Auto Parts Warehouse Complaints & Reviews

Auto Parts Warehouse / service

May 24, 2018

I ordered pair of car tires from Canadian Tire, Main Street, Brampton on May 2, 2018 and May 8 was expected delivery date but they were not there till May 15. I got call on May 18 that tires are here, come and get an appointment booked for installation. I went there and Martin booked... / Ripoff - wrong parts sent - less than half the money refunded

Dec 31, 2016

“ordered a ac compressor kit for my dodge - order was delayed for a week and when it did arrive it was incomplete and not even the right compressor - initiated a refund and sent the part back but after a month I heard nothing - called them and was told my refund was pending (lied too) and...

Auto Parts Warehouse / Refund of Money

Jun 21, 2015

Auto Parts Warehouse will not refund your money when you return a wrong part to them. I sent parts back tracking number has shown that they recieved parts after 10 days no refund I contacted company by email after 3 days no response. I got in touch with my credit card company to file a... / Misrepresentation and very poor service

Jun 05, 2012

It is exceedingly difficult to make a return to and to receive a refund. Finally after numerous communications with I received a return authorization and requirement instructions. I immediately complied and returned the parts. Several week...

Auto Parts Warehouse / Terrible Service Misleading Website

Aug 12, 2011

I ordered a part on Aug. 7 that was advertised on their website as being in stock & ships in 2 to 3 business days. After waiting 5 days with no tracking number sent to me I called in the morning to get a status. I was on hold for over 35 minutes then spent another 15 talking to the... / deceptive policies

Jun 02, 2011

Core returns...they simply don't accept them. You pay frequently over one hundered for the core, this is common practice. However you usually return the part to the parts counter where you purchased the part. Autopartswarehouse does things in a criminal fashion. THEY collect the core...

Auto Parts Warehouse / Auto Parts Warehouse is a big scam

Mar 25, 2011

Auto Parts Warehouse is a big scam! They show parts as being in stock on their website and will even generate a tracking number to make you believe you’ve bought the part then, several days later, they called me to tell me the part had not shipped at all- that the website inventory...

Auto Parts Warehouse / Horrible customer service

Mar 13, 2011

I ordered someparts from Auto Parts Warehouse,, in March. They took the money and said I should expect the parts in 7 business days. 10 business days later I called them myself, they said the order is being processed. I waited another 3 days and called again. They...



I am sending a letter which I sent to the company's president. I am writing you this letter not to ruin other peoples life but hoping that this will be an eye opener to you, the management and who ever needs to know what. This is my first time ever in my entire work experience to write a...

Auto Parts Warehouse / Charged but never received part


On February 11, 2017 I order brake rotors from Auto Parts Warehouse. I received a preliminary tracking number but the part was never shipped. After 5 calls to customer service, which by the way is in the Philippines, I still have not received either a tracking number or the brake rotor...

Auto Parts Warehouse website / scam using WC Value Plus


After using Auto Parts Warehouse website my debit card is being charged $21.95 for WC Value Plus. After talking to Auto Parts Warehouse, they admit WC Value Plus is a business partner of theirs. I did not sign up for anything, but, I remember clicking on a pop-up after checkout on their...

Auto Parts Warehouse / misleading website; liars!


Auto Parts Warehouse is a big scam! They show parts as being in stock on their website and will even generate a tracking number to make you believe you've bought the part...then, several days later, they called me to tell me the part had not shipped at all- that the website inventory... / SHODDY OPERATION DON'T BUY THERE


Phoned FRIDAY NITE: Ordered OVERPRICED DOOR MIRROR. Needed for an inspection. Explained I had to HAVE the part NO LATER THAN TUESDAY. Tuesday had made arrangement for a local man to put the mirror on AND I was paying HIM to come and do that. ASSURED PART WOULD BE SHIPPED OUT EARLY MONDAY...

OEM/partsbin Autoparts warehouse / fraud charge on credit card


My son used my credit card to purchase auto parts online about a year ago. This company used my card to make a charge on the same credit card at the end of Aug, 2009. My credit card company caught it and canceled the card, and issued me a new one. However, I still had to fill out forms to...

Autoparts Warehouse / Worst customer service/website ever


Beware of these guys! They have several websites: and some others...that should begin to tell you how bad they are. They have to hide behind different names to lure in their prey. Go ahead and order from these charletans, scam artists, and thieves! I...

Auto Parts Warehouse / Poor customer service


After receiving the wrong parts for my 1999 Blazer. I requested through its "hasslefree" return service a return authorization. I waited a week, no response. I sent a second request and waited another week; still no response. I then sent a third request and waited. Nothing. Finally, I sent...

Auto Parts Warehouse, aka, aka Parts Train, aka All OEM parts / Twice paid for and shipped wrong part, returned both at my expense, refunded for one part only


In November of 2006 I placed an order for one adjustable AGX front strut, p/n 734006, on the website. As soon as I ordered the 734006 on their web page, I was charged 121.95 which is the correct price, but the invoice was for a 235065, (the wrong part, albeit for the...

Auto Parts Warehouse / Terrible experience


Auto Parts Warehouse - very displeased with their service. I order $120.00 in parts online Wednesday night, overnight shipping was $23 or so... Its now Friday evening and still no parts. I tried tracking the order online but only got a 4 digit number to come up, not knowing what that...

Auto Parts Warehouse / Terrible company


Made it almost impossible to return a part and then refused to cancel the reorder they said would fit that when I checked found out it would not fit. make sure you know exactly what you need before you order. I found the price almost the same at my local auto parts store and did not have...

Autopartswarehouse / Scam and Fraud!


Do not buy from autopartswarehouse you will loose time and money as well as patience! Placed an order on an item that was in stock on their website and when the order came in they packed something entirely different. Ordered Flowmaster 60 Series muffler and they sent me turbo downpipes for...

Auto Parts Warehouse / Bad service


I have placed order with this site. initially everything was good, the live chat csr helped me and once i paid with paypal, the order was generated almost instantly, shipped out next day, shipping delivered in 2 days. however it's what's inside the shipping box that counts right? ... / Fraud and scam


Let's call it like it is. Car-stuff lies. I believe what they do is 'broker' orders out to suppliers throughout the United States. There's nothing wrong with that except; I ordered a part that cost well over one hundred dollars and received a different brand-name part...

Auto Parts Warehouse / Overcharge my bank account


I spoke to their sales rep at Thanksgiving and he assured me $65 discount if I order over the phone but they turned around and charged my card for the full original price. Talking to their customer service is a nightmare. They will just hang up and so far nothing has been done to credit...

Auto Parts Warehouse / The truth about!


I would like to tell you the truth because the entire office is located in the Philippines and the customer service and the sales department is here in Makati and the accounting department that processes all the refunds is in Bicol and the catalog office is in Pasig. I would also like to...

Auto Parts Warehouse / Terrible customer service!


Auto Parts Warehouse takes inept customer service to a new low. I attempted to place an order for a part for a 2006 vehicle and they were going to send me a part for a 2001-05 model year. I told the person taking the order over six times that there is a different body style for the 2006...



AUTOPARTSWAREHOUSE IS NOT HONEST. They lie about stock on their website, update your order so you believe the order is complete and shipping, and then give excuses about why the order is incomplete. Don't bother with the 800 number, you may think it's better to have someone to...

AutoPartsWareHouse- / Returns are impossible!


DANGER! WARNING- RETURNS ARE NEXT TO IMPOSSIBLE!!! I too received 2 wrong parts orders, totaling over 600 dollars, and never received an email with my return authorization number. Every time I called I got a person that could barely speak English, and they assured me I would get an email...

Auto Parts Warehouse / No email confirmation, no parts!


I ordered an Audi A4 brake reservoir on May 31st. Shipping was supposed to take 3-4 business days. It is now June 14th and still no part, no email, no phone call. I call today to find out what the hell happened, just to find out that they NEVER had the part, NOR were they going to... / Wrong parts on 4 out of 6 orders!

Jo is the parent site for nearly 100 hundred different auto parts sites on internet all have different looks and feels but tie in to the same company and ordering system. On 4 of the 6 times I have ordered i have gotten the wrong parts. All parts need an RMA to be...

Auto Parts Warehouse / Horrible customer service and unethical business practices


I ordered nerf bars on 4-16-07. I called on 5-5-07 because they were not delivered. I was told that they charged me but returned the money because they did not have the parts. I re ordered the parts and was told they were in stock. I called back late on 5-7-07 and was told that I wa...

Auto Parts Warehouse / Wrong product sent, no money refund!


I purchased a radiator for my Chevy pickup from in November 2006. They sent the wrong one so I followed they procedure they told me to use when returning the part. They said if I shipped it back to them, they would pay the return shipping. It cost me $44.95 to ship...

Auto Parts Warehouse / Quick to take your money, slow to refund it if at all!

I ordered parts then received conformation # all parts ordered were wrong parts they told me i had to cancel my order with shipping company the shipping company said that it is the company's responsibility they told me i had to wait for all of this to take place before they will even...