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I purchased a radiator for my Chevy pickup from in November 2006. They sent the wrong one so I followed they procedure they told me to use when returning the part. They said if I shipped it back to them, they would pay the return shipping. It cost me $44.95 to ship it back. As of March 22 2007 I still do not have either the shipping or the refund for the return. They have the radiator and signed for it, but when I call them they always tell me that the refund is being processed and they have elevated the priority. I have called everyday for the past couple of weeks and the response is always the same. I could have filed a complaint with my credit card company, except that I am in the military and have been deployed to many locations and my wife was dealing with them. So they have my money to include the shipping charges and still have made no efforts to make a refund. What recourse do I have to get my money back from Advise smb!


  • Xa
    Xavier Declie Jan 04, 2010

    Same thing happened her, purchased a part of 1990 range rover, they sent wrong part we sent it back and they keep stalling stating they did not getit back as it was sent back and even spoke to customer service that stated they received it and it will be refunded but it has been since July 06 09 that they stall and we call every week and the customer service in another contry states they will help us and call us back in a week and I have been through 8 customer service workers with their names and supervisors and no one keepd their promise of calling back on a certain day and they never call back. I HAVE TO CALL THEM GETTING ANOTHER PERSON.

    We spent 400 for nothing and we keep calling. What a scam

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  • Ro
    Robert Day Dec 18, 2009

    I have done some investigative research. Do not deal with the following companies or their web sites: AUTO PARTS WAREHOUSE, PERFECT FIT, and US AUTO PARTS.

    So far these are all of the same company. All three have the address of 17150 S. Margay Ave., Carson, CA 90746. Each one these "scam" companies will tell you their corporate office is based out of another company within their "family plan of scam artists."

    I am now proceeding to the FBI Internet Fraud site with my findings.

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  • Ga
    GANDARA Nov 19, 2009

    My opinion as a Cust Service & as far as I'm concerned on some of the issues as follows:

    customer service rep said would fit my car, but didn't
    - oftentimes our trained part personnel gives the correct info w/ a basis(VIN#). but on some occasasions, cust received a wrong part bec. it's also their fault they do not know the specs of their vehicle themselves!

    They have the incorrect SKU number on their website ( for
    -admittedly, we did some mistake sometimes, like for instance same part # for the same brand, However, catalog improvement is on going to solve such probs.

    They claim they submitted a request to have my credit card refunded but will not know for 24-48 hours
    -Some of the customer's I'd talked to are very eager to get their monies or have the refund right away & some are willing to wait. As part of our refund policy stated on our website it should take up to 5BD for the cust to be refunded, Bec. it takes for a while to coordinate it to diff. dept. (e.g. after the cust returned the part to the have to be evaluated then forward the credit approval to the Finance then finance will easily released the credit & also the bank will approved the trans. therefore, it depends on the bank wheter they post it to cust acct earlier or delayed.

    just a thought>>>>you should know every detail before you JUMP into something!

    was told that one UPS tracking number had been issued, however; it had not been shipped, since the UPS website said the tracking number was invalid. I asked when i would receive my parts and they were unable to tell me.

    -tracking # were just a ref, for the cust. It doesnt mean that if there's a tracking # the had been shipped. rather it's just on the shipping stage. FYI UPS updates the tracking info after 48 hrs.

    Here’s the real problem. Auto Parts Warehouse sent another Stone Gasket set. The same darn part!

    apology! mistake happens w/c ever parties are involved.

    ie. Product Price is $70 and shipping is $35.

    -simply bec. part came from diffrent location so must be charged for cost of shipping/freight if it's not directly came from nearby state.
    Promos are ongoing like free shipping sometimes depends on the part being ordered.

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  • Mi
    Mike in CA Oct 08, 2009

    Would like to tell you the truth because the entire office is located in the Philippines and the customer service and the sales department is here in Makati and the accounting department that processes all the refunds is in Bicol and the catalog office is in Pasig.

    I would also like to tell the truth that around 90% I think have no basic car knowledge because they only ride the bus and jeep and were not fully trained for car parts and our catalougue are not daily updated so only a few are updated. We have around 50 plus website as our members.

    Our managers will not answer because we are on a firstcall resolution and if we do not resolve that, we will get punished.

    The refund takes 4-6 weeks because it is being processed here in Bicol, Philippines. 85% of the agents answering calls for customer service cannot understand english because some only reached second year college or only took 2 year courses so the customer must ask the representative to read back the complaint. If not, they have to cover the for sales agent that sold the wrong part or the catalogue error. Our motto as far as the customer is concerned is 'sir, you have the correct part but the wrong car.'

    We are forced to sell parts that are not correct or out of stock because it is punishable by incident reports and suspensions from the human relations office and the employee relations office.

    We cannot change your orders once it has been processed because it has to go airbound from the Carson office to the bicol office and that takes a long time.

    If you think you have received the part twice and ordered it either online or through a representative, the representative concerned will misinform or if not, inform the customer that either the order has been canceled or only an RGA form was filed. Since we have all the customer's contact details, we can search their accounts using the email, the phone number and the last 7 digits of the credit card. So that the customer will not know that a car part was ordered without their consent, we will take away your email or change your address except for your credit card information. We have to do this because we fear the PQA and the employee relations officer and our team leaders because they will issue us incident reports and then suspend us and then blacklist us. Blacklisting agents like us is very easy. We don't have contracts or IDs even if we have been working for almost two years here.

    If your cash has not been returned in your credit card, please call our Philippine Office directly area code [protected] or [protected]. This IS NOT TOLL FREE but you will be refunded immediately.

    Please look for our country manager/chief accountant, Fred Miguel or our call center director/sales director, Joel Acot in this numbers. If they do not want to cooperate, please write directly to [email protected] and report this immediately.

    That is all we want to reply.

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  • Mi
    Mike in CA Oct 08, 2009 and their Fulfillment center are a BAD BAD DEAL... Get wrong parts, cost a lot having to send back, then tracking return get signed confirmation of return then after several dozen phone calls getting lip service run around all the time am ready to get an Attorney... over a MONTH now waiting for suppose to be refund not received... THIS IS A LOUSY COMPANY TO DEAL WITH... I WILL NEVER BUY NOTHING FROM THEM AGAIN AND AM PASSING THE WORD AROUND TO EVERYONE I KNOW ABOUT THEM AS WELL. Do you not agree Auto Parts Warehouse is deceitful? They have trained their employees well and have an answer for everything to elude or mask problems. There is also a complaint going out to Better Business on them.

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  • Hi
    HI808 Oct 03, 2009

    I ordered a washer pump for a 1990 toyota pickup. I recieved a washer pump for a [protected] toyota. I followed their return policy and filled out the return form. Three times! No reponse. I have been calling customer service and I am getting is a recording saying Customer Service team is availiable from 5am to 11pm pacific time 7 days aweek. Call within the 18 hours. Everytime I call is between 1 pm - 2 pm here in Hawaii. Three hour difference, so it is between 4 pm - 5 pm pacific time.!

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  • Dj
    dj42850132 Sep 03, 2009

    Here are my clues that I'm dealing with crooks / ghosts on the web and the purchase is going to cost me more than going to local store front:

    Product price and shipping is disproportionate. They will not let you pick up the product locally and will not let use your own shipping (your shipping will be lot cheaper).

    ie. Product Price is $70 and shipping is $35.
    This is way to have sure sale of $100 that costs $5 -10 to ship.
    Even if the person is not satisfied with product and return it, they still make $60 and have product on their shelf for next sucker.

    I've tried to deal with local auto parts seller and asked if I can pickup the parts locally, the answer is no, which begs the question, why not? see answers above.

    My $0.02 : Go to your local store front and support you local economy...

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  • Sp
    Spenc Jul 23, 2009

    My chare card imformation was scammed from this companies SECURED website, , , , Beware.

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  • Ja
    James Beery Nov 24, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I'd really like to see these dishonest people brought to court.
    I sent this letter to CA Consumer Affairs Department:
    Dear Consumer Affairs,

    Here’s a little “money making” idea to increase profits. How about a business that sells customers one particular item and delivers a much less expensive item in its place? The way to get by with this, is to make it so difficult to return the inferior item(s).. with all the numerous phone calls and different departments to negotiate, one’s tempted to just give up and use the discount part.

    Here’s what happened: I ordered a Ishino Head Gasket Set for my vehicle. The cost was $116.95 and $153.77 with shipping. I paid with my Pay Pal account. Within a couple of days I receive a Stone Head Gasket Set. These Stone sets generally retail for $66.00, give or take a few dollars and depending where one shops for them. Please see the copy of the “Packing Slip” dated 10/22/08.

    After numerous phone calls and asking to speak to a supervisor they promised the right part if only I’d re-order and they would refund my first purchase price. I resisted but, that’s what we ended up doing. This time, for some reason, I paid $166.35 using Pay Pal.

    I down-loaded a Fedex label and within a few days, the 1st Stone set was picked up and a 2nd head gasket set was delivered. Here’s the real problem. Auto Parts Warehouse sent another Stone Gasket set. The same darn part! Can you believe it? Please see P/S dated 10/24/08.

    I hope you order some part from these people to test what I’m saying.

    I have returned the 2nd wrong part and was promised (after several phone calls and tremendous amount of time on hold) a Felpro Head Gasket Set as a replacement. Well, this hasn’t happen. I’ve been lied to and mislead. I would like to pursue any legal remedy I may have. Since all this happened, my Pay Pal account has been credited $112.96 November 3rd. Please note that isn’t even the full price spent.

    Wouldn’t you agree, Auto Parts Warehouse is pretty deceitful. They’ve trained their employees well and have an answer for everything to elude or mask problems. Even the packing slips are pretty vague. The part numbers don’t match the parts on-line or the parts shipped and there are no prices reflected on them.

    One of my last conversations was with a (supposed supervisor) Casie. Casie promised to send me a Felpro Gasket set that retails for about $10.00 more. I did offer to pay the difference, but she wanted me to send the 2nd wrong set back and reorder. I said, “No way!” Casie finally agreed to send the Felpro and not charge the difference in price. As you may conclude, that’s some of their extensive training just to conclude a difficult conversation.

    I’ll get my phone bill in a few days and it will reflect the amount of time I’ve spent trying to order a simple head gasket set.

    Please advise me on what steps I may take to recover my money. I intend to send a copy of this letter to Auto Part Warehouse if you think that’s a good idea. Please let me know. I certainly would welcome a phone call or communication from you as to what I may do. Please research these people. What they’re doing is wrong.

    Sincerely yours,

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  • Ma
    Matt Gordon Mar 18, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Same problem here with an o2 sensor. Sent the wrong one, returned to NY for credit, never credited my card and had to dispute the charges. Don't believe any of the glowing reviews online. They are employees or the exact people running this scam. Run from this company. DO NOT give them your credit card info. You WILL be sorry!

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  • Pc
    P. Cooper Nov 09, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I ordered 2 Brake Pad Sets and 4 Brake Roters for my truck on October 31, 2007 via the phone. I was told that the parts were all in stock and would be shipped the next day. The company stated it was their policy that they have 30+ warehouses which enables them to have their parts to the customers within 4-7 days. Seven days later I called the company and inquired about my order. I was told that one UPS tracking number had been issued, however; it had not been shipped, since the UPS website said the tracking number was invalid. I asked when i would receive my parts and they were unable to tell me. They stated they could not call their warehouse to check the status, they could only e-mail them. When I asked about the remaining parts, they stated they would be shipped from their compton LA warehouse, but that they had to submit an email which takes 24-48 hours for a response. I called back the next day and the operator i talked to still didn't have any updated status for my order and even stated the parts that were supposed to be shipped from compton was now coming from their NJ. I continued to call the company and was continually placed on hold for a minimum of 30 minutes to a max of 1 hour. This occurred everytime i called the company. Everytime i called, i was told something different and no-one would give me an answer about my order or explain why i was continually placed on hold. I finally told them i wanted a complete refund and to cancel the order. They claim they submitted a request to have my credit card refunded but will not know for 24-48 hours. This is a totally and completely dissatisfied and they should not be able to treat customers in this fashion.

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  • Co
    Colin Campbell Sep 27, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Thieves is the right word. They have the incorrect SKU number on their website ( for a part that cost me $140 to ship back to CA from FL. I have notified them in writing and verbally about the SKU 14410 that they have listed for a Corsa exhaust system. The problem is that it is a Corsa Exhaust system is for a 2005/2004 Dodge RAM 1500. I have a 2006. I feel sorry for all their victims. Its been more than a month and they still have the incorrect SKU. The correct one is 14408. I got that from the Corsa Factory. I don't think I will see my money. They lied about the shipping and everyday one customer service rep contradicted the one from the previous day. Its sad that people like this can stay in business.

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  • Mo
    Mo L. Aug 23, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The same thing happened to me, Larry. (Except in my case, it was seat belts that their customer service rep said would fit my car, but didn't). I had to pay for shipping back the parts. Then, I waited and waited for my refund, calling them every week and getting the same story. Five months passed, and they still were saying, "You'll get your refund in 48 hours." I was furious at this point! I finally stopped calling them and picked up the phone to call a lawyer. The lawyer wrote these thieves a letter, and it worked. They refunded my money the next week.

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  • Lo
    Loong Yew Luen May 06, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Consult with the lawyer. Seek his/her advice before proceed with the lawsuit.

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