Autonation & Autonation Clearwater2014 camaro

J Sep 04, 2018

I am writing this complaint about Autonation and one of its Florida dealers after contacting Autonation corporate complaint department 4 times since July 2018 with no reply or response from Autonation. I purchased a CPO vehicle from an Autonation Dealer in September 2016. This vehicle is not a daily driver which is why some of the following items had been unnoticed immediately. Within the first two weeks of ownership it was brought to light that the front clip of the car had been repaired/replaced indicating an accident with the vehicle. The front clip was missing bolts, clips & rivets. The wheel wells had been cut off by a saw where they attached to the front clip. The dealer paid to have the front clip fixed and supplied all parts to make right. After this was repaired it came to light months later that the clutch on a car with less than 30k miles had to be replaced. Again the dealer had paid to have this replaced. Since June of 2018 after a year of barley driving the car due to multiple personal surgeries it was tuned up and determined that the computer was reprogrammed by the last owner(s) and was not as the factory had set the ECU. Shortly after the #1 injector went bad with less than 36k on the car. This started my contact to Autonation because the ECU being altered would of course void any warranty to the drive train. While patiently waiting for Autonation to return my complaint calls about these major issues the wrap on the hood (which was on the car when I purchased it) was removed to be repainted along with the rear spoiler which was also removed to match them both in color. Upon removal both the hood air deflector/cowl is missing one of the 6 studs & nuts that hold it to the hood, as well one of the 6 nuts of the spoiler was also missing. I am under the impression that this car should of never been sold as a CPO and is a ticking time bomb. The fact that Autonation is avoiding this issue and has left me with a car that was purchased under false pretenses by the dealer has again enforced my distrust with car dealers. As I am willing to try and work with them about these issues at this time they have not even tried. I will be starting a class action lawsuit against Autonation and its dealer if this continues to be avoided.

Thank you,
Jim Roman

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