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In my opinion, does not go the extra mile, it does not even come close to the starting line. Just a bunch of arrogant employees, that claim that they do not have the power to solve problems. To give you an idea how bad this company is, even after politely calling the ceo's office, over 3 hours ago, and being told that I would hear back quickly, well it's over 3 hours!
I started to deal with this on 12/31/14 with "live chat" who although polite, could do nothing to resolve the situation, now 5 days later, I still do not have the parts (Actually they never shipped them), so I go back on live chat, and i'm told there is nothing they can do. I call customer no service #, the poor guy that answered, spoke very strange english, but at least I was able to communicate, and it appeared that he did everything he could to be of help, when I asked for a manager, things went down hill, "angie [protected]" all she could do is nonstop talking, while I was trying to explain the problem, she kept getting louder and louder, every time I asked her to listen to the problem. So finally I called jean stucky the ceo's secretary [protected]), she was very pleasant and caring, I gave her the information, and she promised a return call with a resolution, no call as of yet. Mr. William c. Rhodes iii must not have much respect for his costumers, you know the ones that pay his astronomical salary of ("forbes") $32.86 million for 5 yrs starting in 2012. I wonder how many autozone board members actually shop at autozone, and are happy how their customers are treated, (Don't worry I will contact them too) I also wonder how stock holders will react after they read my story all over social media. Mr. Rhodes, i'm sure that my $150 +- order does not mater to you, and I was forced to cancel it as I needed that part on a timely basis. But sir, I hope that it maters to thousand of potential costumers that will shop elsewhere after reading what I was put through.
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  • Bm
    b maynard Feb 14, 2009

    i quit autozone--i was a mgr there for 6 yrs--i witnessed on many occaisons used parts being sold as new----wake up people----they are lying cheating thieves

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  • Jo
    Johnny Dunn Jan 27, 2010

    I had bought an Engine from Autozone of Ocean Springs Ms. and they told me it comes with a 75, 000 mile warranty. When that engine started giving me problems, they said that it wasn't there problem or it has nothing to do with there part of the engine. Now I stuck with a 1, 000 dollar repair bill.

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  • Ro
    ROYSR May 05, 2010


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  • Ka
    KatherineC Jun 10, 2010

    I know of many store managers who recycle used parts-especially batteries, starters and alternators. The company forces the stores to give refunds to customers for parts they have installed but did not fix their problem. These parts should be returned as damaged but many find their way back to the shelf. Because the stores take back so many parts it is sometimes easy to get damaged and undamaged returns mixed up. Of course if the company staffed their stores properly there would be enough personnel to ensure that things like this don't happen. It would also help if the company changed its ridiculouly liberal return policy. I know of no other auto parts store that allows refunds on parts that have been installed.

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  • Su
    subview Dec 15, 2010

    Your complaint need more detail information

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  • Su
    subview Dec 15, 2010

    new return policies have come down to stores. the ### it going to hit the fan. autozone has been losing millions on fraud return and return of product in not sellable conditions.

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  • Bu
    bubbabil Dec 03, 2011

    Heard advertisement that if your check engine light came on AutoZone would test it for free. Took car into store they told me that they did not test but I could buy the device there also they tried to send me to auto store up the street.

    It was bad customer service and I feel it was false advertisement not being able to do want they said they would do. I will not shop at AutoZone again and will let others know.

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  • Mi
    minfixit Jan 08, 2012

    had wrong price posted on an OBD II scanner. when this was brought to the manager's attention he insulted my intelligence by telling me the other OBD II scanner was the best deal for my mone and that the one I wanted with the incorrect sale price was known for destroying the computer system of my vehicle.

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  • Jt
    J-town Avenger Jan 12, 2012

    Really what kind of management as far as I know customer always come first all he had to do is price match the product according to the price tag where the product was found next time call the Regional office they will take care of you

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  • Co
    Coda79 Jan 13, 2012

    They can only test certain cars, mostly newer, and you never paid for anything so you can't "Not shop there again" when you weren't a customer in the first place.

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  • De
    DeannaT Mar 13, 2016

    Today on 3/13/16, I went to auto zone to purchase a part. As I was being helped and talking, Mauricio, the assistant cut me off and went to answer the phone. He was talking to another customer on the line as if I was not there and he was not helping me. After about 3 minutes, I asked him to put that customer on hold as I was first and being helped. He kept talking to the other customer and just ignored me. I was more furious and finally he put the person on hold. I told him that he was very unprofessional and that was poor customer service. He just looked at me, and I said, “And Mauricio, you didn’t even apologize.” He just acted like nothing happened and he asked me what else I needed. I told him if this is the way auto zone is teaching their employees that the customers in the store are less important than they are wrong. I also told him that I have been in lines where this has happened and the person behind me called on got his answer and didn’t have to wait to get to the front. I was in complete disbelief when he asked me if he could finish helping the other customer and I told him, “no, I am just going to pay. He can wait 1 minutes while I pay.” Wow, his actions showed me complete lack of professionalism. I than asked to speak to a manager and he said he was the manager and there was another there if I wanted to speak to him. I knew that by talking to the other manager, they would just sweep my complaint under the rug and probably laugh about it. I have 4 cars and purchase a lot of parts and I would be happy to take my business elsewhere and avoid feeling like I was invisible and disrespected. Mauricio certainly did not get his title by being respectful and being professional with the customers. I would like to talk to a regional manager and resolve this issue. Deanna, El Centro, CA

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  • Jo
    John Forselius Apr 01, 2017

    @DeannaT Unfortunately Autozone tells all employees that the phone must be answered within 3 rings and to not just put the person on hold without getting the info for the part written down 1st. Crazy, I know, I work there, but I believe that they want the person on the phone reeled in for a sale since you are already in the store. Definitely don't agree and feel like an #### when I have to do it, as politely as possible mind you! Lol

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