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Good morning avakin

You guys should really think of a way to separate the kids from the adults...maybe create a adult avakin or get a ap pass like imvu cause i see it daily how older people bullying low levels and most of the low levels are kids and surprisingly theres many kids age from 9-13 playing avakin...

You must really think of a way to create something to separate the two
O and not just that many adults is moving to imvu cause of the kids and avakin going to lose money cause of that cause who purchase coins? Us adult cause we working not kids...

So think about it and im sure you will make the right decision

Btw avakin is a great app

  • Updated by Anzy, Sep 29, 2019

    Good evening avakin...

    Some of us spend ALOT of money on avakin sometimes to much haha...

    Cant you create a badge for us to say thank you... like a money badge or so it would be soooo cool please avakin😁😁😁😁

    You can see on the accounts who spends alot and unlock the badge for us...pleasseeeee

Oct 03, 2019

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