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I bought an Audi A4 (B8 New Shape) on the 19 June 2008, and after two months I discovered that the car didn't come with safety belt guide, left boot lid guide need to be Replaced, and the front passenger door panel was damaged or rather the silver trim was coming out and the panel itself was defective. Then I went there and show the sales person I bought the car from, and the guy was willingly to assist and we agreed it will be fixed together with the service of 15 000Kms.
I took my car to a 15 000kms service and not all the things were replaced and I was told Audi Centurion is still waiting for parts that were ordered. Parts were delivered and I was called so that we book the car, of which we did, they fix the safety belt, boot lid guide and the panel.
After two days I noticed again that the right boot lid guide also need to be replaced and the B-Pillar was coming off, and the driver's door rubber band was peeling off and also needed to be replaced. I took my car to Audi Centurion where I bought it from, and they told me they are going to order the parts (that was on the 27 Oct 2008), and that’s were problem started.
I then told Audi Centurion together with Audi SA that I no longer need this car that came with defects/factory faults, since I was also engaging Audi SA, and they told me that there is no way I am going to get a new car since I have a 5year/100 000Kms maintenance plan. When I asked them what's going to happen after the lapsing of the maintenance plan if these problems persist, a lady called Elvah (from Audi SA) said to me: "You will have to pay from your own pocket".
Then Audi Centurion came back to me telling me that a representative from Audi SA will be coming to Centurion to assess my car, and ask me to drop in Friday morning (14 Nov 2008). I dropped it in the 13th Nov and collected a courtesy car. The following week Audi promised they will come back to me and let me know what's happening on Monday, of which they didn't, I called them on Tuesday demanding an answer, and they sent me an email, saying they are committed to assisting me but there is no way I am going to get a new car since what I am complaining about are just the trims.
And remember I am paying for those trims. They even said my panel was damaged by the company that installed Anti-smash-and-grab on the car. I went to Audi Centurion after reading that email, I asked Alan Traut (New Sales Manager) whether Audi SA saw the panel that was removed from my car, and the answer was no, they didn't see it, I ask him (Alan) whether he saw it himself and he said no, then I went to check my car and only to find Somebody was working on my car (not sure was before Audi SA came to assess it or not)
Then I demanded a meeting with Audi Representatives, Anti - Smash and Grab Representative, Audi Centurion Representative, also the person who worked on my car without my permission and the panel that was removed out of my car, the meeting was on Monday the 1st Dec 2008. When I got there, it was only Audi Representatives, when I ask them about smash and grab, Alan Traut said to me/us "we no longer work with those guys" and I asked where was the person who tried working on my car, they didn't even bother, at least the panel was there. We started the meeting and I was asked what are my expectations, I told them I need a new car since their defective car was only five months old, and I was told "there is no way Audi SA will give you a new car, we will try and fix your car, you have a maintenance plan". and I also said I need an explanation as to how did Audi SA came to a decision that Anti-Smash And Grab damaged my panel without even seeing the panel and there was no answer, then I said to them let’s check the panel so that you guys can tell me how you reached the conclusion that it is Anti - smash and grab that damaged it, we inspected it thoroughly and they were all quite after that, then we went straight to the my car so that we can check it all of us, with the boot lid guide and driver's door rubber band, they didn't comment I suspected it’s because they didn’t have anyone to blame, all they said was "let’s fix the car now so that we can get our courtesy car back", cause I told them they were not going to get it if I am not happy.
Then they saw the B-Pillar and they shifted the blame to the company that installed the tracking device on my car. I am not sure how this is my problem cause they are the once who took my car to Anti-smash and grab and also tracking device companies, meaning they have been working with them and they know their services, and I honestly
think Audi is not expecting me to keep this car in this condition, cause I am even afraid to drive the car again, what if the roof falls while I am driving and kills me, are they going to come fetch the car and put a new roof, and where will I be.
And During the meeting Alan Said to us, that he has been telling me that even after maintenance plan he will continue to assist, and I asked that in black and white and it must be recognized throughout South Africa and this is what he sent me via e-mail "I hereby confirm that the new parts fitted to your vehicle will carry a 1 year factory warranty from day of replacement (3 December 2008 till 3 December 2009)" will this be recognized under new management (if he resigns) or if I relocate to another province?


  • Is
    ismary M. Gonzalez Jan 26, 2009

    I have been trying to comunicate with the office in San Juan, they have been tranfering me from one phone to another, no one answer the phone. I have been leaving messages, but no one answer. I bought my car on 12/18/2008, yesterday after using it, the car didn't start. My name is Ismary Gonzalez and my phone number is (787) 646-7769

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  • Vn
    V NAIDOO Mar 13, 2011

    Don't worry even the complaints board does nothing.
    I wish i knew where to go next as i have been complaining for one year and still no results.

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  • Mi
    Micaxa May 24, 2011

    Audi South Africa - don’t know what they are there for. They surely not there assist customers!! We have had a major problem with our TT at the Cresta dealership. Now we have to fork out R26 800.00 for a new turbo - when the car actual when in for erratic idling?? We feel it is not fair for us to carry the cost when the technician told us it is ok to drive the vehicle in this condition until they can book us in to see what the problem is. We have contacted the ombudsman on several occasions. The rude receptionist advises us that they only assist people from 1:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. But when you call, no one answers the phone. OH did you know that Audi Cresta's general/regional manager refuses to talk to any customer. I wonder why?? I just want to know which Audi dealership is reliable enough to take my vehicle in for a service or repairs, because WARNING AUDI CRESTA - STAY AWAY!!

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  • Da
    Danie Nel Jul 19, 2012

    My Audi TT was imported with a fixed rear wing from Germany to South Africa. Computer box programmed for a extraditable rear spoiler. Audi SA say Germany cant support as the car wasn't suppose to be delivered like that, not their problem!! All I ask is to disable the spoiler function or increase the auto spoiler speed as buzzer start screaming on 120 km/h and again on 80 km/h. What bad support from Germany!!! Will place in every car magazine in S.A. Planning to make banner and advertise on vehicle in front of Audi S.A .

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  • Mo
    mondli May 04, 2014

    I bought an 2008 audi A4 2litre turbo. its uses oil excessively. for every 300 kilometres I have to refill oil. I am aware that this is audi probkem but I dont know what to do. please help. contact details. [email protected] +27835154568

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  • Vi
    Vijen Nov 06, 2014

    Good Day I have the same attitude about AUDI SA and AUDI NEWCASTLE KZN I am having issues with my AUDI A5 Turbo and steering shudder, I have spoken to AUDI SA and AUDI NEWCASTLE only to be given the run around where by they are assessing and assessing the vehicle but with no joy, AS FOR AUDI SA when we loyal AUDI owners complain to them it is merely the blind leading the blind, you waste your time, it seems to me when you complain to an AUDI TECHNICIAN he is trained not to agree with you it looks like they all go on special training not to listen to customers. BUY BMW rather ...Vijen

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  • Au
    Audi Northcliffe Aug 17, 2015

    I have Audi 3.2FSI Automatic and took it to Audi Northcliff Cresta. Regrettable decision I had a problem occasionally the key would not read. I took the car in and was informed that the problem was the steering lock and had that replaced and a bill of R4200. The car had a misfire and I was told that the car required 6 spark plugs and 3 coil packs. I took the car away on a saturday and had to return it to the supplier on the monday as the problem persisted. At this stage, I requested them to have the misfire sorted. The car stood there for 4 weeks as they were busy with diagnostics and testing.
    Finally they resorted to replacing the injector and and a bill of R6000. I took the car and the misfire was even worse. I had additional problems now with the car as the gearbox light was now coming on, the was a motor that was running continously, the petrol flap was not opening, the battery was faulty. I called Audi South Africa and lodged a complaint. I was contacted by the dealership via Audi South Africa and the car was taken in. The car is there for 5 weeks. Audi SA did not follow-up and I called them and complained to them how pathetic their service is. I was told that they will get the dealer principal to contact me which never happened.

    The service advisor went on leave and did not have the courtesy to contact me.

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  • Tn
    Tngwana Sep 19, 2015

    I have been driving an Audi A4 DTM since 2006, the car never skipped a service. Two weeks ago I took for erratic idling and they changed the valve and the belt. Three days later I took it back and they say it has the same problem. A week later the car smoked being driven by my wife and a minute later the car was on fire. Audi A4 DTM, burned down to ashes. I went back to Audi Church and I asked them for their comments, no one cared to listen. I mean, they claim to put the car in a machine to check as to what would be the problem. Audi with a reputation to protect doesn't even care. The car was at Audi Church just last week Friday. Disappointed to the core.

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  • Sh
    Shane Solomon Dec 08, 2015

    We recently bought an Audi A3 and the car has 28k on the clock. We have been having issues in 3 areas: Lights, Front Drivers Side Tyre and an Overheating problem. The Dealership in Sandton on Grayston Drive is dealing with these issues for a second time and have still not solved the problems. In addition, they have left us without a car. The sales manager mentioned that he would assist us by providing a car in the meantime whilst his service team tries to solve the problems. We are still awaiting his call. The service advisor called me yesterday to say that they are replacing the water pump and thermostat to correct the problem with the overheating and are busy investigating the issues with the tyre and lights.
    The question is what did they actually do for the first service when all these problems were cited. The problem is these dealerships have no customer relations and service.

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  • Eg
    Egbw Feb 26, 2016

    Audi Menlyn worst service ever!! do not go there!!! i took my car in for a small "hickup" to Quote and fix, the car was fine when i left! then when i go back to collect, received my car, pay R3500 just for the Quote!!! The car broke down in about 2km from the Garage, they couldn't even come and assist me to collect the car and take it back to the garage! they left me stand next to the road for 2 hours, just to tell me they cant send someone, i had to arrange with my own insurance to assist me with a loadbed to take my car back to the garage.
    Now the gearbox is broken, and Audi Menlyn (after the did something to the car) but say its not there fault! How can you explain that!!

    I left the garage, all the gears was working fine, after the did something now i cant even go in to second gear. Explain!!!???


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  • Da
    David Chauke Jun 02, 2016

    I bought an Audi A4 1.8T B8 from Audi Centre Johannesburg in December 2010/12/24 with Ordometer reading of 30ks on the dot. After two weeks of driving the car I got an oil light alert informing me to stop the Engine and sort out the Oil which I did at the closest garage in the area I was in. After doing so I started the Car and it looked as if all was sorted. After I had driven for about 200meters from the garage the light came on again. The Indicator didn't appear anymore so I called Audi Assist and informed them. The person on the other line advised that if I had filled it with half a litre of Oil then I need not worry however I should pop at a near Audi Centre to check this issue and since it was on a weekend I went it on Monday where I bought the car and they had a look at it.

    After trying so hard to fix the error they advised me to take a courtesy car as they resolved this issue however I was not having it due to having paid a huge deposit to acquire this vehicle and I was informed that it doesn't have any issues, no accident reports and so forth.
    When they didn't want to reimburse me I decided that I will take their courtesy car which I used for about three months, then I had to change it and get another car. This ordeal went on for 5 to 6 months and then I got my car as they had ordered a New Engine and when it arrived it was not the one they had ordered so they had to send it back and wait for the correct one.
    I received my car and went on to use it for two years then one evening as I got home it started shaking as the motor was on. There were no errors visible on the car then it never switched on. As it was out of Warranty I was told that I would need to fix it myself. I took it to the Audi Centre at The Glen. They worked on it and repaired the Engine, this was done last year after spending soo many years without a car as no one wanted to take responsibility for the problem I was faced with. However there was a delay even though the car could start. I was informed that as soon as it warmed up it would show signs of overheating among other things. Then I was also told that the cable that runs from within the car to the bonnet had snapped and had been ordered so even if I was to collect the car after the errors are fixed I would not be able to open the bonnet.

    I was given a courtesy car after complaining numerous times about not being given proper information regarding my car. After a had reached the first 15ks with their courtesy car I had to return it for another one which later on that day i was bumped by someone from behind who admitted guilt and her insurance as per her conversation wtih me and the Principal Dealer(Hayley Austin) advised that they will sort out the issue as she had cover for 3rd parties. The car was taken and again I had no car as mine was being fixed. After a month I got my car and I asked to report anything funny when I noticed it.

    When I got my car back after it had been with (Audi The Glen) for a while, (over 6 months) the entire car kit which is located in the boot of the car, under the spare wheel had been taken off the car. The person dealing with my car (Glen) advised that my car had been with them for too long thus he can't guarantee or specify as to what had happened to my car. The locknut was also missing, the jack as well as wheelspanner. When I informed him nothing was done for three weeks. I managed to buy these things after I had parted with 30k for the repairs done on the Engine. And the only reason why I noticed that these were missing is due to having had a puncher on my way home, that forced me to replace the tyre however I couldn’t as these things weren’t there whereas when I dropped if off for the Engine to be fixed they were there. Later on, after two weeks, I tried to fill up my tank and I was alarmed by the smell of Petrol inside the car as the Petrol attendant was about to go beyond the halfway mark indicated on the car. I stopped him and I proceeded to check underneath it to see if maybe there was a leak which I couldn't identify outside, underneath the car, so I refrained from fillng up.

    I then went to the same dealership and informed them of my issue. Glen wasn’t available so the service consultant I met had it checked. After a few hours I got a call that one of the Petrol seals was leaking and needed replacing. I was quoted around R1, 2 plus for the Unit excluding labour. I couldn't pay that much as it was mid month already so I rescheduled to use come at a later time. When I revisited them I was informed by another service advisor that I would need to replace all 3 petrol seals as they tend to damage each other if one isn't proper. So I went to their parts department and ordered them which to my surprise the quote was under a thousand unlike before when they charged me extra for just one unit.

    I paid for the units and booked my car in for a later date and I also informed them to do an Oil change when i brought it in as it was close to reaching the service date. The date came and I took it in. Glen told me he would inform me of the quote for the Oil change beforehand but he didn't and around 15:30 their driver, who had dropped me off at work came to collect me.
    When i met up with Glen he gave me the quote and they had charged me without calling me to inform me on the price which was more by a grand than what I had. So i had to come up with the money somehow and I did thus resolved to take my car. I wasn’t informed of anything else that I needed to fix on the car.

    Upon arriving at home I noticed my door started giving me problems. I would lock all doors with one press of a button however when unlocking it only the drivers door wouldn't open. There was a scratch on the rear-left side of the car that I didn't know and it was obvious that someone tried to cover it by applying some kind of paint that was identical to the car. Whenever I would go beyond 100km/h I would hear some sound coming from the dashboard.

    A week or two after the car had gone for the Oil change it started overheating. I stoppped and called Glen and he advised that I should continue to check the coolant as the car had indicated and fill it up. I did this by moving from one garage to another on my way home in traffic which was a nightmare.
    The following day I called him again and he assured me that no damage would come to the car and that should I not feel comfortable I should park it and bring it in whenever I had the chance. He connected me to the booking office which i was told that they're extremely swamped and would only look at my car on the 30th of May which I agreed to not knowing that the following day my car would not start.

    So due to this, on the 2nd day I left my house very early so that I wouldn't hit traffic and also left work very late at night when there wasn't traffic so that I didn't have to face issues of overheating. On this night the error that came up was that my oil was low and I had to stop and switch off my engine( this error came up after I had driven for about 5ks). I checked based on the car feature and it indicated that the oil level was ok however after driving off after letting it cool down for about 30 minutes both errors camee up (Coolant error as well as the Oil one again). I eventually got home and parked the Car.

    The following morning (day 3) the car wouldn't start. I called Glen and he advised that maybe the battery was low. I towed the car to the dealership again and then he advised that they would look at it and change the battery and so forth.

    The weekend passed, on the Monday he said they going to charge me for the battery which I highlighted to him that they had changed and charged me for it last time when I got the car back from them after the Engine had been fixed(and they had to change it twice because the first one they had given me would indicate that its low after a minute of stopping the car without the Ignition being on). Then he gave me a quote which had included the battery but he had to change it due to the fact that a year hadn’t passed and it was still under warranty. So he said he would revise the quote and get back to me the following day as it was around 15:45 and he had other work to do so I said I would call him.

    On the tuesday he told me that the water-pump needed replacing then he would charge me for that, he informed me that he would call me back again with the revised quote as he hadn’t revised it from the (R12k+) that I didn't agree to and had asked him to reduce as he was charging me 3 times more than what the actual unit costed. (The water pump was 3k at Audi Center Johannesburg and with labour it would be 6300 whereas with what Glen was charging me was 9k plus). I informed him of my findings and he advised that he would call me back again.

    After two hours I called him and the quote was 7+ which I didn't agree to but I wasn't going to waste a grand towing the car from them to Audi Johannesburg which was going to be the same amount(difference wise). So I told him to go ahead and fix the unit.
    The following day he called me early in the morning but I was in a taxi so I didn't hear my phone ringing, once I got to the office I called him and he advised that my Engine had died again and this time there wasn't anything they could do. The status of my car went from having one issue to it not moving at all.
    To my surprise, this was the same Car that had gone for an Engine fix, not even a year later the same thing had occurred this time to not be fixed whereas two days earlier the only thing that needed fixing was the Water pump and the battery.

    I was not at any point informed that the errors that were on the Engine the first time had been fixed and how. I remember that once I had been in an accident with A1 courtesy car my car didn’t take long for the errors that he wasn’t ready to release the car to me with, and they had battled to resolve were now not a problem.
    The same errors that he had informed me of then were the same errors that I came across and when they checked then according to him, all sensors and units were new, had been double and tripple checked however they didn’t know the solution to those problems then. What had caused them to come up now that was my worry and now that he’s stating that my car’s Engine had died my issue is it’s not been a year or even 6 months since I got it back and the Engine according to him is worse than before. I need assistance on this as I use this car everday and I’ve already parted with soo much money on it plus I don’t have any idea as to why something would be fixed and then breakdown six months of it being fixed. I haven’t enjoyed driving this car at all, from the time I got it to now. It’s been in the dealership more times than most people would take theirs in for service.

    May you please help me in resolving this matter for me as I really don’t have any idea on what to do to have Peace as this isn’t giving me any.

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  • Nt
    Ntombi76 Dec 22, 2016

    I'm driving Audi Q3 it got stuck while I was driving from jhb to Eastern cape on the 25th of June 2016 and it was 45000km by then. The sign of oil pressure low came out of the dashboard instructing me to switch off the engine, I did tht and called Audi assist in East London who were very helpful. The car was towed to bloemfontein. They said the problem was with the Turbo. Wthin 6 months after fixing the vehicle by Audi dealership, it got stuck again while travelling for holiday on the 15 Dec 2016 and it displayed the same sign on the dashboArd, " switch off the engine oil pressure low. I called Audi assist in East London who gave me a terrible service. We got stuck at 5pm but argued abt being transported to our destination tht was 280 km away from where stuck. We only recieved help after serious intevention by my husband. They sent us a car with a drIver though I told them tht we were 5 in a car, we were squeezing in a car bcose it was 4 udults and they didn't care abt tht. We stuck at 5pm and only got help at 11 pm. I even struggled to get the rental car the next day and my holiday was just interrupted as I had to fight again to get a rental car and I only got it after 2 days and was told to return it after 72 hrs. I'm in a holiday and I don't have a car as I'm told tht my car will only be fixed next year 2017 as it has problem with the engine after their assessment. I'm so frustrated bcose I never stuck with my Toyota and opel corsa car and now tht I upgraded to a brand new car Audi I got stuck in the same year within 6 months and the service is so unbearable. It doesn't help even if register ur complaint with the customer service.

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  • Ne
    Nelso Jan 24, 2017

    I have a 2012 Audi A4 1.8T started misfiring on the 24th December 2016 it was book in for cherk up on the 27th of December2016 bat up untill to day they cant solve the problam. at this time i am sufaring i dont have a traransport to work i hard plans to use the car in December bat all that fails. i thot Audi have bater care with customers i am paying for this car and for the hole month i dont have car please assist me wher to from here?

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  • Le
    lesiba107 Feb 14, 2017

    I bought a car at an Audi dealership after 3 month smoke started to come out of the bonnet even when the car is not on. I took the car in for repair and they took the car for the whole of December with no updates whatsoever. They couldn't assist me with a alternative car while busy repairing my car. Audi SA is useless they never do follow ups, so complaining to them is pointless. I got a call that my car was ready for pick up and when I got there they gave me the key and told me someone will call you and explaining what was wrong with the car till this day I have been calling and no one give me an answer.

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  • Ne
    neo kwakwa Mar 07, 2017

    I have owned my Audi A5 since 2011 - after buying it from Audi Zeerust with 6000km on the clock, as a demo model which am told was used by one of the Audi Directors previously. This vehicle unfortunately exhibited unusually high consumption of oil at 1 liter per 2500 km which I was told by the dealer was within specification. Over time my concern over this oil usage became more pronounced with usage increasing to 1 liter per 1500 km at 120 000 km - until at 135 000km an oil test was recommended by Audi S.A. which has since recommended that pistons be replaced. This strikes me as premature engine rebuild - given the 100% compliance with dealership service plan and in comparison to my Audi A4 whose engine is still in good condition at over 200 000 km on the clock. Kindly advice on what Audi can do to assist given that the vehicle is outside motorplan yet this major maintenance intervention is rather early in an average vehicle lifespan - especially given the Audi progeny and service effectiveness. My view is that the vehicle had a design fault from the on-set and I was sold a "bad apple" without upfront declaration of same by the dealer.


    N.Kwakwa, Botswana.
    Cell No. 00267 76239433
    Email : [email protected]

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  • St
    StephenCronje Oct 11, 2017

    Stephen Cronje
    + 2772 431 0414
    [email protected]
    11 October 2017

    Audi Arcadia
    Stanza Bopape Street
    Arcadia / Pretoria

    Dear Sir/Madam
    CC: MFC & Audi Africa

    Re: Complaint about my A3 Audi 1.4 TFSI, 2012, DS14YNGP purchased from Audi McCarthy dealership on 21 July 2017.

    NCR No: NCRCP16
    REFERENCE: 73019410001
    APP NO: 405548784

    I am writing regarding the purchase of my Audi A3 and to bring to your urgent attention the following issues.

    Auto Start Stop – manufacturing issue (dealer found no concerns)
    FR Electronic Window faulty (dealer found no concerns)
    Engine Noise, loud bang (dealer found no concerns)
    Engine oil warning light comes on.

    What I failed to mention before; all 4X tyres were all warned out inside the rubber? Yet, this cost will be for my account.

    I telephoned your dealership and spoke to David (Audi Arcadia Service Coordinator) 05 October 2017. He advised me to bring the vehicle in once again for an inspection and to assist with the repair of my vehicle.

    The vehicle was booked in for a 2nd inspection 06 October 2017 and released to me 09 October 2017 assuring me all mentioned concerns have been resolved. Sadly this is not the case, the fault about which I originally complained is still present, the vehicle oil light once again is coming on, see attached photo taken this morning 11 October 2017.

    I understand I am entitled to expect the things I buy are of acceptable quality. I am sure you will agree that in view of the above problems the vehicle was not of a reasonable standard and is causing serious bitterness with my existing employer, let alone the lost in expectation and assurance in Audi.

    To resolve this problem, please consider the following options:
    Exchange with car of same value, features and price.

    Please let me know as quickly as possible what arrangements you propose for rectifying the problem.

    Please contact me on 072 431 0414 to discuss the issues.

    Yours sincerely,
    Stephen Cronjé

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  • Ma
    Manqoba Dec 05, 2017

    Ive been taking my AUDI A4 to the Durban Central Dealership for servicing since 2013, the year I bought it. I have been having minor issues that haven't been worth report but this one has left me not knowing what to do. I have been constantly having two light that they couldn't sort out, for which reason, I don't know. The two lights indicated brake pads having been worn out and the other one for a faulty front headlamp(the front right hand side). I have taken my car back to them more than 3 times and these lights would disappear and come back after a day. I have tried my best to make noise about this and they always promise that they will sort it out. My last visit for the same issues was two weeks ago and again they said they have finally found the problem and have sorted it out. To my surprise, the light indicating that the headlight is faulty is back from two days ago. I moved to joburg as from last Friday and not stuck with this problem again. I called them yesterday and they just told me to book it anywhere in Joburg and ask them to call for history if they need to.

    My biggest issue is that - how complicated can it be to sort out a faulty headlight/brake pads? How do I trust that they can sort out a slightly bigger problem than this one? I'm now neither reluctant to buy another Audi (as this one's plan is coming to an end) not recommend anyone to buy an AUDI.

    To me this is a combination of terrible workmanship and service.

    I would like you to advise on what I should do next.

    My name is Manqoba Gumede - 078 372 6808/ 011 480 6145
    email - [email protected]

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  • Mo
    Mojela Sep 05, 2018

    Guys is the worst, Here is my story, i bought a 2009 Audi A5 in 2014, soon afterwards i realized it its using too much oil, having BMW 645 before that was only topped up with on service interval, mind you it a bigger engine v8 . i knew its Bloemfontein at the time and service adviser simply ask 2 question and concluded that it is within specs and explained to and TFSI engine when i told him about the 6 series that never lost oil with a bigger engine. non the less i drive the car as is and from 2017 on wards i started replacing PCV valve every 6 months, the mechanic simply told me that i bought a rubbish car and that i will keep on replacing parts until the engine is completely destroyed i know had to keep 5 litres of oil for long trip cause i have to keep on topping up oil. in 2014 my car was still under warranty . Audi knew about this problem and they were just passing time so that they claim i am out of warranty so this it was giving PCV errors again and my Tech told me to sort the piston problems out frist. so i complained on these forums and some lady called Shannel from Audi called me, she was a complete waist of time. she told to book a car at Audi Bloemfontein for oil test . when i got there they told me that its a waist time to do pressure test as they will need to open the engine to replace the timing belt before they could oil test . they mentioned that they can see that oil is coming out of the exhaust pipes and that its issues with pistons and they need to replace too since they are going to replace the engine anyway. Shannel failed to take responsibility for Audi and told that i will have to pay from own pockets to fix that . even faulty piston which clearly are the cause of all my problem . they tell about the time that has elapsed . when i complained in 2014 their so called trained technician told it was withing spec . now they tell i was supposed to complain in 2014. needles to say this was my last Audi pity i really like the new A5 . never buy an Audi they are not worth it especially audi SA . check these links if you dont believe me from 2009 to 2012 stay away from those cars . Recently i had a curtercy car and it was 2017 A4 with 4000 km on the clock when i got to kroonstad from Bloem the was an oil light, pointing to the same oil issue, why would such a new car need to be topped up with oil ? careful south Africans . circle of crooks will never take responsibility. luckily this car is paid of and was looking to buy anyway. its time i went back to good service at BMW SA. check links


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  • Ed
    Edwin valentin Nov 01, 2018

    Edwin Valentin, 29yrs old, male, single, United States, Latino, 9172130199

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  • An
    Anna Dikeos Nov 14, 2018

    I have an Audi A3, it's now due for its 60, 000km service it will be its fourth service. I have phone Audi brighton twice to book in in and no one has returned my phone calls? I have been told I only has 3 years of services but this was the corporate package. I was given an extra 2 years by George the sales person instead of a further discount.

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