent me a refund cheque and agreed to make sure the policy was cancelled. Then (get this) they charged me again (£538.12) 2 weeks later. When I complained again all they could say was that it was a mistake (no further explanation). I have now opened a formal dispute with them through Royal Bank of Scotland Visa credit card though they are now taking forever to reverse the charge (1 month and counting)! Let this be a warning to anyone trying to leave Aviva car insurance - they will fraudulently charge your credit card after you have cancelled and then lie about it. Watch your card charges very carefully, make sure you follow up any phone calls in writing otherwise you will not have any proof without getting their recording of the phone call.


They are bigger-biggest cheater so far we have encountered. Kindly avoid such type of companies, it is for information to all conerned.They have reduced my lakhs ruppes to thousands.

  • Ha
    Harvinder Pal Singh Jun 25, 2011


    i m harvinder pal singh from ludhiana i had purchase a policy for my uncle in, jan 2008 one time investment policy from Mr. Chander his no. is 9876799947, this person gave me raguler policy for 20 years and after that he gave me a policy after six months, now in june 2011 i come to aviva office ludhiana branch for stop this policy than i know that its 20 years policy. I Want my Full money back other wise we will meet in courts.
    My policy details are mentioned below.
    ALP1828686 in the Name of Maninder Pal Singh.

    Harvinder Pal Singh

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  • Di
    dileep ayachit Jul 26, 2012

    I agree. I am also shocked to find that after 8 years of regular and top up payments...They charge even more than policy premium to reduce fund to zero. I have joined as investor invested about 12 lakhs, and I may loose all, as I can not contribute till life further 20 yearsI am retiring now.
    This co and all similar ULIP cos are fraud . They will never give any benefits when due.They are creating fraud with govt support.

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will not pay claim

I recently claimed on my property insurance with Aviva (the company with the most complaints to the financial omnbudsman).They are without doubt the worst insurance company I have dealt with in 20 Yrs and i would definately warn anyone against taking insurance out with them.After refusing to pay my claim I asked them for a subject access request - under the 1998 data protection act under which they have to provide you with copies of all phone calls, reports, internal memos on your claim.I recieved this and found that when i had reported storm conditions at the time of the incident (which they denied) that in thier internal memo they stated that they had checked and storm conditions were prescent and that it would therefore be difficult to repudiate my claim but they with held this information from me.Also in the internal reports it stated that I was covered under an insured risk and the broker advised that my claim should be paid they also withheld this information also.I am at prescent taking them to county court.Anybody with a claim problem I would advise to do the same as me and ask Aviva for a subject access report the address to write to is - The Data Protection team, Aviva insurance UK, Level 2, Pitheavis, Perth, PH2 ONH.It costs £10 and they have to supply it in 40 days by law.The Aviva tv advert is great but they must have forgot to include the bit about leaving you on the phone for 20 mins, never returning your calls, withholding information etc.Make a claim with Aviva its like getting blood out of a stone.

Aviva Cheating In ULIPS

Dear Breathrens,

For housing loan purposes ; We have taken a policy from AVIVA INSURANCE Company. When we taken the policy, They promised us ; only three years you have to pay properly. If you wish you can further extend (or) Not.

We have paid every year properly and promptly to the company. After Three year ; They have closed my policy without ours knowledge (or) intimation with a loss of 2, 00, 000/- (Two Lacks).

When we emailed to them ; immediately they says, Alright ; If you want, you can revive the policy. If, we further pay the amount, what is the Guarantee? In future also the same will not happen.

We are losing 2, 00, 000/- (Two Lacks). We have paid 3, 00, 000/- (Three Lacks). Having myself senior citizen, They are playing. You the people, please think ; the same thing (or) incident why not happen to you in future ?.

I told openly and clearly. Rest is yours.

With Regards.


  • Vi
    Vikramjeet Singh Nov 28, 2007

    I Vikramjeet is using a SBI credit card no. 5264685324303430. When your executive came to fill up the form she allured with all kinds of freebies. I have never used a card before and so was totally unaware about the nitty gritty of the same.

    I had used the card to withdraw the cash a couple of times and now when I inquire about my statement I was shocked to see that I am charged very heavily on cash usage. I immediately called the helpline and spoken to the person named Mohit, and narrated him my tale. I also requested him that since this is the first time I used Credit Card, please do atleast some partial reversal so that I dont bear the complete hit. He simply refused and bluntly told me that I have to pay the complete amount and in case I dont want to use this, I can simply cut that card and throw it.

    I have never seen such a attitude of staff towards the customer, I think it should be the moral responsibilty of such a esteemed bank that they should make their client aware about all the charges and guide him on the usage.

    I expected a better service from India's No One Bank. I have already deposited Rs 5000/- vide receipt no. 10099962, paid within the stipulated time but I refuse to pay the extra interest levied on the cash withdrawls since I was not aware of the same. Also I have cut your card into pieces and refuse to use it further.



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  • Wa
    Wadhwa Jul 15, 2009

    Dear Sir,

    I am having Aviva Insurance policy no.LLG1239620 in the name of Gian Chand dated May 2017 through Bank of Punjab. At that time I was informed by the agent that I can surrender the policy after three years with full value of the policy. But now I am being given only Rs.29000/- against I have paid Rs.75000/-.

    I request your goodself to help me in getting me maximum amount because I am in need.

    With Regards,

    Gian Chand

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  • Pr
    Prasad Oct 02, 2009

    Corrupt administration of AVIVIA Life Insurance Hyderabad [ India ] swallowed thirty thousand rupees, no reply against complaints connected to the Policy Number LLG1152764 [ Client ID 266068 ]. Kindly do justice . The NGO named Advocates & Journalists for Public Justice is approached to register complaint after detail examination of the case to see that the misappropriate amounts shall be handed over to me

    Siva Prasad A
    11-1-315/5 Sitafalmandi
    Mobile 9912503844

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  • Gu
    guptahim2000 Oct 26, 2009

    Hi Gyan,
    I am also facing the same problem.
    Can you please contact me on 9871226961

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  • Gi
    GianChand Oct 27, 2009

    Dear Sir,

    I am having Aviva Insurance policy no.LLG1239620 in the name of Gian Chand dated May 2017 through Bank of Punjab. At that time I was informed by the agent that I can surrender the policy after three years with full value of the policy. But now I am being given only Rs.29000/- against I have paid Rs.75600/-.

    I request your goodself to help me in getting me maximum amount because I am in need.

    With Regards,

    Gian Chand

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  • Gi
    GianChand Oct 27, 2009

    Dear Sir,

    I am sorry to point out that I am deceived by your agent ( Bank of Punjab) at the time when I became policy holder. The agent told me that time that after three years we can surrender the policy and get 17% to 22% profit along with the premiums we have paid. The agent ( Bank of Punjab) told me that you will get 7% to 8% on FDR. By getting policy you will get more than FDR.

    You declare that in policy there is everything written about the surrender value.
    Though I am not getting the sufficient surrender value if I surrender my policy after three years.I am alerting the public through leading News Papers, Pamphlets and web sites by saying " beware of Aviva agents" they make fools for getting business only.


    Gian Chand

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  • Av
    AVIVA_COMPLAINT Apr 17, 2010


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  • Ma
    mathewdenis Apr 30, 2010


    The Aviva Insurance company has cheated lot of person like us. Let us join together with all the people who has invested in this company in some sort and let us file a public litigation against this company. Actually this insurance was a trap and I am also one amongst you who is already in this trap. If we get off we loss money, If we continue then also we loss money. let us come together.

    Contact me let us join together for a good cause, this is a right time to support government to get our hard earned money back.

    Email: [email protected]

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  • Va
    Vaman Naik Dec 11, 2013

    I was also cheated by Aviva similarly only that i paid 36k and got 13k without me asking for closure of the policy.

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Fraud Company


The Aviva Insurance company has cheated lot of people. Let us join together with all the people who has invested in this company in some sort and let us file a public litigation against this company. Actually this insurance was a trap and I am also one amongst you who is already in this trap. If we get off we loss money, If we continue then also we loss money. let us come together.

Contact me let us join together for a good cause, this is a right time to support government to get our hard earned money back.

Email: [protected]@gmail.com

  • An
    Anil BAtwada Jul 20, 2010

    i strongly agree with this comments, they have they polices that if u put the money your money will half after five years, better is indian bank just make double...### off this bull ### forgein companies...proud 2 be an indian...

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  • Mu
    Muhammad Umar Jan 29, 2011

    Yes I strongly recommend that aviva insurance company should be removed from the earth...

    Muhammad Umar

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  • Mu
    Muhammad Umar Jan 29, 2011

    I strongly recommend that It should b kicked out of the earth...

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  • Mo
    mohd hussain May 07, 2012

    the aviva life insurance company briggest fraud i n Independent India. how the Government is allowing such frauds id o not know
    the company should be closed immediately by givt intervention and the govt should help thru irda to compensate the loss to

    the aviav customers
    with regards mohammed hussain 919028032770/ 02402312616

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I want to formally lodge a complaint against Aviva Life Insurance company India Ltd..This company has cheated me since begining.I was given life bond 5 by a sales executive and was told that I can surrender my policy anytime after 3 years without any policy surrender charges.But now, when I went to aviva's office for surrendering the same, I got to know that there are many charges which would be deducted, but till date no one was ready to inform me that what is final amount I am going to get and what would be exact deductions.Moreover, it was heights when I came to know that policy surrender proceeds takes a time of one month.As per IRDA norms, any ULIP if surrendered before 3pm, goes for processing same day and it, takes 3 working days to get the surrender amount.I had surrendered my policy on 1 April 2010 in Aviva's FC Road branch, Pune and the same was received by the officials at 12:02pm.I have the receiving for the same duly signed and stamped.Accordingly I should have received the maturity proceeds by 6 April, considering 2 apr as public holiday and 4 apr as sunday.But today its being 15Apr, i.e exactly 12 working days have passed and I have still not received my policy surrendered amount.Also, when I called up customer care, they told me it will take around a month to get the same settled, since systems are down.I have also lodged complaint for the same no. being PROB_04/09/[protected], but till date I have not received any revert from them.Every time when I call, I have been given the same excuse that systems are down.My simple question being, does this company functions manually or whenever their's a complaint, systems donot function??Or systems automatically work when there's a new login??This is the worst ever experience I have ever had with any company.Such callous behaviour is not expected by a company which is being promoted by Dabur Group, and from Aviva, which is UK's largest company.Such pathetic service levels only leads to more and more customer escalations and bad word of mouth publicity.

If anyone has some information, kindly share the same with me, so that issue can be resolved on urgent basis

  • Ma
    mathewdenis Apr 30, 2010


    The Aviva Insurance company has cheated lot of person like us. Let us join together with all the people who has invested in this company in some sort and let us file a public litigation against this company. Actually this insurance was a trap and I am also one amongst you who is already in this trap. If we get off we loss money, If we continue then also we loss money. let us come together.

    Contact me let us join together for a good cause, this is a right time to support government to get our hard earned money back.

    Email: [email protected]

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  • An
    anilkchand Aug 16, 2010

    My Aviva fund investment advisor Mr. Amit Mobile Number +91 9899745163 associated with me for the last three and a half year. On his advise I invested INR 1, 50, 000.00 in FIRST FAMILY PLAN and I got the policy issued by AVIVA bearing policy number LFG 1649393 which started on 17.08.2007. I was explained by Amit that this is one time investment policy and the locking period would be 3 years from the date of commencement. He lured me of his every possible effort to invest in this scheme. I did not go through the policy documents as he made me cunningly convinced and I developed trust on him. Today after completion of three years when I intended to redeem this policy, I was stunned to learn that the Policy term is 10 years and the locking period is five years which he never disclosed to me and always in replying to my query he kept on saying that this is going to be matured on 17th. Of Aug 2010. Today my fund value is INR 1, 52, 000.00 but due to premature redeem of the policy I will get only INR 1, 36, 000.00 which is unbearable to me at this juncture. Why Amit kept on lying? What was his motive behind not disclosing the facts with in three years. What would be with those people whom I introduced with this man and he might have cheated them also. Aviva did not play fair with me and I am constrained in taking up the matter in court of law. I am cheated, I am aggrieved and hurt. I do not want any thing extra but my principle amount worth Rs.1, 50, 000.00 + saving interest. I would have been getting good interest if invested in LIC or savings. If my principle amount worth Rs.1, 50, 000.00 + saving interest is not refunded to me with in one week then a case will be registered against Amit as well as Aviva. I request people like Amit in Aviva that they should stopped cheating the innocent public from now so that the court may extend leniency for your early acquittal.

    An aggrieved Customer
    Anil K Chand

    B-502, green Valley Apartments
    Plot No-18, Sector-22, Dwarka
    New Delhi – 110075
    +91 9811013430

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  • Ra
    raffi.3k Oct 22, 2010

    I am NRI, I have been advised by an agent Bajaj Capital to taken AVIVA LIFE INSURANCE policy and also told me that we can withdraw the policy after 3 years. As they advised me I taken the policy and paid my policy money Rs 60, 000 for first year, for some period I didn't pay my second year premium. I advised by AVIAV that I have to pay at least for three year otherwise the paid money will not be given back. so I paid the premium for three years the total Rs 1, 80, 000 now after completion of three years I asked AVIVA LIFE INSURANCE to withdraw my police. They are telling me that I will get only Rs 92, 000 and they deduct the balance money. Its amazing what for they are deducting 50% of my money after enjoying three years???

    If we not continue after paying first year premium they will keep our money, if we pay and ask for surrender the policy they will not give 50% of our money !!! They are really Cheating the public.

    I disappointed very much I don't know what to do now and how to proceed to get back my money. its really armful for the life and not suitable for common people.

    If anybody joint together and do something about the issue pls let me know.

    [email protected]

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