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AVG / avg pc tuneup

Jenny Keating on Oct 12, 2017
I recently purchased AVG Tuneup licence and it was installed on October 10. I had this produce last year and had no problems with it. Since this installation, I am unable to open documents sent to me via email. I can open my previous documents, but nothing by email. One 'statement' said to...

AVG / internet security

stinkwelly on Oct 8, 2017
Today, 8Oct.2017 there was an auto update of Int.Sec. and PC tuneup to my laptop; after this neither would open. This also happened on 27Aug.2017 and 20Jul.2017. Each time I have had to uninstall&re-install. Today it took me almost 3 hours and 2 failed downloads to get things back working...

AVG / avg ultimate subscription service

whydoineedadisplayname? on Oct 4, 2017
I did not renew my AVG subscription because my wife was having problems with her laptop and decided to invest in getting the AVG guys to fix it and install AVG Ultimate with its extra devices option. They did a good job. I tried to use one of these extra device options to install the latest...

AVG / fraudulent charges for service not ordered under paypal.

Renée Davis on Sep 16, 2017
September 15 2017 one fraudulent charge was made for 66.99. This is alot of money avg. I have not authorized this payment. I did not authorize this payment thru paypal or global.paypal@avg.com. I have not had ur service in at least 2 years. This is unacceptable, I want a refund. On September...

AVG / subscription renewal; duplicate sales on credit card statement, but still not renewed.

Jerry P Schellhammer on Sep 15, 2017
On September 7, I renewed my subscription to AVG security for virus and software protection. According to the credit card statement that I purchased the service from, it was posted on 9/11/17, but I still have no protection plan on my system and I'm still receiving pop-up ads telling me...

AVG / avg ecommerce cy limited

ecall5434051@gmail.com on Sep 10, 2017
$69.99 was charged to my paypal account by the above listed vendor without authorization. Transaction Completed (Unique Transaction ID #1PS92110BG758694T) Original Transaction Date Type Status Details Amount Sep 8, 2017 Payment To AVG eCommerce CY Limited Completed ... -$69.99 USD I...

AVG / unauthorized credit card charges

Pennma59 on Sep 6, 2017
Received email from AVG for an Invoice, Order Confirmation and License, on 9/2/17. We did not make this purchase. The invoice states the payment method is a credit card, but not what type of credit card. The address on the invoice, we have not lived at for over 5 years and have not had any...

AVG / avg ultimate

Marisa Ambrósio on Sep 1, 2017
My name is Marisa Couto Ambrósio. I'm from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. My email address is m_ambrosio@uol.com.br. On July 15, 2017 I acquired the AVG My Ultimate virus protection. (order number: 10193721072) Somehow, on that very day, AVG's computer system went through some kind of change or...

AVG Technologies / avg free

Anni Miola on Aug 29, 2017
I downloaded your 'free' virus protection just to find my whole computer plagued with google. I have managed to keep this very fancy tracker off my computer for many years. I trusted your reviews and nowhere is there a mention that you would use these tactics to download an...

AVG / automatic software renewal

Gideon Yairi on Aug 25, 2017
INVOICE. AVG eCommerce CY Limited, Gatwickstraat 9 – 39, Amsterdam, 1043 GL, NETHERLANDS Customer: Gideon Yairi Einstein str - 7 Haifa, 3460505 ISRAEL INVOICE Order number: 66412928 AVG Order reference number: 30-2021218 Invoice number Invoice date: Payment...

AVG / avg tune-up

FedupwithAVG on Aug 22, 2017
AVG automatically took payment for renewal but "new" program has badly affected my computer files. I cannot access Word or Excel or Malwarebytes. A technician said they would log in remotely but I declined - I have since read reports that having discovered what the "problem" is the...

AVG / Antivirus

Avg Sucks on Aug 12, 2017
Purchased a retail version of AVG antivirus that came with CD-ROM and product key. The CD just directs user to create a mandatory AVG online account to download and install the software. No info on the package indicated that an account would be required. The retail package was for...

AVG Software / pc tune up

SH Suss on Aug 11, 2017
I had problems with my company required internet security software and it was going to take a while to fix. Until then I removed it and installed AVG antivirus. When my other program was resolved I removed the AVG software but had also installed the AVG PC tuneup which wouldn't...

AVG / avg free trial antivirus

Susan Stait on Aug 1, 2017
Well Thank you AVG You have completely messed up my computer and part of my life . . I need my computer to speak to my Daughter in Australia and to see my new Granddaughter .Since downloading AVG My computer is virtually useless. I cannot uninstall it not even in safe mode. My system...

AVG / pc tuneup

Jwsx on Jul 23, 2017
I bought pc tuneup july 21, 2017 with my Endeavor credit card. Iwas able to download it but after the night of the 21st, the program said I must buy to continue using it. This was after purchasing it. This complaint is being written on the 23rd. I tried to download the the free antiviru...

AVG / money taken from my acct; without my knowledge

Stevens Jimmie on Jul 21, 2017
You took $64.99 from my acct yesterday after i explained in detail to support as well as a supervisor about it. I told them my money had better not be removed from my acct! i have been in touch with my bank and filed theft and fraud charges against you. My attorney advised that i should...

AVG / virus protection ~ overcharging.

jeananneham on Jul 17, 2017
They have been charging me to the last year, on things that I don't even know what it is. I sent them 3 letters, to "Customer support" and they came back as undeliverable" They have all these names that they go by. "SlimCleaner". "Safecart". Avg" They have given me refunds before, but in...

AVG / selling me a product which I do not need and telling me I was continuing the agreement which had not been used since 2014.

Diane Stuart on Jul 14, 2017
In June 2017, I received a statement from AVG by email informing me that they had not been able to withdraw money for my AVG protection for my computer which was due on 25th July and my card details were no longer valid. I was busy at the time but yesterday I contacted them and paid to...

AVG / internet security and tune-up

Janet Lipski on Jun 30, 2017
Towards the end of last year I renewed my annual subscriptions for Internet Security and Tune-up with AVG. I recently discovered that I was no longer benefiting from either of these services. When I checked my account on-line it showed I had no current subscriptions although I put thi...

AVG / cancelled antivirus software

Chris 1006b on Jun 22, 2017
In May, I received an email about renewing AVG software. Having no PC I cancelled immediately and received an email saying sorry to lose me has a customer. Then today a direct debit was taken from my account leaving me with no money left in my bank account until I get paid next Friday. I...

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