Autonationrecall / rear springs replacement.

D Aug 01, 2018

We took our 2011 van in with 1/2 to3/4 tank of gas. When we picked up the van the tank was on MT. I said the AC was on high front and back. I think they ran the van while the work was being done. I talked with Mike and his boss. They said we don't know how much gas it came in with cant do anything about it. As I was driving I noticed the average mileage it was it 9 miles to the gal. I think we all know you get 20 + miles to the gal. He did not come right out and call me a liar but not correcting the problem pretty much said it all. I have gone to this dealer since the 90's they just lost a customer it we can't get better customer service. Please feel free to call me.

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