Avakin Lifebanned for no reason

G Jul 03, 2019

i wanna know why you banned me i dont talk to nobody and i havent actually been on ava in about 5 days because of the 4th of July weekend on ava except for 2 or 4 friends and not once have i used inappropriate language the ones with inappropriate language are noobs and your game crosses out the stupidest words ever l 5 days ago i was on ava and i was in chat and your dumb game Crossed out the word Family but it wont cross out [censored] or [censored] or any other words of the same catagory oh and this is Galbatorix1 i not once have said anything inappropriate and if someone did they eitheer really hate me or they just did it to do im a nice player i help new players i gift them when im able to i help them lvl up as much as possible i order for them everytime im on the game and with all the money i spent on your game its very very disapointing if your n=gonna bann me atleast give me back all the money i spent on your game i do noting but be niece to ppl and if you seen all these new players their the ones with bad language and inappropriate these new players are always starting problems with other players and harrassing others players to i dont do that i not that and if im gonna be banned for helping and gifting players and get me for inapropriate language for words your game crosses out that arent even bad words or inapproprite then i want my money back and ill quit the game if i have too im sorry if i did anything wrong all i did was play the game right and help other players please i love your game i dont wanna quit or lose all my process i made in the game this is the first time ive been banned fro the game whoever reported me to you is lying i havent spoke to anyone the only players i talk to is . Demon queen, Nightsky and PancakeQueen thats it no one else and i dont even goto public servers cause or new players now i spend 900$ almost on the game to get all my stuff i have i want my acc back or my money back one of the two!.

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