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vip membership

It makes sense that this company has a 0% resolved rating. Everything in the game is broken, especially the VIP payment system. My payment is rejected no matter what I try. I've tried multiple times to purchase the VIP membership on mobile, PC, etc. and they've all been rejected.

Why? I have no clue. The information is correct, the card is verified, and there is more than enough money on the card to afford the VIP membership. This is ridiculous and a total waste of time to even try to purchase from this company.

bullying and harassment

ImAliv3 and her friends won't stop spamming my GuestBook with lies and mean things; I already blocked all her friends and reported her for bullying and harassment; I tried to ask her to please stop, but she won't answer to my message; now it's taking me forever to delete everything they said in my GuestBook. I want them to stay off my profile and to leave me alone.


being locked out for something I didn't do!!

I'm 13 and my user is xxx!Chelsea!xxx. I got kicked off my account, while online and playing, for using bad language when I didn't. Movie star planet doesn't let anyone swear anyway so I don't see how I was banned. While talking to other friends my sentences were tagged but I was talking how I normally would talk to people on there and i'd never get locked out. This is really frustrating and hope it can be solved/fixed for future problems like this.


My account on America servers, Babyyyt25 was locked out for a week. I am unsure of why, and i'm very sure that someone got into my account. I have never told anyone my password, so I don't know who got in. They posted stuff on my art book but rest assured that was not me, as i haven't played for about 3 days. I tried to log in this morning and was notified that my account was locked.

bsf spots

for some reason there is another user on my bf spot and i clicked on his acc and it said we aren't even friends. so i got someone else to send me a request for that spot but it still has the same person from before please help me fix it... my user is allenbadger2004... and while i'm at it my old acc got locked out permanently and i didn't do ANYTHING so will you please unlock it the user is allenbadger04 or allen.badger04

unauthorized credit card charges

My 11yr old granddaughter has a New Zealand MovieStarPlanet account. Username: >< Hannah >< On 4 August she used my VISA debit card [protected]) to purchase items on her...

my friends locked account

Hi moviestarplanet developers, please take notice that my fellow friend: girlsrule4life, has been locked out forever. Just to let you know she did nothing!! I'm not sure if you read our reports to see everything, but for sure you don't get each persons perspectives. Please unlock her and give her msp account AND 1 YEAR STAR VIP back! If you don't know already, everything that can happen on msp can be contacted to the police, so i can contact them saying you lock out people an waste peoples money.


my friends locked account

customer support

Their customer support is utterly useless, they provide the same responses every time. Tried to recover an account however they refused as I couldn't provide an older receipt, why would they need an older receipt when they clearly stated they needed the most recent one which I had done. Now they have my personal information e.g address and I can no longer access my account. Complete invasion of privacy and misleading information.

online phone payment for minors

Hi, my 12 year old made online phone purchases of over £80 straight to MSP in a space of 3 weeks. I was not aware that children could be allowed to make such purchases on a child friendly site. Obviously she is not paying the phone bills and being special needs she didn't realise we were actually billed for it. I would like a refund and the closure of her accounts.
She has two accounts but she says her main account email address seems to be deleted and she can't really explain it
The accounts:
1st account /(Jakeyyy)/ no email
2nd account Mimikiki500 [protected]

online phone payment for minors


I had an account named chatprettygirl2 and was playing on it the night before then the next day I got on it and it said it had been locked permanently for inappropriate language but I have not been talking that way i worked so hard on earning everything i had on that account i tried to contact msp but they have no phone number ITS NO FAIR I WANT MY ACCOUNT BACK

hacking and fake accounts

I was hacked by a girl named LycheeBurry and she has multiple accounts under her email im sure. she hacked my account and tried to put it up for sale the other day for rares. I don't want my account sold and after i changed my password to get it back, she made other accounts messaging me and telling me that i was a hacker and scammer when I've had my account TurtleBunny27 for two years now. Today she made an account called turtlebunny27 scams, and messaged me. I blocked and reported the account but she has been making accounts to threaten me. I used to enjoy this game and now i really do not. Please help me make sure my account is safe and that she will leave me alone...this issue is giving me constant panic attacks because i have to worry about my accounts safety.


My account: xXWho3Xx was trading with an Msp user Magical>< that user said she would take my bratz boots and give me a drip dress. she had a good guestbook and reviews were great...

account block

455988 My account has been locked due to some inappropriate activity on my movie, "Club 53 - ep.2". It included some mildly sexual references, I admit, however you can see that it was a...

purchase 1 month vip

Main reason why my daughter reloads her monthly pass before it expires is to get the pack items with it, Several times it would go straight through and not let her change the...


Hey I'm 14 and pregnant and I made an account on MSP since there are a lot of kids on this game and wanted to tell them my story so if they were going thru the same thing I was then I could help them and so kids would use protection but they deleted my account. I'm trying to tell kids to wait to have sex and stuff but I guess I can't help people? I met a couple of teen mums and there and we talked. This is very unnecessary to delete my account because it was " inappropriate" My user was Caitlyn menor,


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    Kori Dickson Dec 01, 2019

    My account is cxalyssa(outsider)cx can I plz get my acount back my sister did the thing to kick me off for a days he did the status lll make sure it won't happen agian

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account being hacked

I was 18 at the time and had made a new friend on msp and all of a sudden they were saying something like give me your password or ill hack you even though she didn't know my login details before i told her and i didn't know what to do so being the stupid teen i was i gave it to her but i really want it back because i had made that account two years prior and had tons of stuff on it abd tons of friends that i dont want to lose so please help me get it back.

unauthorized credit card charges

Hi, I am surprised and shocked that without my authorisation £3.50 has been taken from my credit card ending 7051.I never purchased anythings from Movies Star Planet.My Children...

I was locked out of my account for something I didnt do.

Ive been locked out of my account for "Sharing personal information" which by the way, i never did, the person who reported me doesnt know what theyre talking about because ive never even done that, its stupid to do, and the only "Sharing" that i did was tell someone what my username was so that i could justify that was my other account and then the following day you locked me out. I think thats stupid. And it keeps changing too, it was 1 day on my mobile phone and then 2 days on my PC.

im only 12, and I traded without knowing the rules and changed the email for this scammer

Hi msp yes i know im only 12 but i want my account back. This girl xo//aubrey// xo wanted to trade and she told me her instagram account was theaesthetics666 and we talked. I...

someone took my account.

ok my account name is >Lonley potato< a little while back i gave it away as a trade then we traded back and she got another one of my accs with drips on them. she made me go firsts and she made me put her email in my other account and didnt change my lonley potato one back to mine. she hacked me i had to make a noob account witch is not fair. i feel like callint the police. i would apreciate if u can get my account back for me taht would be great. my email is [protected] if u need to reach me i need that account i payed money for vip on taht account its not fair she scammed me like that. u guys dont do sum i will take matters into my own hands mabey get yall shut down. so pls email me and get my account back pls quick. i will complain everyday till i get it back. i want the pc to be lol123 and that would be amazing pls help????


My account was hacked and i know who hacked my account and they changed the email and password so i couldnt change the password or anything. She told me to give her my roblox password and i just blocked her thinking they were empty threats i guess i was wrong and she hacked my account Is there anyway to get my account back i spent a lot of time earning everything on it

contact/hacking/refusing payments

I am so done with MSP. I am probably on my fifth account now, since all my previous Ones have been hacked. All of which, I have definitely spent some kind of VIP on. Now I am on my current account, and I am trying to buy more VIP after everything that's happened already, and it's refusing my payment. I have spent the last hour looking for a contact support phone number, for a movie star planet. I have literally not been successful whatsoever. Not only is VIP expensive ones have been hacked. All of which, I've definitely spent some kind of VIP on. Now I am on my current account, and I am trying to buy more VIP after everything that's happened already, and it's refusing my payment. I have spent the last hour looking for a contact support phone number, for MovieStar planet. I have literally not been successful whatsoever. Not only is VIP expensive and being hacked makes that all go to waste, but also the fact that I literlaly can't contact moviestar planet. Literally Contacting Ariana Grande would be easier. I need the REAL support number, if there even is one. — not letting me log in

The incident happened today 1-8-19 at around like let's say 8: 40 am. I wanted to play moviestarplanet, but it wouldn't let me log in. I don't know what is wrong...

someone hacking without my password

When i logged in i saw my star coins gone (not completely) and my diamonds and when i went to see gifts two see if someone gifted. Their self they given 3 accounts gifts that i never approved of! so i was wondering of you could get me something to make up for that or if you can band 2/3 accounts . The name of my account is kitten3912 and the name of the user of the of the haker is Li0R1 please contact me at [protected], thank you for your time

movie star planet

Hi there
Daughter received messages from the account of her best friend claiming to have gotten into her friends account. They then went onto say they knew who they both were, using both their first names. They said they knew which school they attended, again using the schools name. The said the knew where they lived and gave the children's house name and street. The messages also read, I know where you play! I want to watch you sleep! My daughter was terrified, as was her friend. Her friend hadn't been at home when her account had been sending these messages to my daughter. I am really shocked that this could happen on a children's game. I would like an explanation as to how this could happen and who could possibly have been sending these messages!
Amber Lanigan

can't login to account

My account RainbowStitch49, won't let me login. I have tried about 10 times and I can't log in. I know my password is correct and I know that my username is correct. I had a friend play on my account earlier today. she is one of my closest friends. Please solve this problem or I will only say bad thing about MSP. Thank you. And alot of my other accounts have not been letting me login. also. But those don't matter only RainbowStitch49 matters.


I believe that a user should be able to have more than 3 best friends and an unlimited amount of friendships in general or lest restrictions. 5 would be a decent number. I would appreciate this change in the site which would make it more enjoyable since limits have to be kept on. I personally have connected with certain people but I cant label them as best friends because of not being able to cross over the number choice which is again. only 3.

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    instatuck76 May 25, 2019

    youre seriously complaining about friends? Thats just dumb but alright?

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poor customer service

I was hacked on this game, with things that cost over 200 dollars and the game refuses to give back the items.
Moviestarplanet doesn't care about their players and just wants to make money. It's as simple as that, money w****s
If you're going to create a game, make it a lot harder to be able to hack other accounts. Make it so it can realize you're up adress or something because hacking is WAYYYY to common, and to not even give back the items? People can technically sue you for this and I Recommend yiu do something about it.

poor customer service
poor customer service
poor customer service
poor customer service
poor customer service
poor customer service
poor customer service
poor customer service

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    instatuck76 May 25, 2019

    Do you honestly think a game like MSP, someplace online, actually cares about their customers/players? You must be real dull, honestly. Why would a game, charging nearly 100 dollars, care for their players? I sincerely hope you weren't/aren't dumb enough to think otherwise, because clearly, they've only ever been in it for the money.

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my account got hacked

My account Minakia last year got hacked by some girl named ll Lynns Rares ll. i'm not sure how she has done it but i really would like that account back named Minakia. it was hacked i believe in July 2018 i had V.I.P on it but, as it was hacked i wasn't able to get any accounts up to level 16 again. my number is [protected] and if you can call me what the password is if you find it out! thanks -
Movie star planet user

ridiculous customer service

It is seemingly impossible to directly contact any MSP staff. My account was deleted, and I want it back NOW. Stupid that I have to come to a secondary website to submit a complaint that most likely won't be reviewed. I am fed up. I had VIP, and had put well over a years work into that account. This happened to me about 6 days ago, and it has still been left unresolved. I sent numerous emails that stated the exact same thing, and I am tired of an automated response. If the players of the game really mattered, you would fix something as soon as you could. Very disappointing and angering. Contact me FAST @[protected] Thank you.

unethical behaviour

every time I put in my exact password and username it tells me "sorry but your login failed. invalid username and password" but I put in my email for I forgot my password[that I verfied] and it said we don't have specified a user in our database. This is very annoying please fix this my usernames are Abbylovesunicorns, Abbylovesunicorns, and Abbylovesicecream

unethical behaviour
unethical behaviour

the thing i'm complaining about is that I got blocked out my account I promise I didn't do anything I was hacked can u unblock me please

I promise I didn't do anything and I hope you understand can u please unblock me please because my vip is gonna expire can u please unblock me I was hacked and please unblock me my mum has paid a lot for vip I don't want it to go to waste and someone took my dimonds can u please give me some please unblock me today I need to go on it please I love your game it's the best can u let me enjoy it

my account

I wasn't doing anything bad and than y'all blocked me for a day. I was talking to my REAL LIFE friend and y'all yeeted me out. My account it @cheetahpink16. Please unblock me. I...

my account was hacked

hi this is cute elephantlover and i was hacked by a account thats name is prettyflowergirl06 and she took 4 of my animations and 1 of my clothing and 2 hairs
and i was wondering if u could get it back to me and ban her because i worked really hard to get my stuff and i would greatly appreciate it if u could get it back to me. Please email back if u could get it back to me.

daughter bought coins and her account was hacked

Last night in December 18th by daughter bought vip for 29.99 and someone hacked her account and changed her password so she can't get back on. My older daughter found the person...

account got hacked

My main account got hacked and ive been trying to get it back but they changed the email. Please get it back for me. All my friends were on there and I bought a year of vip and everything. Please help msp ive been trying to figure out the password for ages. The hackers main is smarty3! Please do something asap!!! Im really sad about this. Ive been upset every since ive lost it. I would love to get it back.

account got hacked

locked more than a day

My account got locked for a day and a day passed and its still locked. My account is UnicornFrenchFries75. It said on the warning locked for a day only, but a day passed and it...

usa server chatrooms

its has been months that I have not been able to use the chat rooms on MSP, not even my own room in the many years that I have been playing this game I have never experienced such a thing and all I ask is that I get to go back into all of the chat rooms available to me. This is, not something I'd expect from a site like MSP though I guess I should've considering that after looking up what should be done when this happens I found out that this is not the first time this has happened not to me but to others.


Dear msp, bsp, ect...

My account got locked, for one day (aka 24 hours). It's been more than 24 hours since the time I got locked out. I got locked out yesterday 9.50pm-10 pm. Does your lock time get reset when you look at it? If you can unlock my account now, it would be great. (I also did not know what to do with the stars on top of this "complaint", so, sorry about that). I hope you cant get my account back (lol). (And no I am not one of those kids who are lying about their account being locked for too long, I promise you I would send photos but It wouldnt let my send them to you).

Please get back to my as soon as possible.

Thank you for reading this and also thank you for your time.

I am complaining about bribery

Hello MovieStarPlanet, My daughter has been threatened and bribed by user: pinkgirl12beautiful2. She has been bribing her by saying things like my sister works at MovieStarPlanet...