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M Sep 02, 2018

David Mbugua is a contractor you have updating access point's in the Dallas area & Corpus area.
I would like Autonation to know that you are employing a dishonest, misleading and unprofessional individual.

I sub-contracted through this man in July of this year at your Park Place Audi dealership & at another property (not a Autonation property).
I spent my own money renting equipment to use at your facility and not only did I not get reimbursed, by Mr. Mbugua, but have not been paid to date for the agreed on hourly wage.
Now I understand that this is in no way Autonation's responsibility, nor do I expect Autonation to pay me in anyway. The $323.21 amount that Mr. Mbugua owes me isn't even enough to go through the hassle of small claims court.

I would like Autonation to know that from what I have researched, and heard from other's here in Dallas & online you guy's have a very solid reputation. I would caution you against continuing to do business with Mr. Mbugua, since he seems to have little concern in being honest in his business practices. I'm sure if he can so easily dismiss his responsibilities as a contractor employer, he can just as easily dismiss his responsibilities towards his duties with Autonation.

Thank you,
Mike D'Elena [protected]

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