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B Nov 04, 2018

bought two car covers recently. one is fine the other is trash. both were from the same manufacture. the bad one was put on the car right after purchase. I cracked the windows to make sure to let air in. two days later I went to use the car and the inside was completed with a reddish type dust. I went back to the store and the manager was to busy to help me since it was now his lunch hour. another rep listened to my problem and he said he would refer it to the cover maker to see what they could do. by the way the middle section of the cover had rotted and caused the problem. two weeks went by and I went back to the store. again the manager told me he would get back with me when he had time. I waited for him but he just ignored me. I finally found the rep that I had complained to and he told me that the company still hadn't had not got back to him on the problem. he did tell me that he would refund my money but I needed the receipt. I told him that I didn't have the receipt since I bought them on a credit card. he told me to wait until I received my statement, bring it in and he would see what he could do. i'm upset that the manager didn't find the time to help me. to me it was poor customer service. I hope that the manager don't treat all customers like this. I sure would like to see him addressed on this type of action.

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